Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to determine high-quality search engine page

our website optimization, code simplicity is very important, which is part of the quality of the page, is also an important feature of a number of factors including the quality of the page, it is this combination of many factors, it formed a full page, then the search engine determine the quality of a page when in the end focus on what factors? a high-quality search engine page more vulnerable to Lay, it is not only with the user-friendly, but also the love search engines, That is more likely to be included and get a relatively good page ranking, the search engine determine the quality of the page, the main consideration what factors? the points mentioned below are important, but not limited to these factors

1, pages neat and clean, the main contents of the display in a prominent position

for a high-quality pages, it certainly is neat and clean layout, and will not have the extra redundant information , so that not only search engine, and users also like this page, Imagine, from a user perspective to think about a page if there are too many spam messages, messy layout, the user stays on top it? may be immediately turned off the user opens this page bounce rate may be one hundred percent, the user will not look down, even if it did go up the page ranking, I believe it failed to keep the number of customers. Search engine too, it's mission is to provide users with high-quality, highly relevant content, users do not like, it does not like. So to try to clean the content, layout should be clean and orderly.

2, page elements rich (text, images, comments, recommendations and other related)

rich elements for Web pages, users and search engines are more like, common page element has text, pictures, comments, recommendations, and so relevant. For a high-quality page, text, content should be rich, to write more from a user perspective, as the rich subject matter, it is best to be accompanied by pictures, so illustrated, so that the user will be easier to understand, and prefer, in addition to These high-quality pages have to do to best interact with the user, such as adding comments, etc., can make a step to increase the wealth of comments page content, or even add a limitation on the number of strong comments, this can increase the page value, a page has always associated with other relationships, so the article should have the recommended articles forum. Play the role of a content aggregator.

3, access speed (fast page loads/resource download speed)

Google official has acknowledged that the site access speed when considering the rankings, but also as a factor because site access speed affects the user experience, as long as the factors that affect the user experience, search engines will consider, if you open a page to be a long time, the user may turn off your pages long, I believe that Baidu and other search engines is the access speed as a page ranking factors. So we have to visit the site to optimize speed, such as site http://www.ylmr.com/to enable GZIP, keep-alive, the cache is used to streamline code. Thereby to improve the access speed of the page. Especially for a class website download speed becomes more important.

4, complete the information page

we describe a topic, complete information to do as much as possible, give users a complete, you can solve their problems, This information retrieval value was high, do a better job in this regard is the Baidu Encyclopedia, the content is very rich, any entry, information is very complete, provides users with high-value pages. Instead of the typical low-quality page What factors do?

typical low-quality pages some of the following characteristics:

? Main demand is invalid/not met (expired classified ads/software download page, download link does not work, etc.)

? dead links

? false information/fraud

? blank page

? Site unstable

? demand rights issues affecting the main (download/view requires Member/points, etc.)

? incomplete information (incomplete reproduced )

? browsing experience is poor (Advertising/font/page layout, etc.)

we optimized web pages, page elements to try to make a rich, open fast, complete information to provide users with higher quality information, to think more from a user perspective, when you make the user experience, search engine friendly will naturally have. This article from the http://www.ylmr.com/feed, please indicate the source, thank you

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