Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Users browsing time against the clock to keep the weight of about

This is actually quite easy to understand, a substantial content and quality of the site, will naturally attract more users to browse for a while. From a user experience point of view, a shoddy page design, content, weak site who is not willing to waste more time. Search engines seemed to notice this, be sure, Google, and several more well-known domestic search engine, has a clear user access time on the site include a major assessment of site quality range. Some say that the popular, is that if there is a way to get more users, visit the website content as much as possible, as long as possible without leaving the site, then the weight and position of the site is to enhance the positive effect. How to retain customers? Quality content of course the most important, but I believe that, with high-quality content should have the right clever internal links, as well as long-term attention for the user page design, colors and layout structure.

users to browse the site mean residence time

First, to enhance the quality of site content

although have content, but not all of the site, all content is very seductive. Implementation, many companies or individuals on the site, in order to optimize the lot was filled with pseudo-original statement does not make sense, or has nothing to do with the theme of the site's content. This content, users certainly do not want to see. If this content has been indexed by search engines, a large number of links point to open the search page, and then hurried off after a short stay. Is fatal for a website, search engines will judge this article is for users of little value. No value to the user's site, they can not get a higher weight and a better ranking. Therefore, the content is fundamental to enhance the user experience, extending user access time to force way is the most improved content quality.

how it can improve the quality of the content, or search engine from starting, what kind of content is more quality. First, the article content is highly original, remember the original. The so-called original is written in their own organization, unique content (need to declare that, although sometimes also a unique pseudo-original, but with the original content has a qualitative difference, certainly not original). Not only original, but also the quality of articles, the basic syntax of logic and fluent words should be guaranteed. Second, the article with Web site content must be relevant to the subject. For example, users expect to see a website building article, but click on to talk about are found throughout the web site to promote the content, they can not attract user interest, continue browsing down.

Second, the clever implementation of the internal links

website building and website optimization, content and peers outside the chain will be regarded as a model, do a lot of people think that as long as the content and External links will suffice. In actual fact, the Shanghai Science and Technology pilot production company website (http://www.joyweb.net.cn), previously wrote "weight does not mean ranking before combination complement each other", pointing out that although the weight and position of a relationship, but the absolute weight does not mean rankings, it does not mean the specified keyword ranking. Rich quality content, and high-quality weight of the chain, the weight can effectively enhance the site, but clever with ulterior motives of internal links, keyword ranking is essential to enhance a key element. So, just from the perspective of site optimization, clever implementation of internal links is a must to succeed. Only in the content, the keywords highlighted in bold, and then anchor links to the specified URL address, internal links can increase keyword rankings, has been confirmed by many site builders.

optimization is only one link, internal links is another important objective is to recommend to the user interested in, do everything possible to retain customers. Internally connected to the implementation of the method, usually encountered in the middle of the article links to related content, when, this approach has been used a lot of information like websites. Another method is the end of the article to "related reading" or "recommended reading" approach, referring users to relevant content. Network owners such as channel information related to each reading the following text, belongs to this type. Recommended reading by the way, recommended that users interested in the related content is verified as being extremely effective method of retaining an excellent user.

Third, the color fresh and comfortable design

Chinese website design be considered an alternative, one faction is an imitation of Japanese and Korean animation and splendid use of color, the pursuit of visual impact; the other faction is relentless European and American, the page design simple and simple, generous, engaging and durable. Personal feeling, taking into account site-optimized website design should focus on European and American style, after all, full of impact of the substantial use of pictures to Web site design and Flash animation, web site is not conducive to fast open (the most recent statistical data has been out of South Korea's average downlink bandwidth of rate up to 2202KB/S, Japan to 1364KB/S, and China's only 245KB/S). In addition, the impact caused by a problem that is not engaging, visual fatigue will naturally give the user browse. Therefore, the page art design and user browsing time is in fact closely related, and give examples of inappropriate, beauty and attention, keep them coming back naturally be higher.

heart of the station master, may have noticed a similar Sina, Sohu portal type of information so there is a very similar place, is the site background color is white (I'm sure a page is loaded speed considerations, because the browser's default background color is white). Another similarity is the default font size is 14px, so the purpose is very simple to do, in fact, is to allow users to browse a long time does not produce fatigue. Think about it, if the page background color is red, the font color is black or white, yellow, etc., and is the size of 12px, a fancy one hour what it feels like? So, fresh page art design is very important, after all, only the user feel comfortable may have to continue browsing.

against the clock to keep the user browsing time about the weight! Although search engines consider the residence time is only a factor in site quality, site quality, but not the accumulation of detail is such a one from it? Not only users to browse the site residence time, the Shanghai Science and Technology pilot production company website (http://www.joyweb.net.cn) that, provided that the relevant part of the user experience, search engines will slowly into the scope of examination to determine site quality. Know, site optimization becomes a very simple matter, and site construction in both the search engines, based on more should stand in the user's point of view to consider. Their own production site for the construction of the user really helpful when users visit the Web site will leave after what impression? A webmaster a business, when he was able to calmly think about these questions, website optimization success it is not far off the road.

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