Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why not be included in your website really understand the reasons

for today's Internet, the search engine is the hundreds of thousands, however, can be said to be thriving in which the occupation of the Baidu search engine industry leading position, in general we do traffic also depends on the site were the key words in Baidu rankings, so we are often the center of the SEO optimized for top on Baidu, but there are some many owners, when submitting a new station was long the case will not be included, then the face of this, how do we solve it? Today I will share with you the experience to look at, we want to help novice webmaster.

(A) site in Baidu study period.

Baidu for each new station is to have a study period, and this point I am sure you are not familiar with owners, because this is go through each site one time, so During this period, webmasters do not be too anxious, worried. But we are very necessary during the observation period the site is a normal good condition, well before the site development plan and key words after the title and a series of preliminary work, we even need to work hard from the inside, such as article, the perspective of the user experience for Web site a series of related operations, the only way we can better and faster through the Baidu study period, study period of time usually ranging from half to a month or so.

(b) of the site content is not enough quality.

With more and more user-friendly search engine management, quality of content is no doubt included in the search engines and ranking among all play a crucial role, so we want to do station when the beginning of the content should do, doing good, as well to attract spiders, search engines will naturally contains. Another point we should remember, especially the new station must not use the collection procedure, or a permanent site is likely not to be included, the author of a new station before all this, so I do not want you to go the author's failure owners Road.

(c) contains only Baidu Home.

this case I believe that many owners have experienced, in fact, the author is the same, in that time is indeed very troubling, because looking at home and have a collection of content pages does consistent, in this case, the author carried out a series of reasons not included in analysis, after research found a few days, I was content in each one of the following contents are described using the same case, and a large number of to connect the use of anchor text, so that Baidu is likely to repeat that content, plus a lot of anchor text over optimization result, thus resulting in a content page is not included, then I hastened to correct this problem, on cue, two days later, Baidu began contents included, so the webmaster when you have encountered this situation, we must properly analyze the contents of your site where inadequate, and then be corrected.

(d) why the site contains less?

content quality can also have included, but it contains very little space, I believe that many people encounter been to, I is the same, then what is the solution? In our spare time working inside, they should start focusing on external optimization, usually outside the chain, some sites with multiple links to content related to effectively attract spiders to crawl your site, you can also do some amount of quality of the Friends of the chain to carry the weight of the two sites share the work. Especially for the new station, spiders Rd can enter, and this time we should send as much as possible outside the chain, such as forums, blog, a number of related soft paper outside the chain, it is best to anchor text, if the money Some owners do not buy anti-portal links are also very improved weight. This will also include a number of multiple rising.

summary, the general site is not included in these types of situations, there is the website html code is not conducive to spider, but they rarely appear, so I will not here any more. Another key is to do quality work and the content of external links on it, you want In this part of the confusion among the owners help clams. Well here today to share with you, see you next time! This article from the original owners www.qqyjx.com mood Xuan, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and respect the original! Thank you!

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