Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talking about how to make Web content also has a page ranking

addition to search engines to bring traffic to give the web site traffic, another way is to bring traffic to fixed users, each new Web site traffic comes from search engines. One search engine traffic in two ways one is to use targeted keywords, and the other is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords can help home page keyword index is not very high to make up words of Web traffic.

it brings the proportion of traffic accounted for the vast majority of the site. A new station to be a long time to get through Baidu's long tail keyword term assessment of traffic, almost three months, can not wait for the owners to shut the site and then re-do another site, do so peter website, for none will succeed. Website after six months will have a target keyword rankings, provided that the search volume keywords. Suppose keyword search volume is not high, the time will be reduced a lot. We have for this long tail keyword ranking approach to talk about.

First: Do not change website, start a new station there are many owners the wrong words, in the process and changed many times, if you change too often search engine will be very identity, once I have a website on a whim a few times, to three months after a long-tail traffic, which accounted for as much as all the traffic Jiucheng target keywords is six months after the flow of things .

second: well within the chain of construction, and construction of the chain. The first thing you do is put the contents of pages long tail long tail records are recorded in a single inside, so when you encounter this issue the article can do his words anchor text, to vote for the other side of the page, so that the formation of a network, the site can be driven up. Outside the chain can not just have quality not quantity, so as not to have much effect.

to choose the right place to go where hair will not be removed outside the chain. Is best to use soft, its effect is best, assuming you do not write, then you can learn more than others can find other people write. Forum signatures with good results, this depends mainly on the number of.

third: how to choose the title, the title it is important, ranking well naturally there will be no traffic, the reason is that the title did not take words Therefore, it is best to choose the tail index of 100 keywords, explain here, the title could write long tail with a space to write with your own title, of course, your page must have content and be association, to prevent to do useful work.

Fourth: The content of the original high-quality pseudo-Not everyone can write, how to find long tail keywords? It's the main keywords for your website, then use these long tail keywords to find the article. Change the title of the article used to head and tail, with the middle of some changes in their own words. This article considered a pseudo-original quality. I believe we will do a long time very good.

fact that so much content you can get bad very quickly, there are enough half an hour a day to spend a few hours, half an hour to write two articles a similar time, and then a hours to do the chain, almost two hours long, long time will see the results persist. A5 paper first, written by the diet pills owners, reproduced reserved site http://www.jxxsjled.cn/, thank you.

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