Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Change the title to the site from a ranking of the operation

site is a site-targeted title is reflected, so the site title or site is not appropriate transformation when it is necessary to change the website title. However, random changes to the site search engine will drop right to the title. Said here about the latest from my site have changed the title to the ranking after. The point I was originally located in the network makeup cosmetics free trial release of information, but because this type of keyword bidding gave Baidu a page covered, and taking into account the needs of development, decided to replace the position, orientation to the make-up tutorial part .

sites need to change the title

my website information in the trial before the change is related to the key words before the 2,3-page, and snapshot Updated every day, the article basically the next day included. In considering whether to change the title really is struggling a bit. However, to determine the route to long-term development, even if temporary down the right and necessary. On the other hand, although I change the title, but I changed all the same industry, so let me operate with more confidence.

title, header information more suitable for small change

before the site is to change the title, once the title, header changes, the snapshot foot enough to stop the 20 days, and have ranked relatively slow. So best not to suggest that you change the title of a sudden a fight, unless you have the patience and so on. This time I according to their needs, the original content as a part of the site do not move him, I want to use the website had information on cosmetics, makeup tutorials are added.

my main operation is the original title of the three keywords retained two, then add in front of a new three words. Although the title a bit biased so long, but still in the acceptable length. Operating with a similar title and keywords, description directly in front of a word to bring new content to add a new keyword contains the line.

site must comply with the header information

complete change after the title of the most important thing is website content. Because website content directly affect the exit rate to the site, assuming you change the ranking of a good finish after the title, but did not go after the users find the information he wants, out of a long accumulation of a lot of bounce rate, it will directly affect the to your site's ranking. So the most important title in line with the site to enrich the new content.

good internal and external links

a new keyword, then the normal way to do internal and external link building on the line, pay attention to is the anchor text links. Including several new keywords to cook link. A new link to notify search engines your site should match the keyword.

This is my operation, change the title in two weeks, has been key to the home page on the fifth (my keyword competition is not very intense). For your reference, reproduced indicated: http://www.dzhuang.com

text/Guo Hanyu

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