Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instruments: Talking about how to optimize the station

SEO has developed rapidly, because of its cost-effective, long-term development of the corporate Web site to help more and more enterprises began to be recognized. So many companies on the site optimization business is more and more attention, then how better to do business site to optimize it? Maybe everyone's point of view is different, then I say under my own views.

first step, choose a good website template.

business station because of its relatively small size of site, but the contents of the products covered in the establishment of the station so more time to choose a good website template, seo optimization can reduce your template in the optimization process some problems. Some Internet companies are still used for the convenience of a few years ago Jianzhan station system to a station, it is very clear on the search engine has been OUT.

second step, a good choice of space

small business site contents of the article, but the product and many more products are displayed with pictures, more impact speed so be sure to open the website Choose a good space, because space is good or bad a great impact on the site, there are countless people before verified.

third step, selecting web site keywords

Jianzhan these are some of the preparation before, the site built a lot of people like the title, keywords, descriptions are written , are piling up a large number of keywords used, this site is no good. There will be cheating the search engine suspects which led to the punishment. Good words for the selected station can quickly optimize enterprise has a lot to go, too popular up of little value to optimize the word, the word competition is too hot to spend a lot of time and effort the General Assembly. General words to write the main words on it, about 3 to 5, and other products to achieve long-tail keywords can be used.

fourth step, station optimization and website article updates

to optimize a lot of people on site have said, the reasonable control of site structure, the use of breadcrumbs. This is for users and search engines are very friendly. Also be sure to use alt tags to images described in the Baidu website mentioned in the diagnosis of the picture too much if the site can put all the pictures together, thus reducing the number of pages submitted to improve Web site open speed.

reasonable use of nofollow tag, Baidu seems on the nofollow tag is not very cold. We put on my site above all unnecessary links with the nofollow tag, such as Contact Us, About Us, website comments, and the website useless words are added nofollow, this concentration of weight on the website home page still have a role.

site content updates, as companies stop their weight is not high so the content of the article is relatively high, it must be original, high-quality soft paper. Reasonable to add the contents of the article on anchor text, interspersed with the long tail keywords and reasonable to the article. The best term to reflect the four articles that appeared in the article title keywords, keywords appear in the key words described in the article and more appeared the words first appeared in bold, and one in the other page to appear in the keyword anchor text. The results were better for long tail keywords.

fifth step, outside the chain of construction.

business or because of restrictions on the size of its Web site, even if you do the re-optimization within the site is not a perfect chain of strong external support also do not work. We do care about is outside the chain outside the main chain of the natural, dispersion, diversity. I stand to optimize the time to do business mainly in the categories of information, forums, blog, B2B website development outside the chain, of which the most obvious effect of B2B websites. Of course, Link is also very important, but when the Friends of strand exchange to pay attention to the other side has set the Friends of the chain trap. Ranking your site contains words such as good when you can submit your site directory. Soft paper is a good way to do outside the chain.

These are just a stand I do to optimize the enterprise's personal views, we will approach the key is to look at how to do it. This article comes from: http://www.ahjiekuan.com reproduced leave link thank you!

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