Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the pretext of how to optimize the strength of the opponent's website

in tai chi, the emphasis on leveraging the power of the so-called "skillfully deflected the question," "weak wins strong." If you use this truth to the SEO optimization, will also receive unexpected results. Here are just a few "shadow boxing" the theory of optimization in the application on the site, hope to guide you to "borrow" to optimize the site experience:

First, take advantage of competitor's page layout to improve upgrade themselves.

page layouts, like the person's face, pretty face, natural attractions, but also like martial arts, are a solid foundation from the first, and then slowly excel master, so the layout of the site is also very important, if the site's page layout is not ideal, then the search engine on your site of interest will be reduced, not to mention the site's ranking will come up naturally, without the top edge, it Without the ability to exchange blows with others and the right, so, to analyze the opponent's heart good site layout, absorb and utilize the strengths and advantages, shortcomings and lessons learned them well, and then optimize your site will enhance insufficient analysis, Yang superior bad discard, so it will gradually enhance the site's traffic.

two, described by the competitor's keywords to improve the upgrade themselves.

words about the site distribution and description of the problem, may be confused, can not find the break even point, then, this time, we can consider the competition opponent's words, into the analysis and comparison to see how the competition is the key word to describe and distribution, and then choose their own web pages with the keywords, refer to the practice of competitors, integration into the words, and then make a better description, to improve and upgrade their words, so that it will for the future development lay a solid foundation.

Third, by the opponents of the internal links to improve the upgrade themselves.

site layout very good, but words are very reasonable, so why not go up top that? Well, the reason may be there, including chain optimization. At this time, we must analyze competitors, including chain-of-merit, and thus enhance the site's internal links to improve their distribution, so as to enhance website visibility and friendliness.

four opponents by an external link to the complete upgrade themselves.

As a Webmaster, you know, if the site outside the chain of construction done, the impact on the rankings is great. At this time, to analyze the opponent's strengths and weaknesses of external links, such as query tools can be borrowed from the chain outside the chain of the opponent's check out the number, then, to find resources, find a suitable partner, so that the outer chain will be targeted.

five, to borrow the opponent's optimal way to improve the upgrade themselves.

fact, the volatility of the search is a very normal thing, the site's ranking if there is volatility in the care of their, it must also be more concerned about a competitor's site to focus on analysis of its strategies and ways to improve their response and thus improve, find their own site, what are inadequate, so in order to better enhance the strength of their own websites, more than competitors.

Today, SEO, the competition is very intense, reaching a fevered pitch, every webmaster and hope that their site's ranking will be better. If SEO is a symposium, then, the search engine is the judge of the General Assembly, and our website is like the head of the martial art, during the race, people have resorted to every head of their special skill, there is trick also Sunzhao, results of the competition is not necessarily the most fair, but the game is also a process learning process to the opponents, the only way to continuously upgrade their level and skill. A5 paper first, reproduced, please keep the author links the legendary station accelerator, Thank you for webmaster support and cooperation.

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