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On the pretext of how to optimize the strength of the opponent's website

in tai chi, the emphasis on leveraging the power of the so-called "skillfully deflected the question," "weak wins strong." If you use this truth to the SEO optimization, will also receive unexpected results. Here are just a few "shadow boxing" the theory of optimization in the application on the site, hope to guide you to "borrow" to optimize the site experience:

First, take advantage of competitor's page layout to improve upgrade themselves.

page layouts, like the person's face, pretty face, natural attractions, but also like martial arts, are a solid foundation from the first, and then slowly excel master, so the layout of the site is also very important, if the site's page layout is not ideal, then the search engine on your site of interest will be reduced, not to mention the site's ranking will come up naturally, without the top edge, it Without the ability to exchange blows with others and the right, so, to analyze the opponent's heart good site layout, absorb and utilize the strengths and advantages, shortcomings and lessons learned them well, and then optimize your site will enhance insufficient analysis, Yang superior bad discard, so it will gradually enhance the site's traffic.

two, described by the competitor's keywords to improve the upgrade themselves.

words about the site distribution and description of the problem, may be confused, can not find the break even point, then, this time, we can consider the competition opponent's words, into the analysis and comparison to see how the competition is the key word to describe and distribution, and then choose their own web pages with the keywords, refer to the practice of competitors, integration into the words, and then make a better description, to improve and upgrade their words, so that it will for the future development lay a solid foundation.

Third, by the opponents of the internal links to improve the upgrade themselves.

site layout very good, but words are very reasonable, so why not go up top that? Well, the reason may be there, including chain optimization. At this time, we must analyze competitors, including chain-of-merit, and thus enhance the site's internal links to improve their distribution, so as to enhance website visibility and friendliness.

four opponents by an external link to the complete upgrade themselves.

As a Webmaster, you know, if the site outside the chain of construction done, the impact on the rankings is great. At this time, to analyze the opponent's strengths and weaknesses of external links, such as query tools can be borrowed from the chain outside the chain of the opponent's check out the number, then, to find resources, find a suitable partner, so that the outer chain will be targeted.

five, to borrow the opponent's optimal way to improve the upgrade themselves.

fact, the volatility of the search is a very normal thing, the site's ranking if there is volatility in the care of their, it must also be more concerned about a competitor's site to focus on analysis of its strategies and ways to improve their response and thus improve, find their own site, what are inadequate, so in order to better enhance the strength of their own websites, more than competitors.

Today, SEO, the competition is very intense, reaching a fevered pitch, every webmaster and hope that their site's ranking will be better. If SEO is a symposium, then, the search engine is the judge of the General Assembly, and our website is like the head of the martial art, during the race, people have resorted to every head of their special skill, there is trick also Sunzhao, results of the competition is not necessarily the most fair, but the game is also a process learning process to the opponents, the only way to continuously upgrade their level and skill. A5 paper first, reproduced, please keep the author links the legendary station accelerator, Thank you for webmaster support and cooperation.

Website Optimization novice state of mind must have several

website optimization is a difficult and long way, every day, many people joined the ranks, there are a lot of people out. Baidu's algorithm update is now faster and faster, and because many owners do not see results, so I chose to quit, how to stick to the end it? I summed up what several state of mind, for our discussion

1, determined

do anything, do not have to succeed is not enough, especially to do site optimization. In the first few months, probably because of various reasons, did not see any of their pay in return, is to uphold or abandon it? At this time will test our resolve, and this world will always be "left is king "We now see some of the site optimization of people, are experiencing difficult times did not give up and successful, as we have to novice full of such determination.

2, confidence

new station on the line in the first few months, the new station is no weight in Baidu does not have any good ranking, Baidu will During this time the new station will be pulled into the sandbox to observe, at this time, owners will find that no matter how hard they try, their rankings are no significant changes, and sometimes may even be a phenomenon of the decline in ranking websites, there are The owners will use their own method cast doubt on the website, this time we need to use the methods of their absolute confidence in their own way, to spend Baidu study period.

3, perseverance

website optimization is a sustained process, webmasters do nothing more than a day to do is update the contents, so a few things outside the chain, and occasionally do a few days will feel very fresh, if every day the same set of processes will inevitably feel quite boring, but no way, since we have chosen this line, there should be a persistent state of mind and stick to it, and will definitely see results.

4, attentive

novice just starting to do SEO, there will inevitably be the wrong way or another, this time we need to have enough patience to find information, analyze problems reason, to find the error, to discover the law of search engine ranking, and only enough to explore carefully what other people have not noticed, so much faster progress than others.

This is my summary of some of the on site optimization of several novice must have the mentality, of course, there are some other ways, If you have a better way, but also look exhibitions. Above website by the Shanghai Construction ( original, reprint please specify, thank you.

On the magical benefits of META tags

With the development and the information age, more and more people realize that the network is gradually affecting the people and change people's lives and shopping habits, which makes some far-sighted people see the future network will people's daily life dominant, you can start using the Internet to find a rich channel. According to Internet monitoring company Netcraft latest survey data show that the network has more than 500 million sites. The company in October of this year's Web server survey received responses from 504,082,040 sites, an increase in September compared to about 18 million sites, growth rate of nearly 3.8%. This data speaks precisely because of the convenience of the Internet at, people use the Web site can be easily and freely communicate with the audience as well as the dissemination of information, the network can bring great business opportunities. One thing is very important that the world of the future network will be filled with more and more websites.

course, Netcraft's survey also shows that the overwhelming want to place the online world is how hard Yeah, the intensity of competition as much as our present civil service examinations. Having said that I think a Chinese student, said the sentence: "In the general looked a lot of boys chase the girls will have their result is enough to go also!." From this, to get a site in an increasingly competitive context, the search engine ranking is necessary to get good SEO webmaster friends carefully studied, and only a good way to find a good way, only in competition in an invincible position.

after I graduated from college directly into the SEO industry, working for three years, management and operation of large and small sites over twelve, three, and experience not considered to be very rich, but it can be said from the management, operation, website also summed up some experience. We all know SEO from a large area that is divided into stations optimization and off-site optimization, site optimization can be subdivided in many small optimization projects, such as META tags optimization, and today we talk about the head in the META tags Magical clever use of the law.

META tag can be said in a web site occupies a very important role, SEO's friends all know that if you enter a keyword in the search engines, search engines will retrieve millions or even tens of millions out the relevant page, you can see above shows the contents of a page title is the title, the following is a page of descriptive text is a description of the contents of the text or from the first paragraph of text to extract the contents of such as:

we see more of the above large font is the title, the following is the description. We can see the title of this site has too many words, is not very reasonable, in general, the TITLE tag META Chinese words which should not exceed 30 characters, because the Baidu search engine spiders can crawl display 30 characters, if your title is too long, it will automatically intercept, and intercept the process is not subject to human control. If the site is very important to display the contents of intercepted off the user experience is affected. Over a user may not know your site is doing. Standards of scientific and reasonable control in the TITLE number of words should generally be 30 characters, 65 words in English letters, Chinese characters is 32, based on years of research and analysis, the best control characters 20 to 25. Title put 3-4 core keywords, write attractive, so that visitors wanted to see Click.

META tag of the description, which is a description of the page label. We can see that the example described above, write personal feeling pretty good, there is a certain appeal. If you do the gift industry in Baidu search for key words that would be 70% of people will click on to see. If you can describe with good visibility to bring some have a website traffic. To make good use of description, there is a certain skill too, this will need to webmaster friends at work, carefully observed and summarized. General description of characters, then words in 77 sub-control, if control of the English alphabet in 165, the requirements of this title to be slightly more than loose a lot more space to play. Description can be included in the title in the keywords, you can only write the title in the keywords, but also wrote other related important keywords, but must use a consistent language to organize themselves to take into account the user's experience level. Also in the keywords META tag writing, it can be said to write keywords in Web pages have become not very important, as early as ten years ago is very important, now more intelligent search engines, and anti-cheating ability of more powerful the. So you owners can no longer waste time on the keywords. head tag inside the other META tags for SEO does not make any difference. Important now is that the three should be the exact title and description.

summary, META tags of the title and description if you use good, you can make your optimization work to achieve a multiplier effect. Owners hope to learn to skillfully Magical META tags. As long as you choose the right keywords to optimize, optimize the home page, so that the magical effect of META tags, not afraid of your site traffic, as the effect, you know.

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Five essential tools Webmaster SEO Secret

Hello, everyone, I am from Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, a webmaster, and everyone else, are grass-roots origin, now operates Hohhot talent of our local network, is webmaster for our roots, establishment of all knowledge must have, and SEO knowledge is essential, but do website SEO optimization is a bottleneck in automation, using reasonable "weapons" will make our SEO work will be more effective, and today I gave you five personally think that a more useful SEO tools, we want to help.

one, Xenu


Recommended Level:

Real-type hospital site optimization and planning solutions

hospital site planning, network operations team directly affect the entire process, or even a hospital to carry out network marketing, "Command", its role should not be overlooked. Person in charge of the network is very busy, as we plan to eat this bowl of rice, it would have to make plans to help leaders, will not be careless. Worthy of their work, worthy of trust and leadership cultivation, worthy of you sitting in the office every day to earn money. Do plan to have their own personality and the pursuit of their own insisted to know what to do? Why do that? Hospital site and what are the benefits? Effect will happen? At least, you have to be thinking about!! It is clear that , hospitals in the network marketing campaign is a wonderful way, you make website more lively, but also user-friendly hospital initiative to communicate with the consultation.

said "active", I'll give an example.

due to work, occasionally found in Baidu "** the best hospital treatment of nephrotic syndrome", the search than high, and competition is very small, so a bit concerned about. Medical and health search portal to a very simple, the atmosphere, a closer look, PR6, about 9000 world rankings, the ten million regional and disease information, more than 70,000 hospitals, made me shocked that this site has only operation for more than two years! be the biggest problem is that it does not make money!

run a loss if it is not possible, be it home at the top middle of the slide only 30,000 a year advertising , on both sides of a button advertising, will add up to 20,000 a year. Although the prices were so low, but did buy it, are now put themselves on the ad. Of course, it is also the sub-region and the advertising of the disease, if you really sell a year will not be a mere tens of thousands of pieces, but millions!!

why are so cheap but no advertising people buy it? a closer look at his website traffic, time of day, his two cities home page information views do recommend less than 20, let alone within a page, but also PV, as long as the F5 refresh, traffic that can easily brush. Then I found Weifang channel, Home recommended information, the flow is less than 10 a day, check online medical information so many people, and their medical and health Web site ranking high class long tail keywords, basically came in five of the first three positions, but why such a low flow? Why tens of thousands of ads a year will buy?

I think they are a bit confusing, though the hospital did you get a lot of information, but ignored user participation, there is no recognition of the user and the hospital itself, click, naturally there is no recommended treatment volume, also kept in the hospital, let alone sell ads. Many of our hospital sites trying every means to end seo tips for website optimization in the end is to do what is rank? Is the traffic? Is to click? Ultimately, the site needs is people!

only the site's users continue to increase the amount of the hospital to the patient continued to rise, in order to prove the user experience and site usability, only the site's users are constantly active in order to promote the development of the site. Weifang red sun in our team seems to optimize kidney hospital, the hospital site to do the following points:

a simple structure and clear objectives:

muttering, watercress, happy, all with a simple structure, a clear goal to attract customers, rather than engage in a lot of data content. Why all our hospital sites is purely for disease, illness, disease, patients will only care about their disease can be cured, you do so many articles about the disease mess what's the use, in the home row of the full, who A chapter will look at those things do?!

Second, the article replies:

hospital site if we allow it, then we can try to stop Every article on the add comment and message system, so not only can enhance the interactive Web site, you can firmly hold the visitor's heart.

visitors each sentence is one that will not repeat the original soft, are very valuable resources.

Third, interesting health information:

interesting to improve the health knowledge is to keep the user click on the choice, of course, is to address the real pain Internet to find people who are not hospital care in this regard. But there are some potential patient population in seeking medical care in the sneak worry about, entertaining only nothing wrong with it, the final analysis, the user experience.

Fourth, the question answering system:

addition to the widely used "GUIDEC", we can then include "Message and Reply" section . Hospital site users will inevitably encounter this problem, the first time to give a satisfactory answer is tantamount to a temporary relief, or for the future people around the user's own re-think of similar problems encountered in the first answer to lay the foundation for more shows the hospital's professional and formal.

Fifth, to enhance the visitor's ability to participate:

site development trend, not a "standard package", but "easy to open with type ", a more user-oriented, more open type of site use.

Therefore, the hospital's website to have a learning exchange forum, and must have leisure to explore type of forum. You as a hospital site, which are all boring medical content, disease introduction, signature treatments, experts, this is definitely not enough!

six powerful interactive web site:

so powerful, does not require complex or large, but for user characteristics, some small enough to mobilize the function of many visitors to actively read and participate in discussions, exchange, must get to the hospital website "move up".

we can easily ask the patient had been hospitalized, ask them to seek treatment are doing online searching, are concerned about anything, certainly most people would say to you, I just surf the Internet and the hospital, which The hospital can give me cured, I feel assured that I went to governance, which is the patient's characteristics.

popular website in order to retain people, gives a convincing and realistic, do not just focus on the introduction and features some of the bells and whistles go, the interaction between doctors and patients or between patients than those guaranteed to you more appropriate, realistic and credible. As for specifically how to do, have the opportunity to release to you.

seven rapid spread of users:

user communication is the most effective, fastest, most powerful way to promote. Therefore, watercress, happy, muttering, can use a small amount of investment in a shorter time to reach a large size and site effects. This is worth doing hospital site Seoer learn.

eight hospital sites before coarse to fine after:

user is "silly", and said plainly, do not like mindless Internet , like to see ready-made, and our hospital website of the Forum If too many users do not know how to choose. Can be extensive pre-site infrastructure to attract users, you have a breakdown of the post.

IX Forum prioritized and focused:

at the beginning, we Weifang Red Sun kidney hospital in the design version of the site plan block, the Forum set out a lot, anxious to put a kidney disease of all items listed on the site home page, because they feel a lot of important things, each sample is the most important, does not fit. When these sections are designed to come out, do not know what should be the focus, the feeling back of the hand palm is meat.

this does not work, a hospital site must have a clear focus on a few pages, these are main pages, feature pages, the core of the forum; and then rely on these forum to gather popularity, the rest of the forum as a secondary type on OK.

ten, for the users:

want to do a large hospital site, and stronger, to make a reputation and brand, the core of a is to solve the most urgent need for the user to solve the problem, and do more, you can help users to solve such a problem on OK. You can have vast amounts of medical expertise, allows users to automatically search can, from the strategic level so that visitors feel a sense of belonging!

a good hospital site, the criteria is very simple, that is: his next times want to. As long as we can let the user come again, this accumulation of energy, but also let you quickly soaring. Whether Baidu promotion, optimization, mass, affiliate ads, etc., many of the methods, which method is the most powerful? In fact, employing the method of transmission, the most powerful. If you are still stuck in relying solely on the mass of expertise and medical information for optimization and promotion, only the pursuit of keyword rankings, site traffic, and the site itself has no essential advantage, in addition to assault from the traffic impact would be outside the server, to the development of our hospital sites what's the use?

me more and more suspect, the so-called SEO and website promotion, in the end there is much value? we have to do the hospital's website marketing, first of all have a worthy of the site, not to make a website, then tried my best to perform the promotion.

behalf of the Hospital of Weifang Red Sun kidney optimization team to remind one: life and death as well as your website's survival and development of the hospital who decided? Engine? Content? Link? Weight? Traffic? Investment? In fact, the user! ! want to communicate with me my friends can add QQ: 332364662. This article from the Weifang kidney hospital ( web series published, welcome reproduced, reprinted, please keep this link, thank you!

Luna chubby: a common stumbling block user conversion rate

long time no write articles, recent study of the financial industry, busy site, and these days several of my friends asked me why rafts up, traffic has also been, but the conversion rate is not high, the site bounce rate is very high, so the chubby moon from here today to share some of my views, I hope to give these friends a little thinking and recommendations to help you make the site conversion rate.

one of the reasons: the complex structure, easily lost.

This is a lot of sites, especially some large sites prone to problems, that site the bigger the better, but the reality is that web shop is large enough, but the traffic up, conversion rate is not high enough, not by how much benefit, in fact, that the most important issue is the major stations get too complicated structure, such as the common number of financial stocks stations, particularly the complex, while the owners want to do better if Some owners may wish to reference and information network or some other famous sites, so the structure becomes simple, of course, the most clear, or 58, go to the market and other information like simpler and more clear, I believe the user to use and more convenient.

second reason: the old non-use value of information.

many sites have been worried about a low conversion rate, but it does not update the site, always dominated by copying someone else's article, which leads to even rise to the top five ranking can not get up conversion rates.

because both the customer, or search engine spiders, want catch the latest and most talked about information provided to the user, and when to keep your site updated it though, but is not available to users Those most concerned about the best real-time news, the same can not give the user a good impression, which led directly out of the user.

third reason: the complexity of the user is lost.

this point is that many Chinese owners of the lost, perhaps more for ranking web page will get a lot of articles and information, but largely ignored the user's experience, the user looking for their stuff when they need to click 3-4 times, or even more times to find, and foreign sites, but in this area very well, either mall, or video sites, or a loan website, are able to 1-2 times a user needs to open to find information, and this will undoubtedly enhance the user experience and increasing the conversion rate, saving the user time, and attract users.

short, seo more do not flow, but the conversion rate, and more to do is the user's experience and success rate, so I hope more SEOer inside out rate from this circle, let its more simple and easier to solve customer problems, I believe you also have greatly improved. This article first network owners, the goddess of the moon chubby original, welcome to reprint, please do not delete the chain, thank you.

Growth in learning and work experience of SEO

contact with SEO work almost a year, in the past year, I work in practice as well as by their learning and integrity of their way SEO process.

my experience

contact with SEO when it was in October last year, when the school introduced a group of people to practice, because it is computer science , and on the choice of SEO promotion. The next six months internship, I would basically turn the chain around every day, every day the face of those who struggle with the target outside the chain. Later, when the end of practice, my SEO knowledge base just outside the chain is working, because he is learning some, but only some very simple understanding.

after graduation, I entered the company now, small, SEO team is not complete, just a bunch of 3,4 individuals to promote the station. When practice is done in English, and now the company is Japanese, not English, so competition is relatively intense. Japanese SEO, then we get the promotion can be quite confused, English only recognized the promotion of this way only, so the site has yet to progress. Now, the company's SEO team has a certain scale, it has some considerable experience to guide our predecessors, making the road with my SEO full confidence.

first contact with the web site

attachment phase I only know the day outside the chain of hair entirely missed with the site's content. Station optimization, keyword research, do not understand what promotional tactics, the impression of understanding is blog, bookmarks, forums, and comment on the contents of this series, as do every day.

I have been learning to understand Google's collection of their own habits, to see some of the experiences other people in the forum, until three months ago, I have access to more knowledge to the site, let me touch to deeper things. Although the Japanese site, the target Yahoo, but also lacks what is the system of people to practice learning experience for our reference, we explore the Japanese Yahoo temper, while engaged in the site's internal optimization. Due to staff shortage, many things need to own, website optimization, keyword analysis, traffic analysis, etc., a lot of things need to do it themselves, come into contact with more and more, so I had to spend more time SEO to learn and study more areas.

calendar from my heart

1, as a SEOer vision must be put away, not just limited to the current rankings and traffic. I think that website optimization is also reflected in the results of that part of the user experience, ultimately in order to obtain orders. So, do not be too obsessed with rankings, so the paid labor of wealth or want to achieve is should be needed.

2, must be motivated. Both owners and ordinary employees, we should have a goal that will lead us to what is in the SEO field as this, you always want to be elite or ordinary kind?

3 , ability to learn. In my practice, I think the ability to learn and explore is very important. In the field of SEO, we only see the tip of the iceberg, what is deeper, all need to go explore.

4, humble spirit. The so-called do not know want to ask, whether master or heroes, you are likely to exclude doubt. Should not be too exaggerated, a lot of people than you cattle, but disdain in which they are vanity. The real masters are very modest, and not play, and his low-key.

5, insisted that the spirit of hard work. Like the marathon, even if not necessarily to the finish line you are a champion, but did not adhere to the final harvest is certainly not ideal. Used outside the chain of hair every day, every day a small study, a daily analysis of data and a series of daily site updates, and more complicated things, not seriously insist, no perseverance, hard to imagine what you as.

it is only since I have to learn some SEO experience, knowledge, not rich, I do not know SEO deeply, so nothing out of something to write technical content. As my experience, the accumulation of more, will know more, so I believe that with my study and practice, I will be able to go in the broader field of SEO it.

reproduced to retain the author link, Guangzhou, Hong Zhou webmaster trade creation, Thanks for reading.

SEO optimization techniques improve the analysis of competitors

seo optimization in the operation of a project, the first thing is the situation according to their website to find relevant competitor station, find out their optimized keywords, outside the chain of construction, architecture methods, etc., through the rival station effective analysis to optimize their site will get better results. Especially in the novice does not know how to seo optimization when a search can be considered under the key words in the search engines view the next row in front of some of the information related to a competitor's site. Many novice may want to ask you how seo research and analysis of competitors stand? Here we illustrate the Yi River Shanghai SEO and what should the next analysis:

first: website optimization for companies received, we can First, to determine the key words, but because many seoer for all enterprises owned industries are not very understanding, and to determine what customers do not understand the words better, then the best way is to search in the search engines under the top surface of the relevant business The site with the keywords, keywords in the title to view the full expression, and as long as the analysis of the site title on it, and then combined with their own business needs to be done to determine the key words,

second : write title, description, keywords. In determining good keywords is to do next after we change the title and description of content, how to change, we can analyze to determine a competitor's site under the title and describe the content. Because the front row of the website in the search engines always have the advantage of its place, there is always the search engine to give reasons for its high weight, which we can start with the title and description found.

Third: Through the above two points we can analyze the site and the general direction of future development around the key words. Here the more important point is that the overall structure of the site, which is particularly important is the home page navigation and layout, as well as keyword density. Other sites by analyzing the navigation column to determine the words and layout where site need revision, optimize the site preparation work done before adequate for future maintenance and optimization play a very good cushion effect. Keyword density can be found by looking for keywords, website keywords to rank high in the distribution of each page, we need to learn the key.

Fourth: In addition to content and the inside pages of the title is also very important, in addition to research studies when the other site page, but also within view of each page to see other people's content and the title is how to determine the , the breadcrumbs to do so, add relevant reading skills and so on. As we all know the details determine success or failure, if found insufficient competition in some areas, while he did it, it is also a competitive advantage.

last: the importance of outer chain for the site we all know, analysis of competitors outside the chain is the key to website optimization, because you may not know much about this industry, do not know what the relevant forums or related outside the chain's website, then Yahoo, Baidu's domain or outside the chain can help to you, top-ranking sites outside the chain certainly do very successfully, these two methods can be analyzed by standing where made under other outside the chain, but also to register their release. Of course, competition is not necessarily hostile, when the Friends of the chain in the exchange because both belong to the same industry, the relevance of the Friends of the chain can increase the weight of the site, the analysis also can be exchanged under Links.

by more than one way, I believe we have for how to analyze the competitors have some understanding, imitation is part of the analysis, the most important thing is to play to their strengths, beyond is the most important. This article first by the owners Yi River, please indicate.

Optimization methods to help you with competitor on board Home

both in the network, or in reality, as an SEO, it should always observe competitors to hear some comments. We all know that the early competitors in the site is the object of our study, the latter part of the site is our stumbling block competitors, so for whatever reason, our research on competitors is essential. In general, we regard the words we need to do in the search engines as the top three competitors website, the site initially, research competitors, allows us to take a lot less tortuous path can also understand some of our own website inadequate, there is need to upgrade some parts of the site, analyze competitors, optimization, even if we imitate others ways to optimize the site to get a good ranking. On the site later, we have to do is to go beyond its competitors, which rose to the top search engines. Of course, in order ahead of the competition, but also need more analysis of the opponent's shortcomings and to adjust the optimization method, make up your site's shortcomings, more attention to other details, the site also features a little more than their own. So how can analyze competitors do?

1, first you have to find the site's competitors, if the keyword competition is small, then competitors will be less, 1-3, with particular attention Home page or part of the site to do the key words, because they will be our major competitors. If the keyword competition is relatively large, we have to look at the total number of sites, the first five the number of sites, there are several home sites, respectively, listed here. And, in general, competition has quite a big word to optimize the website, some very old website domain names, some New site, both site analysis, the results are not the same, older site domain name , may not do optimization, but here are a high ranking website is generally very stable, the weight is relatively high. The New site is more familiar with the search engine, do a lot of optimization of the operation. So put these two sites were analyzed advantages and disadvantages. Some sites also is home to do some web pages with the inside pages or sections to do, these must be studied separately.

2, identify competitors, the first analysis of its domain, server, etc., a good domain name and server brought to the site is very useful. Sometimes no matter how we do ranking always compete each other, is often the hardware elements. Even later analyzed these reasons we can not change. We can only begin select the domain name space, they have to try to choose the right.

3, you can also start from the internal Web site, the first analysis of its three label wording, especially the title tag, analyze how the word, keyword density, keyword distribution analysis of the benefits of such written and disadvantages which respectively; followed by analysis of the structure from the site, usually including the analysis of the overall site architecture, two columns, content, page design, site internal structure, including directory structure, URL set, H1, H2, strong labeling of such use of internal links layout. Now let's analyze website articles, analysis of its quality and whether original, update time, the article included the situation, keyword layout, use of labels within the article.

4, analysis of web business models, there are site location, customer orientation, the focus is on what? This is very important.

5, see its external chain, analysis of competitors outside the chain method is how to do, the quality of higher or lower. Human knowledge is limited, energy is limited, the method of outer chain many do not have one. Opponents outside the chain we can imitate the way, as long as you can do a good absorption over. As before, I do not know how soft the text outside the chain of cattle do not know the platform outside the chain link of high quality, only more research into some of the ways other people to add their own kingly.

there are Links that part of the transmission link weights are high, analysis of the link can also be a record, after the exchange of Friends of the chain can also be used.

good analysis, but also to make an analysis, analysis of their own out of something clearly remember, but every time we need to update the data records, always pay attention to competitors change, sounds like a lot of trouble, but the future development of this web site is helpful.

final say is, do you want a good website ranking well, study competitors missed. Our final goal is the first web site, analyze competitors, not just to learn, imitate, more importantly, beyond. Schindler seo article published in Fuzhou by the printing, reproduced leave the connection!