Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SEO Optimization No wonder, then details of work done to force the search engine

both for life, or do stand, I believe there is a word we are all very familiar, that is, "details the success." And truly understand the SEO optimization of webmasters all know, SEO is a sewing, is not it great that we can achieve overnight success. For example, every day we need to update and maintain Web site, to adhere to good content, so a series of work outside the chain, but after a long development, many owners are from the beginning to now ignore the lazy most of the foundation, but which plays a vital SEO optimization and then the "small details", so I kind of problem for today talk about with you the owners details are easily forgotten.

(a) the details of the website chain optimization problem.

web site content which plays throughout the balance of the weight station and an important factor in guiding the spider, which is undoubtedly so in the SEO optimization is a very important element of the station but I was doing so many years, the found that many owners are ignoring the importance of the content, then I would address the issue within the chain to share with you a few points.

1, every single page within the site must have a link to the home page.

2, effectively control the number of links before the page, and density, so as to avoid accumulation down the right.

3, keyword links must point to relevant pages, not "trickery."

4, anchor text links to related content and release, do not deliberately increased, the natural emergence of the best.

5, add the site map, so users can easily visit the web with spider better.

6, internal Web site to check regularly, do not appear the case of dead links.

(b) details of site image optimization.

picture content for the site, no doubt, added to the contents of many colors, you can better show the status of the product, do a better user experience, however, the optimal site for pictures, Many owners do not know, do not know how to optimize, following the author to share with you a few key details.

1, its content, we must remember to avoid using important content to display pictures, important text description to make reasonable arrangements to better show the location of the relevant picture, there is Navigation of our site with a picture in the text do not show the way, in short, is more crucial for the normal text the best form of showing the html code.

2, the ALT attribute can not be ignored, we all know that spiders can not recognize the picture, only through the ALT attribute to identify which key words to pictures you want to express what words are. So we update the image content, the time must be increased ALT key words for the picture, there is the name of the best pictures and Keywords.

3, and reasonable to carry around with text picture, not size-fits-all picture, so not good for SEO, there must be reasonable to layout text and images, so as to better to show, on the user experience is a very big help.

(c) the daily analysis of site data and statistics

I believe that many owners with the same tools used every day to observe their own websites for analysis, in order to identify inadequacy of optimization, so that when our website is down right when you can find better and more efficient root to be resolved effectively achieve the sound development of the site, and this is also very beneficial to optimize the site to enhance our own A standard, good pull wordy, and the following brief points with you.

1, daily site statistics need to do some long tail keywords, and the number of updates, so deliberately make better long-tail keywords to optimize.

2, observing and analyzing the site every day to include the case, what type of format, content Baidu is more popular, thus relatively not too friendly format later be corrected.

3, observe the daily published outside the chain of collection, and hence integration, which platform do better outside the chain, then give yourself a Web site outside the chain network.

4, use Webmaster Tools to see links, so as not to be implicated for no reason.

5, through third-party tools to view the key words the heat and traffic sources, in order to better integration of website keywords.

6, by the background data, view the status of spider and laws, so deliberately publish content better grasp of time and law.

Summary: In fact, more than just a few details, optimize the way the different sites are different, so I will only summarize the more common of the three above, more details, or according to their own to analyze the site to better development, if not understand, or can not find their missing details, we can refer to similar relatively good comparison site to find enough to make up, so that over time your website ranking some will be good. Well. Today to share with you here, see you next time. This article from the original owners www.qqyjx.com mood Xuan, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and respect the original! Thank you!


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