Tuesday, November 15, 2011

By Google +1 really can improve your ad quality?

this week, I listened to some of the keyword advertising on Google's product-Google +1 some of the exciting presentations and conversations. The prospects for social integration and SEO and paid search advertising inventory is very attractive, and search marketers, is a huge potential.

+ 1 button is early this year by Google's search results page by clicking on the paid advertising returns a list of organizations and the spread of development. Since then, these problems did not stop. The main problem is most concerned about how the impact of +1 is the quality of keyword advertising.

+ 1: Quality Score factors?

tinfoil-hat theory that Google is quietly included in the Quality Score formula for the number of +1' s . In other words, if a site or a web page to get more votes from +1, then the quality score will give greater weight.

it is absolutely impossible for the present situation.

a keyword in the ad yesterday and talk after consultant, which may also not be a blueprint for the future perhaps, but for now, the +1 is not a factor affecting the quality score. .

impact if it is not a factor that is now why I write this? Affect the main reason for the mass fraction of what is it? Click-through rate (CTR).

advertising extensions and other Google products attached to the advertising space will directly affect your click-through rate and thus directly affect your quality score. I do think that makes sense?

when a site visitor on your site (or search results returned page) Click the + button 1, then their friends will see them + 1 a your site. That they have to vote for your site and this will entice their friends will come to your site. This social interaction can increase your ad's click-through rate.

to add your site + 1 button

how to make your visitors to vote for your product or service +1 it? To your Web site by adding +1 button!

to your site on every page add +1 buttons - including your PPC landing pages. +1 System now for several errors, some people think that + 1 is the button to vote a particular page.

PPC advertisers often extensive use of landing pages - so this means that the accumulation of +1 is a challenge. The good news is that Google is trying to make a total of 1 + effect, which will alleviate this problem.


+ 1 and return to Google paid search results page, and the combination of the organization does not directly impact Quality Score. But maybe one day in the future will have an impact. + 1 now only affect your quality score of the non-direct factor, then take advantage of this chance. Add to your site a + 1 button, and enjoy, to bring your click-through rate increase.

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