Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shared roots for domain name owners 20 days to reach second collection site

Hello, everyone, I was the snow leopard, had to share before the execution of several articles on this article to share with you what to name the site notes for it. Said before the thing is to introduce our forum, business forums that I put sixty crossing a friends and Guangzhou on May 1 this year with the establishment, because when we are as a local seoer, deeply troubled by the chain, weight slightly forums do a little more limited, so we want a seo forum, on the one hand it to the novice to do Q & A, because we are over there from the novice, the novice is not easy to know, many problems No one to help answer the other hand, do we also want to own their own resources to develop a stand, after all, been doing seo, without their own resources if it is tangled station thing. He just has a lack of use of unused space, so we decided to went ahead, because the time had not thought of this forum to develop to what extent, so, we used a two domain names directly to do station.

decision, we started selection process, given the proliferation of dz are now, so, we use the pw is a good forum for this domestic program, establishment stage, we have their own work, so the only amateur to do some simple maintenance period, because no how to do it outside the chain of resources, when my friend's grandfather just sick, more than a month has been on my own in the maintenance of the day, from time to time to update some of the posts, of course, are doing a pseudo-original handle. Because the weight of my main domain is relatively high, so the two domains have also been some impact, establishment and received home the next day, I was about 30 daily update posts, of course, quality is guaranteed, 7 days, Baidu to force good results, begin collection of articles, we began to consider doing the chain, because at that time, no time to dumplings, I am also busy working, so that is simple to do some outside the chain, it has been such a sustained with, and thus, has been extended to late June, although we did not how to do it outside the chain, but then the article has been included to achieve an effect the next day, and can say Baidu is still very blessing we can be when the end of June, server intrusion, data loss, lost data directly Forum week of data, which I really was not a small fight, I began to update the less, dumplings come back later, he began to update my site suddenly one day our domain name and found some articles turned out to be a second closing, I want to stand there seems to be our resource play, insisted that the success of late we have made a few soft, made some outside chain. Forum weights continued to increase. Made up of the article are five minutes included.

With the development of our website, we attracted a lot of novice friends, and certainly not lack of some master friends, seowhy the fourth eldest one of them, he told us, if you want to do it, change the main domain name on it, so with the second-level domain What kind of look, listen to him that we felt that time, and now for the future will certainly not difficult to change, but we also know that, for the domain name is very tragic, But sooner or later have this day, evening pain as early as pain, that once the switch, according to our forum's name, I chose this domain name www .***. com, relatively speaking, is more appropriate, because we are using is a win host, can not do 301, the problem is difficult to live our twists and turns, we found a solution pw official, modify global.php, I have made the relevant article in the forum, and this I will not detail, and 8 January 31 for the domain name, do 301.2 hours of time, Baidu included a new domain name. 3 hours included Sogou, Google included in the next day to see this effect is good, we continue to do the update, start a lot of work to do outside the chain of five days, Baidu's 301 force, and began to include inside pages. Google to delete the original domain name included, began to include a large number of new domain names, September 12, included on the Baidu 300 +, Google has thousands. Our content and also continued to work outside the chain, as of this afternoon's forum included collection of 3000 + Baidu, Google included 10,000 +, but also gave a bad position, and since yesterday, Baidu began to 301 came into full force, and the article is almost can be included in the minutes, fast requires only five minutes, we can say we have achieved good results 301. Directly on the map

Baidu included

Baidu snapshot

website contains status

below to share with you for my domain name after the Operation:

1. to the old domain name to do the station 301, this is necessary, we need to do the old domain name resolution, can not be stopped, you need to transfer weight

(2) dealing with dead links within the site, remove all the dead links, dead links do not exist, Baidu for dead links, but very annoying.

3. Do 404 error page to the site, a good 404 to the site can bring a good weight results.

4. Insist on continuously updated content, do not break the update, we must ensure that the quality of the article, do not go directly to the copy.

5. A new domain name have to do more outside the chain, and to high-quality external links, the chain did not focus on quantity, but the emphasis on quality, a quality brought about by the chain is far greater than the weight 5 outside the chain of low quality.

6. Is to insist, Baidu 301 for the reaction time is generally about a week, Baidu will begin a week later included a new domain name, all do not hurry, do seo is to calm.

as long as you have patience, to persevere, weight restoration is not an issue. Original articles, business placed sixty crossing http://www.360dseo.com reproduced, please indicate the source, thank you reproduced.

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