Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The recovery site is K distance: the most important state of mind

well with several stations, all were found overnight, K out, one is not left, almost all such cases the owners are at a loss when it unwise. Among the mood suddenly dropped like. Perhaps there are still some owners think that if we continue, the site will certainly recover, but they knew that, to restore a site to be easier said than done out of K ah. Even some owners insist on ten days, but ten days later found in this site or not signs of recovery, then the mood will become impetuous up. The author of several standing experience in June, when a major earthquake, overnight, were K out, to September, when only just recovered included, but the snapshot still in early September, after being out of K , the author's mood received by the state turned to adhere to the impetuous, can not maintain a calm attitude towards the scene after being K, there have been several times to give out. Perhaps it is because a friend of a conversation, so I stuck with it, eventually ushered in the spring, the site contains not only recovered, but went straight to the page ranking. In this regard, the author summarizes the sentence: do stand perseverance, especially after being out of K need perseverance! I walk through the recovery, summed up a few make their own way:

First, the most important state of mind, can see the spring depends on it!

station mentality is to do one of the most important factor is determined by the critical success factors. Flippancy not solve the problem and just can not solve the problem of mentality, especially site is K out, the more the influence of mind reflected. Stations are doing to fight the patient, if one thing, cook ten times a day, 100 days insist on continuing to do, do not break, then this will also enhance the peace of your mind. Do not underestimate the 100 days to do the same thing, everyone knows that doing the same thing every day, even if people are agitated patient, so if you can stick with it, then your patience will be raised to another level, when the site is K out before will not be distraught, in the recovery of the journey in order to better analyze the problem of the place to find the antidote to save. I go through this experience deep understanding of K points to the importance of attitude!

Second, we must insist that tomorrow is a good day!

insist! Insist! Whether you What types of stations by the insistence win, who can have the last laugh who is the biggest winner! so called owners know there is a saying: do stand Insist! K out, especially after the site is, adhere to the normal optimization method is even more valuable display means is not the same thing as the site is K, K and the site is not to worry, can not be K and the site did not like, still doing the normal things usually do, how do you usually how to do, then this is the case makes your site that he did not cheat in the case, more easily restore the site, because when you are not to site is K out and anxious, this change that to change, resulting in the search engine is deliberately more hate this station, then When the search engine is deliberately find your site after being K out, or still doing original work, it may feel unfair to you, so, soon you might get put out of the station Oh, because of the more intelligent search engine is deliberately, and not to only as a program, should be viewed as a friend search engine is deliberately!

Third, the recovery journey, the use of the experience of others!

have the right people have the experience of inappropriate, and that this they have to give serious thought to themselves, their site is K, for the reasons, look for seniors to share some of the similar approach, by contrast method, summed up this kinds of experience they fit your site, use on your site will not be as such. Not a method that used on the site immediately, we all know, when a site is K out, the first should think that this site may contact the search engine is deliberately Fan root of a bottom line, will cause it to be K out, K out if you are after, they changed the site random change that this chaos, the search engine is deliberately to see that, your site is obviously guilty conscience, and in exchange for the restoration of a more distant journey. So, is K out, do not be too anxious to find the experience of others, should be calm and peaceful state of mind to analyze, this method used on the site in their own pros and cons, their site appears to be K, with this experience is not on issues like that, one by one analysis in order to better find the most deadly of the problem, you can even find a cure medicine.

for the site is K, is indeed a lot of trouble to restore them, but if we want to restore when he should not bother, K out of the website is mostly not that two or three months to restore signs, of course, if more than three months have not been restored, then it should let go, so where happy when another search engine is deliberately included, and only spend the effort to re-optimize it. The author is also someone who, today, writing this article is to tell the website is still parked in the K state is the webmaster, do not despair, insist that it is the best antidote. This shared network exclusive by the http://www.anystandards.com/standard feed, reproduced, please leave the link, thank you!

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