Tuesday, November 15, 2011

K to the recovery site has been thought process: putting the word tolerance

Hello, everyone, I'm virtual child rain. I do not know for no reason recently encountered by Baidu K station, I hand there are several small station, has been a regular operation, do not know why is K out, people are a headache, were also encountered before Baidu down the right, the case is K station, but believe that their SEO techniques because of very formal, even before the approach has been taken to adhere to, and slowly comes back. Here I have to share with you their website is for K to restore some small experience.

1, impatient of peace, and only one step away!

when our site is several K, we must first look like a mental state? some owners may, like me, slowly becoming impatient, because you finally do stop, overnight back to the liberation, this is a depressed and bitter people in tears. Maybe some owners would like me to optimize their abilities and skills of doubt, even more people in one day has no effect when the choice to give up, in almost two months when I am ready to give up, but just I am ready to give up a few points and all put out, put out after a station directly on the home page. So my state of mind and peace, and come back over to this problem, found themselves too far some impatience, impatient of peace, and found only one step away, we can not see through the phenomenon of the nature of things, either Baidu or Google, he was the key lies in whether or not K stand the way the operation is not you violated his bottom line, I was completely formal operations, basically not the possibility of K, we all know that Baidu ventilation serious, he should stop most of K is to hold and play mentality, I believe we have fully understood. They need to remind you encounter is not so tense K Station, the peace of mind to deal with, as long as he did not cheat us, there would be no big problem.

2, do not cheat your heart knows best!

a child, said lie would very uneasy, and finally most will admit the Of course, we are not going to blame the child, but if a mature cheating webmaster, and the site is K, do not know self-reflection, it is your own problem. In fact, our website is not cheating K and they have nothing to do with his heart there is clear, do not deceive yourself. K first of all we encounter site was to be punished for all their possibilities. If they have a cheating operation, it would need to take to check one of my station in order to increase keyword density, specifically cloth a bit Bureau, a keyword density of more than 8%, by K after I adjusted a bit I checked later transferred to 7%, for the space problems of slow I would also like a solution, and record directly to the million net after the other as much as possible to control the release rate of the chain, do not send too many at once, outside garbage chain does not do too much, to avoid a bad evaluation Baidu.

3, the most important site is K is tolerance!

a lot of friends on the site by K and then will find a way to recover, which is one nature, when we lost his own time and emotional energy to pay something, we feel can not accept, of course, looking back, unless it really brought back, we will give up. In fact, site is K, our most basic need to do in addition to the inspection, the other is that a word tolerance. Here's tolerance does not mean that standing still, but that we are adhering to the work site when K is more able to endure long hours of the case not included.

do owners of the websites we are most concerned about is the site of the basic data, daily look at Baidu included zero, your heart will certainly be having a hard time, first from the mentality we have peace, it is We first have to endure, because many of the psychological state will be very good friends, once thought K would give up against more experienced and even suspect that this is unacceptable. The second is that we need to endure a day of work still to adhere to, but more to point to the article as much as possible to do better the quality, the chain of multiple anchor text, multiple lead spider outside the chain. So long as there is no question of our operating practices, is bound to recover.

for the site is K, then we may be able to endure, of course, too long, 3 months, 4 months did not come back would not have to pay too much energy, and let him fend for themselves, until the collection go to control him. Well, my introduction to this article on here, and I would like to exchange with friends can add my QQ: 843745641

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