Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three small share tips on optimizing your site

Hello, everyone, I was plump net mall editing, with the station now more and more people do it more and more mixed with water, Wang, most of them are on the SEO novice to master these ponds are not very good, and there is no entry with the words of veteran master, there will be quite a long period of confusion, which is not familiar with the SEO of the surface, open up, the old owners are repeated every day to do one thing, but behind the technique is the high ranking stand strong guarantee, to share with you the following Xiaobian novice SEO techniques.

one: keyword positioning

keywords a site outside signs, have a direct impact on internal ranking with the flow, a number of small owners who will choose the key to some of the more difficult word optimization, as difficult as opposed to the keyword index is relatively high, but also directly benefits quickly, are taken mainly by the four key words for a long time optimization (more than 4 hours is not enough and not easy to optimize), One is the core objective of keywords, one and two long tail keywords relevant keywords. title, meta keyword and description in the must have keywords, keyword and description but without the same words, to avoid hurt the penalty, the key words located in the top of the page, header, left, and the article after the first 2 lines and 2 lines. Do not use too broad popular keywords or popular, although not to bring traffic to the outbreak, but popular, after all, popular, after a gust of wind or a calm, when the time was such as to change words can not escape punishment.

II: Site Optimization

station optimization is not directly determine the spider is crawling on time every day to be included into the website, like search engine spiders to come on time every day there are three stable two points. 1, to determine the site is not static, especially Google attaches great importance to the static, dynamic picture of its ALT no recognition. 2, the station if the page of text keywords and links, the best link text keywords and links is the site's home page. 3, to determine the site has no original high-quality content, the spiders are so tired and need to feed it the original, a week 2-3 articles as appropriate. 4, the article must be relevant, to bring out the role of core keywords, which keywords are located in between 2% -8%, as appropriate, to describe each keyword bold point better.

III: Station, optimization

outside the station optimized for a lot of people have ideas, because they no longer confined to the station, generally the top post to add the signature affixed scanning point, blog, soft original submission, as well as Q & A Catalog Links and the like do. One high-profile PR Forum has laggards, pushing one, SEO, etc. blog Sina, Netease, Sohu, 19 House, Q & A with Baidu, search, etc., as soft on A5 paper went OK, he is soft paper session of the boss. Outside the chain have to do to explore some truth to their own conclusion, despite how others teach, he is still very few will remember, had better be to compile a favorites, made time every day outside the chain also saves time and effort, not too ad-based, Do not have illegal fonts, with the top weight will slowly increase. Well, late in the night, it is best to state this: the original network by the plump Mall http://www.gggdd.com/edit original submission, reproduced, please describe the source, thank you, trouble understanding the hard work of a webmaster, thank you!

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