Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yahoo! does not send outside the chain of backlinks from 200 to 1400 secret

analysis of a site's optimization condition, the chain is an important part of this, in addition to the quality of the chain is the chain number, chain piece suits, owners usually took it into Baidu and Yahoo Anti-related domains link to Yahoo backlinks more often and be optimistic about the owners, because it take to rank for keywords important role.

the recent busy recently, their website did not take care of, this is more than a month outside the chain did not go to hair, but still every morning to analyze some changes in the site analysis, Yahoo backlinks been found to increase, rising to 200 from the original of 1400 today, usually did not care how, Baidu algorithm that is caused by the change, but it is constantly on the rise I had it a detailed analysis, and finally found the reverse link from the rise of secret 200-1400, summed up the reasons can be divided into three types.

a Yahoo link anchor text, the reverse chain-based

analysis of Yahoo backlinks, you can find it mainly in the form of anchor text main, outside the chain of anchor text links as opposed to plain text difficult to do a lot together, but the quality much better than the other links also, in addition to the general release of the Forum's fate a secret, very difficult to stay above the link anchor text Now site is the easiest way to exchange links, Link is a long-term and stable outside the chain, as long as the other sites of good quality, then the chain is a high quality, the rankings for the keywords important to take into effect; In addition to this link you can also create some of your blog, but the blog is relatively low weight, do a link anchor text to be included in the article, some hard, raise pre-blog is a must.

Yahoo backlinks your site outside the chain is the main source of these three areas, relatively speaking, these external links are relatively stable, if we want to have more Yahoo back links, doing outside Of course, the main chain to the anchor text best.

Second, all outbound links will help Yahoo backlinks dramatically

a web page usually there are at least several dozens, and large point the number of pages on the site invaluable, and if the matter sorted out the link to do weights website links exchange website will undoubtedly increase the number of Yahoo backlinks from your site in the analysis is that there are several such sites, in addition to a link outside the home , there are a large number of columns page and content pages, but the owners website to find all outbound links is generally more difficult, the best way is to analyze other people's sites, such as their website is seo, we will find a few seo site analysis, send links from Yahoo, it found some of the station's web site link, and then exchanged.

Links Yahoo backlinks is to enhance the easiest one, of course, to the relevant type of site exchange of the best, and most other sites as long as the content of good quality, then, are to be included, when included give you a page to add a Yahoo backlinks, I think this is why my site is not sent outside the chain can also be upgrading the why.

Third, Yahoo backlinks increase the time required with

Yahoo backlinks related field is different from Baidu, which often requires a longer growing time to see results, but Baidu is related to the domain as long as the collection of external links can be reflected in a short time; to do so one day when the boss provides the number of Yahoo link, really made me very silent, but it is a dedicated people, can only listen to him, very early in the effort to find ways to do, but the growth is not seen it, others thought I was not hard to do it, but by the time of verification, it is enough for those who doubt the number of people shut up. Yahoo made the link from which can be summed up with the required time, you can not see results quickly in a short time.

is more than three sites Yahoo backlinks own 200-1400 leap from reason, summed up the words can be summarized as: anchor text, links the station, time, keyword anchor text for improved play an important role, I hope you do more of these outside the chain, so that my site has a good ranking, and finally wish you all a pleasant weekend! article click game from the original network www.91danji.com web series, admin5 first! reproduced, please leave a link to the article, thank you.

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