Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Owners should have the necessary knowledge to optimize three

web site promotion knowledge ten million kinds, but the ten million kinds of knowledge are the basis around which began three extension, lack of basic knowledge of these three, then in the late expansion always encounter this problem they can not solve, the consequences increase. So, if you are a new webmaster friends, you should stop and learn about the system's knowledge, whether it is paid to learn Ye Hao, Ye Hao self, in short, to have it make sense to figure out some, master, which also for the future and lay a solid foundation. If you are a veteran, so if you still have not mastered it, should seriously study it again, so that their promotion in the process of optimization problems encountered in such a solution can be found. What is the necessary knowledge? Here I analyze with you, for reference:

first essential knowledge: familiar with HTML code

this is the most basic and very important. If you own even the most basic code to read, when you want to modify a small problem, is not to find someone around to help ah. So I do not know can not be found is not that also go to waste valuable time, so whether you are a novice or a veteran, HTML code, is the most basic basics, no matter what method you use must be made to grasp him, master of the For the purposes of your own is with great benefits. If you program, then when a user complained that to you too cumbersome registration process, upon receipt of such complaints, they would use this knowledge can be modified in order to achieve the most satisfactory state of the user, while user satisfaction , and also to improve the user experience, this is a stone carving of the knowledge of a few, why not learn to master him? even if one day you want to develop a simplified user registration feature will be handy. So, do not say anything, HTML code as a webmaster must master the basics, Without it, in future optimization problems encountered in a simple up and will become cumbersome, if not to develop their own websites, but also to master some of the more commonly used, such as the DIV tag description, URL tag, TABLE tags, these tags most commonly used will at least know how to use it, or else add the ad code to find people, very few people will process your.

second essential knowledge of: data flow analysis

this analysis was to learn, how learning to rely on the usual tired, The station will be filled with people such as traffic statistics tools, these tools we use is to help analyze site traffic, and if you just use this tool to count the number of daily IP and PV, then you simply storm contingent heavenly ah. Statistical tool has so many features, why not look at without the use? Such access sources, the search engine is deliberately source, search keywords and more. These can add your site to better analyze the situation, we should make their good use of them, with their own websites for more effective analysis, the same, so you can improve their analytical skills, tools, after all, is dead, people is alive. If you do not try to look at these functions, you can only wander in the IP and PV daily movements on the site is not necessarily for their own understanding, not to say you built the best understanding of his station, on the contrary, the Only the user to build your station is the most understanding, you just know its function, the user does not understand the site has no use. Therefore, we can more easily through traffic a clear statistical tools users like it or not this station, where more like the station, the user what the word search come through, so that every one of them come to a better analysis of outreach programs.

third essential knowledge: webmaster should know how to accumulate resources

If you want more advanced then the CEO of Advanced, then they would know how to the accumulation of resources used up, whether it is a network of resources, Ye Hao, marketing resources worth mentioning, go through their carefully accumulated, so even if you do individual stations or later, when the time again to be a new station, they will not feel so the difficult and confused. Of course, a network of resources to promote the program Exalted plays an important role. For example, a site you do today, then in the general sense in the new station to go through three months of observation, if it is normal, you have to do a good ranking, then we must insist on more than three months. But if your network of resources is thick enough, then look at this with a friend, that friend also brought about, so save them the time to optimize the promotion is huge, it is possible to achieve a month's time to do half the work of others, which the benefits of a network of resources is, therefore, we must also learn to do the station to make friends, the saying goes, many friends, a good way to go it! know how to promote the accumulation of resources is the webmaster of a new way to promote, do not forget the oh.

three essential knowledge, as the webmaster if this is not to learn and master the three good, then your future will be difficult to optimize the road, good will to improve their patient, the bad, then there may stand directly against their own interest, exit owners circle. So, do not stop the rain worry Miao is the first Buju, do not wait to use and we have to cram, perform much better as less ah! This weight loss drug list by the http://www.jianfeiyaocn.com exclusive experience feeds reproduced, please leave the link, thank you!

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