Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Share the good long tail keywords three techniques

Hello, everyone, I was plump net mall editing, as it is now involved in the Internet are numerous owners, which also contains the novice with the veteran, for the newly established web sites, without requiring excessive beautiful site, a reasonable position Keyword is the first step in site selection, build a website many people do not discuss with the old in with no traffic ranking is not the case, if successful, precise optimization of several long tail keywords, then you are no longer traffic to worry about with rank because the authority of the certification, 80% of the sites is accurate keyword traffic from search engines, and keywords long tail keywords is an extension of the core objectives, usually by combining simple sentences to show common, often 2-3 one-word, even the phrase, exists in the content page, in addition to the content page's title, but also in content. Since the core objective of keyword optimization is far greater than the difficulty of long-tail optimization efforts, why not increase the long-tail keywords to optimize it? Following small share how to choose a few long tail keywords skills.

one: rational use of Baidu

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