Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the website owners how to do outside the chain of construction to ensure the

many owners have a lot of external links, but we know that the chain is focusing on the quality rather than quantity, what is called the chain of quality high? what kind of methods we use to do it outside the chain of construction ? Here I have done for so many years of website optimization experience and understanding of talk about how well the site outside the chain of construction.

the first page the link is good and the importance of anchor text, how to determine the relevance of the site? This is a very simple way to see whether the two sites of the same clientele, if you to do the decoration of the site, your site should the site associated with a good fitting correlation may be able to get your own customers, your site is not a lot of computer accessories on and relevance.

second form of the chain must be multi-format, wide range of sources of origin must also, I think, to a building outside the chain to be the best, and will definitely get good results and achievements In fact, mainly on account of seo certainly has some limitations, the chain can not be in the form of very comprehensive. But the better way of building the chain, so that your site as a whole will become more natural and smooth, and for seo terms, do not think your site is optimized results.

third anchor must have a diversity of style, performance of the natural but not long-winded, make keywords distributed throughout the article, this is a complete and complement the article, rather than blunt insertion of the words life and life in the article, with the diversity of cultural and sports anchor, or the performance of their hair in the outer chain. You according to the different needs of different web content, articles different pages with different anchor style, but must be associated with the contents of the article, so the search engines will be more natural for every person found in possession of your site will not be exactly the same, anchor style of course not the same.

the fourth most important point is outside the chain must be stable, not erratic, which is outside the chain of the construction site for the most deadly, be sure to avoid the uneven outer chain, many of the current forum and messages outside the chain of a class, there are many uncertainties, there are some sites refuse outside the chain, there are a number of forums is you put your hair after a day outside the chain of directly delete, there are some words sink paste, search No search engine tools to your situation can be outside the chain so happens, it will be the sudden decrease in the chain, so that search engines will reduce the degree of trust in you, so you have the quality of the outer chain addition to the other, but also to focus the number of the chain must be balanced.

outside the chain of work needs to be a skill to be a gradual increase, there is a related issue, seo's strategy. You want your website long time to get the effect you want, then to a corresponding increase in the chain, then you calculate how many links a day to increase if you add a little of a link, you will Baidu and Google were put in the sandbox, is likely to be k off.

fifth in the quality of the outer chain is difficult to value and it is usually proportional to the difficulty, this is a good explanation, rare, this is a natural law, the construction is done outside the chain the same token, outside the chain of difficult sites, outside the chain of relatively small, the weight of this site is important, what the chain is good, this is changing, and this great search engine relationship, we must build in the outer chain continuous review and revise the same as Baidu or Google engine ranking website.

the construction of the chain is not an overnight thing, hope that we can chain the process of building out to do "all means do a good job outside the chain, insists on being outside the chain." These methods are all my careful summary. Hope you good to learn and self-exploration, and strive to do their excellent website. A5 starting from Hi nest music network, http://www.hilechao.com writing, the author painstakingly reproduced leave a link, Thank you for the support and cooperation of owners.

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