Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seo's know ourselves before being victorious

many Web sites as well as site optimization by optimizing people who always think outside of the site optimization is a manual labor, send outside the chain, Gaga, and then there will be a ranking, the spread of such rumors have created a large number of outsider into the site optimization of the industry, came to know the content is not so good writing, the chain is not so good hair, ranking is not so good to do, even if the rankings do come up at any time may be because the search engine algorithm changes fall, even though the search engine did not change, because other optimization will be harder than those leaving optimize their site's ranking has dropped, so, in this harsh environment, optimize the site to grasp the macro- is particularly important.

who orders a lot of website optimization with blindness, what kind of dare pick list, results are often unsatisfactory, not do not get, is made up of being punished, in which case, often a waste of their time, they lost the trust of customers, optimize themselves for the future laid on the road paved the way for the tragedy. Therefore, in order to website optimization by long-term foothold in the industry, selective optimization of a site who orders the most sensible choice.

one, pornography, gambling, drugs, fraudulent, and the gray list of the industry will not receive

even made this list, and his reputation in the industry will not be good This list probably is not the integrity of the customers who may not be able to make the money, and as their optimization case, I believe that this case is Nabuchushou's.

Second, the abilities of the list will not receive

site optimization, should be sufficient for their ability to understand, to know what kind of words they can make up, what kind of words themselves do not get, just finished school or have just finished a website optimization optimization of the list, they are the same state of mind, most of them feel omnipotent in the optimization industry, in theory, indeed all of the keywords are optimized similar, but, in the optimization process, you can have influence because of changes in search engine ranking solutions; you have suddenly cropped up a lot of the same type of website optimization countermeasures; you have words left foot right foot is not repeated to a particular page before wandering workaround ... ... all of this, a website optimization is expected to advance should.

three highly competitive keywords will not receive

Baidu Index for more than 10,000 words; Baidu search 100 million pages of key words; Baidu home page and more government, portals, forums like the words, this list, website optimization is a good person or not take the simple reason that, if the individual orders, competitive keyword term must be a lot of website optimization to compete words, the individual's abilities and energy and financial resources are limited, and large companies can not match, therefore, first of all, you will lose to the starting point, even if the chance to do up, and post-maintenance effort will be great, you may list and for a lost more of the list, this should not be worth the practice site who are willing to accept optimization.

I suddenly feel that the title of this article should be written in Seo's website optimizer selectivity orders, but thought over and over again, I still did not change the title, selectivity orders can not articulate I want significance of the performance of the article, if you are robin, I think this article is only a suggestion for you, and we all know, robin over a month to do the key words within a page seo. This concert party hosted by the advertising production http://www.cyhong.com.cn owners _ the original film, A5 first, please indicate the source.

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