Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some factors affecting Baidu keyword ranking

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following is a summary of them have some impact since Baidu keyword ranking important factors

1. content originality

Baidu search engine than any other should pay attention to content of the original, so if your original site content all lines, then it is easy to obtain the favor of Baidu, spiders are also often included here, but will give you a very high weight, so you are basically a snapshot of every day update, published articles can also be included soon, long before keyword ranking does not want to come to die.

2. Sites outside the chain

Again content is king, the emperor outside the chain. Baidu keyword ranking for the chain also plays a very significant impact. Outside the chain is divided into two factors, one is the number of the other is outside the chain outside the chain of quality. For example, you want to search for owners exchange process in the Baidu search 10,000 web pages linked to the A5, there are 5,000 pages link to seowhy then the owners in exchange of that keyword Baidu ranking is A5 than seowhy rely on before. Basically on the quality of the chain is to see release outside the chain of this site whose PR, weight, etc., the higher the quality Baidu will give him a higher rank.

3. Keyword position

Baidu search words have such a habit left to right from top to bottom, that would be better than the other words Home Page key words, article title keywords inside the content will be better than keywords. Links like you do, do do in the home with other pages, is certainly doing the home of the highest quality.

4. Sites within the chain

station link is also very necessary to help the search spiders crawl inside the network stream, you can include more pages Baidu, But also notice can not be too much, because the search spider's patience is limited, too much to do within the chain is likely to lose patience spider gone

5. Page CTR


site is subject to interest rate is a more obvious manifestation, so the customer experience in the Baidu main premise CTR keywords a site ranked as an important factor, of course, to be real hits, try not to use the software to brush hits, will certainly be worth after Baidu know, was down the right, or other more serious punishment, it is bad. I would like to search the site is www.xs5i.com network

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