Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the importance of the site outside the chain depends on what factors

all know, in the process of site optimization, web sites outside the chain represents the foundation. Ranking in the search engines outside the chain occupies a very critical role, but also affect the core elements of your site's ranking. The site outside the chain has been doing SEO workers trivial heavy work, is not difficult to find outside the chain, the key is skill and perseverance you can work, because SEO is definitely not 10 days half the work can be accomplished.

is called from outside the chain into someone else's site links to your site, it looks like the blood of the Internet, connected to each other, if there is no link, that information will be one area is isolated . Link also has several forms, there are hyperlinks, anchor text links, text links and image links. The website optimization process, mainly based on hyperlinks and anchor text links mostly.

then the site is usually optimized to measure how well site outside the chain? And I think that first of all from the four factors to analyze.

one: outer chain wide

the site optimization process, if the site outside the chain of relationships is seen as the most pertinent and simple. A wide range of relationships in the community, communication circle wide, everywhere who knew him, imagine his reputation in a field setting is hehe. Similarly a site outside the chain of extensive industry related sites everywhere point to the site, then search engines will consider the importance of the site is occupied, and will therefore attach great importance to the station.

II: the chain of quality

site outside the chain is undoubtedly better, but outside the chain of quality is more important than quantity. I believe many owners often find that the number of competing sites outside the chain of far less than their own site, but a good ranking than your site, which illustrates the chain not to indulge in the pursuit of quantity, but rather should focus on quality. I believe that many owners have encountered outside the chain instability and keyword ranking sudden reduction phenomenon, usually not in the search engines think that some of the low quality of much use and will be periodically removed from the chain, which often lead to a site critical word ranking instability. Usually outside the chain will depend on high-quality weight than the other sites and whether the search engine down the right, punishment and other factors.

three: the chain-related

site outside the chain of course, the more widely as possible, but not on behalf of widespread abuse. Whether the chain will directly affect the relevance of an important indicator of the quality of search results. Web site optimization is that it hopes to get more search engine traffic, so that these flows of the highest conversion rate. If the user through the search for a station without any associated with your keywords in the search engines see your site pages, and this simply does not make sense to get traffic, but search engines will visit the site through the user habits and stay time and other factors to assess the site's credibility.

four: the chain stability

outside the chain of so-called stability depends mainly on the search engines pay more attention to "natural." If the site in a short time increase or decrease rapidly outside the chain, which undoubtedly show optimization over the search engine will only suspected that there is cheating, which results in a site has been search engine penalties. So the site outside the chain should pay attention to stability and sustained increase.

of course, do not site a few words outside the chain of things, all the factors are interrelated, then let us go in the SEO practice and body of the road read it! Statement is not very fluent, hope forgive me. Inadequacies looking advice. This article reproduced from the Foreign Trade Website http://www.68160.com leave, thank you!

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