Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Five methods to enhance site quality to please the search engines to eliminate e

now comes SEO optimization, an obvious trend is to do everything to please the search engines, search engines want to include as much as possible their own site content, giving more weight to your site, keyword ranked higher, this approach is not incorrect, but this initiative please approach, once into the errors, such as through a variety of temptations to be taken in the black hat search engine approach will naturally lead to an overall collapse! actually doing website optimization purpose is to make their sites more approachable, more the user experience by improving the quality of the site itself, to let the search engines take the initiative to please you, is the ultimate site optimization tips! Here I come to share these five methods !

one: the site stability and speed

site quality is good, stability and speed is a very important factor, estimated to hit a lot of grass-roots Web site owners will not hit inexplicable open, and even some others also linked to the Trojan site, open a web site half a day's time, which affect the user experience, but also affected the activities of Baidu spider, because spiders visit a website every day many times, Once hit by these sites open, Baidu spider will record the site potential problems, if the number of more and more, Baidu spider might jump out of the final access to the site, and eventually abandoned this site! so do site stability and speed of the initiative is to allow search engines to please you the first way!

II: a high value web content

site content is the core, but also the spiders attention you core, in fact, the search engine but also to a better user experience, can help as much as possible to others, and your site content is able to act as such a role, these search engines naturally will take the initiative to your site , as soon as the contents of your dedication to the majority of users, so your site ranks and the weight on the increase, showing that the higher the value of content, the more importance search engines you will, on the contrary, they will be discarded by the search engines !

III: spread up to the site's content

is how often the search engines find your site's content value? is to see your site content on the site much more than the number of occurrences , can not be more high-weight website reproduced, so when you edited the contents of the site after finding ways to spread out the contents of this active and passive dissemination of points, if someone else's Web site can take the initiative reproduced content of your site the better, if not, it should take the initiative, it is not a lot of soft generation of fat, such as the A5 now has such a service, through soft paper on behalf of the hair will be able to quickly make their website content be quickly reproduced, so that Baidu value your content on the site!

four: site structure should be innovative, personalized full

for a site, if the structure full of personality, That will cause the search engine's attention, because the current site on the Internet architecture is most similar to the spread of this and Jianzhan procedures are not unrelated, of course, architecture is not said to be full of personalized structure must be very complicated, simple, easy access, content, and between the structured home, and quick access, this architecture is very much like spiders crawling!

five: the chain to high-quality and diversified

Although the site is outside the chain in determining the site search engine on the role of the weight weakened, but still occupy a prominent position outside the chain now pay more attention to diversity and quality, the kind of software mass outside the chain, Now it can easily be determined, the chain began building step by step from becoming the kind of ups and downs, and only gradually increase the website to do outside the chain, while the increase in diversity, to be able to Baidu is willing to come to your site!

In short, please take the initiative to approach search engine, now has become the soft underbelly of website SEO optimization, and only his own spine straight up, through their own efforts to take the initiative to take the initiative to search engines like your site, it Website optimization is the embodiment of success! Source: http://www.renrenjianfei.com/all network A5 starting weight, please indicate, thank you!

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