Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talk about how to make your site included a rapid increase in

to have a collection of millions of sites, is something every webmaster's dream. Here we want to exclude those who use Taobao customers and other means to achieve included. Itself, I also want to have a site to achieve million included, so those sites are included to achieve million more concerned about, are analyzed to understand the next. Hope to learn from some of the techniques to get valuable experience. Meanwhile, I will share these experiences without reservation to everyone to join us to learn and progress. Here is my summary of these sites have in common, you see if the correct owners.

we can see more than a million sites that included the site framework is basically flat type. So what is the flat type of site architecture, it can be said that only three-part structure, namely the home, part lists, content pages, so that the formation of a branch of trunk-type shape, layer by layer to enhance the weight of each sub-section , thereby to increase the collection area. For the site's architecture has a lot of owners mentioned such an idea is to use CMS + forum structure to enhance the site included, do not underestimate this framework, many owners tried the effect is very good, if you carefully Now most of the collection will find a million sites are using this form. Some owners use Wikipedia and other other way also had a good effect. Human and financial resources which will inevitably support, but the resulting effect is still very worthwhile investment.

site map utility I do not have to say is important that website content updated daily, believe that we can do so little Webmaster, although easy to say but difficult for someone to be able to perform daily adhere to, in my observation, those multi-user blog site, which is updated daily brought fruitful results I think we think to be difficult. In fact, the daily update will not take long to do you a list page will soon be completed. Updated after the completion of a habit, a long time, it will naturally do, which included for the search engines have a good positive results, showing that the contents of the site all the more so with less effort.

for site content, frequent updates to the above mentioned, and that obviously updated Why is this phenomenon? It's obviously a lot of yesterday, today, if not increased will supposedly stuck in yesterday Why is it will reduce the number of it? The key is you relating to the content of the update. We all know that if the same content page, the search engine according to certain rules the same as those behind the increased content of deleted pages. So you copy the contents out through the search engine is removed after processing, so speed is not included as you expected and planned for. Site after the site determines the positioning of the scale, it can be done more. Web site content to be in the first set when Jianzhan, or if the content do the same for a long time, then the best from the new location.

through technical means to increase the content sources. After all, is the small man-made forces, and website content updates so if people take a long time, especially only one person in the webmaster's efforts. Therefore, we will find the content channel is necessary. Can be achieved by means of a small amount of technology to enhance efficiency, while still able to match the main theme of your site, this is the key. Otherwise thousands of content to rely on themselves to complete do not know how to wait years.

not want to believe it can built in a day, but all roads lead to Rome, if this can not go to another building, thinking how wide can go far, making a good plan and perseverance, the site is no longer a dream to achieve million included. A5 paper first, to retain the author reproduced the link http://www.2123.com/, created by the casual games webmaster, thank you.

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