Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Select keywords to create high-value high-quality website title

is well known, a need for website seo optimization, keyword selection is critical to the future development of good and bad factors, and many owners because of keyword selection mistakes, to make their sites still have not seen for a long time to optimize revenue , this time you should select the keywords to ponder whether their problems. Today we have the grass-roots perspective of the individual owners Detailed how to select a site and the potential of mining valuable and key words to write a high-value website title.

targeted site

built on a new site, we first need to do is to locate the site. The owners of most of us as grass-roots, are desired to achieve short-term gains and try to stabilize. Then we choose the first rule of keywords is: avoid the popular and more general keywords. These types of words in common is a high index, describing a large range, so it has more search volume, which resulted in the usual word than the front rank of these sites are usually just a handful of the more stable sites, these sites through a long period of accumulation and accumulated step by step construction of the high weight of site, so to these sites as a rival for basically wasted effort, unless you have this wealth of time and economic resources or unique technology to optimize their own websites. Therefore, the first step is: to avoid the popular pan-word and word.

keyword delete ѡ

select high-quality keywords your site is the key to whether the fast profit. As the popular pan-word term and the pressure of competition, we need to try to select a low index in the range of tens to two hundred more appropriate. The words in this category have a class of valuable word called long tail keywords. What is the long tail keywords long tail keywords is usually a phrase or a search for questions. For example: "What most bags tide", "good bag brand" and so on. We call such words long tail keywords, most of our novice and values ??recommended to optimize the word. Why is this? First, the long tail of smaller competitors, because large sites or tail is not selected as a senior web site title, so there is no great pressure on competitors. Second, the long tail words are usually some of the top-ranking website pages, more conducive to optimizing your site to the home a better ranking. Tail should be the greatest charm is his precise flow, because the long tail traffic for such a description of the word brings a very high conversion rate. And what we want, not what is income, and can quickly take you into the long tail into gains.

keyword writing

how to write key words is a very particular technology. Writing good keyword allows you to gain a lot of other traffic. First we have to control the length of the title. Usually we select the title, which is the keyword to write the word length is about 26 to 28, came out in the ultra-Baidu was the ellipsis. Second, when writing the word to be becoming more and more precise by the broad terms, for example, write a title brand bags, we can write: "a good brand bags brand bags _ _ _ brand bag which is good The best bag brand ", so that the most beneficial way of writing seo, will also bring traffic to your website in the future a great harvest.

other factors

above three points are more important to master the above three basic keywords to use, better write a good title. In writing at the same time, there are several factors that we can not ignore. The first point is to look at the amount of keywords to promote. As Baidu to promote the existence of a lot of optimization to the first site although still not very high traffic sites because of the previous promotion points over too long to flow so much to promote the optimization of the website is purely a waste of time. If your site contains a number of brands in the title word or hot commodity, must go to see the promotion of the number of sites, so many detours. Second, in writing the title is the best intervals between words, not only able to distinguish between words, will have a very good experience for the user, usually recommended to use an underscore character of these intervals is more appropriate .

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