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Owners of the grass-roots appeal: Let us deal with the right seo

2010 March, I came into contact with, knowledge and understanding of seo. Seo as a rookie, was not supposed to trespass, disgrace. However, this time with the company of seo, and he is personally feel that some things have never realized before. Also remember the original concept of reciting the seo: search engine optimization, search engine optimization, referred to seo. It is to follow the principles of search engine, the site structure, web sites written language and the interaction between rational planning and other diplomatic strategy deployed to improve the website performance in search engines, thus increasing the customer the possibility to discover and visit the such a process.

seo industry is very low barriers to entry, many seo theoretical knowledge may already overripe in the chest. But in fact, few people were able to ease the use of seo techniques. We often seoer claim, we used consistent with the individual owners for their own name, and dreams of one day becoming a real website ceo. But in this game of cat and mouse, who is the cat, who is the rat, who mind is clear. If we just to seo and seo, then we will always exhausted, always vulnerable to attack.

Therefore, we need to properly deal with seo, rational use of seo. Our aim is to enhance the site's traffic, but does not mean do anything. I see our large numbers seo is impetuous, and often see some webmaster forum where the replies, people feel awkward. Replies are not related with the theme of many, many Replies are "Thank you to share", "learning" and so on, are we really thank you to share and learn in it? Of course I not criticize our seo, I'm just this way to reflect on their own!

the saying goes, people's eyes are sharp, the site visitors are god. But how true retain visitors, is the site long-term survival. If we put forward a site, did not improve the contents of the first seo, even if there is access to, you can retain it? We see that many people engage in a spate of special waste site keyword deceive point traffic. In fact, I have been engaged in before, but after really been engaged in consciousness, traffic is not the yuan, it was just a moment to meet our vanity traffic, and nothing more!

Ma saw last night on the net Chamber of Commerce lecture video, very deep feelings. We seoer been followed Baidu turn, but turn now seoer are more confused. Always hear the voice of one after another: a collection of down, the chain less, ranking lost, the algorithm has changed ... ... To this end, we stood habitually abuse, hate and complain about Baidu. Ma said it is difficult to change the world, we can only change yourself. I said, Baidu is difficult to change, we can only change yourself.

let us sort out, the idea has long been doing seo. Give yourself a position to give their site a position. Site value of existence is to provide value. The face of our website user base, how do we provide good service, to improve the readability of web content and make the real character of their own? This is our seoer should always need to consider. We think the end result should not only landed in the rankings, ranking is that we should go to be considered, but not the priority. We do seo will sell themselves to make sense of the Internet this three-dimensional ball market, as long as the services we provide is intimate, like us, is the center of the sphere, any user to reach the closest distance is of.

Let us abandon the quick success, ranking as the king's mind, be treated in a proper sense of balance seo, survival and development of the site fueling. Our network marketing seo only a means, we just use this tool for marketing. If we take a good, helps a lot; passed, on the opposite, to no avail. Before, a lot of sites after the tragic scene by K, is not confirmed it has been very good?

together calmly think about, and today we seoer go do something about it? Perfect perfect site for further improvement services, to improve the quality of content increased further increase! optimization from the old thinking was to get out of concern for users, user-centric, for customer service! This is seoer make your site stand in numerous sites in the wise!

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Do not attend to the new station: focus on the construction of the chain rather

we usually do when the station will focus on the construction of the external links, external links, after all, can increase the weight of the site. But for the new station is that this is not a wise choice, after all, the main task of the new station is not included with the ranking, but the content and building its own tail, because the increase in weight as the site, only a lot of content and the right long tail keywords can bring traffic, if only to do outside the chain and focus on the core word, then the site would lead to the development of a bottleneck. Below we analyze two aspects, and under his own ideas.

do recognize the ultimate goal of the chain

the ultimate goal of doing external links is to increase the weight of websites to get more traffic, but the content and flow of the carrier is the long tail . For new sites, expansion of pre-core is a lot of long tail content and mining. May at first site you will find very low weight, you want to have a good collection and the need to improve website rankings then the weight, so it must increase the number of external links. So began a large number of, professional development outside the chain, and in the process of building the chain, due to limited resources and technology, do external links are low quality, so not much help on the site , but also spent a lot of time, the other, to spend so much time remains the ultimate goal is to get more traffic, thus, a better approach is to not spend too much time to do outside the chain, but rather to focus energy release In the words of the selection, especially long-tail words in the selection. Below will tell you focus on the significance of doing so.

the importance of the early accumulation of words

less to do outside the pre-site chain, accumulating words (including long-tail words) is very important, is the site developed to a certain time to add the absolute . Why is not the focus of the new station building but outside the chain to do Keyword (especially long-tail) it? We are here to summarize the three most important reason, I hope to be inspired after reading:

First, keywords are digging a lot of work, it must be assigned to enough time to complete. We can imagine, any industry, any subdivision of the area, if you go to dig keywords, then we can tap into a lot of words. After all users to search arbitrary large, the number of users itself is massive. Thus, this work is very large, it is a meaningful, and challenging work.

second, long tail keywords can bring targeted traffic to the site, which is our goal. Website or to traffic in the final analysis, outside the chain is made for this purpose, there is no other traffic on the question. The long tail keywords is a bridge, a bridge link to the user and the website. Sometimes the core words is a relatively popular, but not necessarily form a guide. Many large web traffic statistics can be seen, there are more than 60% or more of the traffic from long tail terms, so the job becomes more important.

Third, a larger space to be tapped, is a steady stream of resources for long-term development sites, sustainability and strong. Web site development needs continuous flow, and if the focus on external links and the core of the word, then even with a good ranking, then to the flow is very limited, the site encountered a bottleneck. But the long tail different, it can tap a larger space, more sustainable long.

phase will see where we all understand, for many owners, do not worry if the new station outside the chain, it means you do not know of the long tail traffic thorough the core keywords are too rely on. In fact, the long tail is the site of the king, as the site develops, more and more users to know the site exists, then our own website will become a brand, that time, the core word and do it all the more external links of its capability, in terms of resources or contacts on. Feed: L-carnitine helpful http://www.leftcarnitine.com, reproduced, please retain the copyright, thank you!

Website Snapshot correction of common causes and solutions analysis

we all know, the site is a snapshot of the way to determine the weight of one web site, Baidu is the analysis of our website is a key factor in the degree of attention one, but I found many friends, including the author's Web site often occur snapshot correction of the problem , a snapshot shows the correction to those issues? we should improve those aspects of the weight to ensure that our web site updated daily snapshot? Here the writer's own Web site operators to optimize the process of correction on a snapshot of a few causes and solutions methods and techniques to share with everyone. Well, we continued into today's gossip short subject. I will be a snapshot summary of reasons why correction the following points, then 11 for analysis.

First, the server element. This is a snapshot of correction of a non-technical factors, but for a snapshot of the impact site is very critical factor, because the server will be a direct result of factors that cause failure of our site visits, thus affecting the user experience, greatly increasing the website bounce rate, if the spider at this time will no doubt come to our website directly on our website's performance on search engines play a very significant negative effect. Therefore, I propose a snapshot of the site when the correction occurs, we first have to observe the Web site logs, view logs to see if the return code 404, and so the relevant code, if the error code, certainly one that we website time there have been unable to access the situation, we do not have to worry for the situation to ensure that the site visit the first normal, then continue to do our thing, waiting for Baidu, and Baidu spider visit again the next update you can pull off the problem.

Second, the site content quality. The quality of site content not only affect the weight of our website and search engines on the performance, but also a snapshot of the factors affecting one of our web site, quality of content for the site under the site will be included on the Baidu first performance of the abnormal Obviously, the specific amount of delay is included or not included increased significantly diminished, performance is the site further down the right, a snapshot of a snapshot does not update and correction, and so a series of questions followed. Encountered such a situation was first attitude and adjust the quality of your site's articles can be appropriate to reduce the number of updates, but the contents of the article should never be shoddy, as far as high-quality original content site updates. Gradually with fresh quality content to attract spiders, and gradually improve our website in Baidu weight, insist on doing repeat, a snapshot of our website and will slowly raise the weight up.

Third, the site links to external influence. First of all, including low-quality sites external links, such as a large number of forum signature, blog comments etc. These low-quality outreach to a certain extent, when it will greatly reduce the search engines on the weight, the most direct impact is the site down right away and keyword ranking, a snapshot of the back is naturally self-evident and, secondly, website Link to the snapshot of the impact is not to be underestimated, and the longest is the Link to see the site was down the right or by Baidu K out, or cause access conditions, which are affecting our website snapshot back the reason why. When your website suddenly appeared one day snapshot of correction, we carefully check the Web site Links to see whether they are due Links implicated. And then reflect on the quality of outreach under the recent circumstances, those platforms are doing their own outreach, and recently have done a lot of low-quality connections, and so on. If these adverse actions, please remove as soon as possible, remove those who are open down the right by K, friendship connections and so on.

Fourth, the site title changes. Web site title is the most important place, most likely caused by the search engine down the right place, where I remind everyone on the site and building as much as possible not to change after the website title, modify the title of the most direct impact is the site disappearing site was ranked down the right, ranging from a snapshot of correction and lead to a site within a period of time would delay his snapshot of how the operation is not updated. So I remind a lot of novice friends, when in the establishment of the station will consider this carefully in order to avoid this problem because the snapshot site correction or even down the right, such a result is no one wants to see, is very worth the candle.

In summary, I will own a snapshot of the website optimization process correction of the common causes and solutions and we share a little detail, I hope, serve. Well, today I will share with you to the side, seo seo more practical communication strategies Welcome to QQ group: 54641201 discussion, this article from the original first internal network security http://www.xki.com.cn Admin5 welcome reproduced, Please keep the website source, thank you.

FAQ: Why did not the original article ranked?

accessed from the blog last night

origin statistics see someone searches for "Why did not the original article ranking" The phrase into the blog in the past, so he wrote this article did, to his friend or to Some novice friend to answer this question.

first parenthetic digression: Baidu last night had a small update, do not know why suddenly jump to a blog snapshot Sept. 9, prior to all snapshots every day or every other day, do not know time snapshot of how correction, no reason to find out.

Well, that is entered. Is "Why did not the original article ranking" mean? Have this new question, it is estimated to have some knowledge of SEO, but more one-sided. May often have heard, the site in order to improve the ranking must be a lot of originality, a lot outside the chain of getting better, so, on the misconception that a lot of original articles in order to have rankings. In fact, we are talking about the website to do more original articles, is a full stop in terms of the search engines really like the original content, the standard is the so-called original content of your site almost in the entire search engine can not find or non-existent. We advocate more original contents of the article this is in fact a time course of accumulation, is the site weight accumulation. Simply put, is the weight of the site has not been given a higher search engine, so your article is original even if it is difficult to get good rankings. If you say that your website has Jianzhan six months or a year or even longer, the article mostly original, then this time the weight of your website should be said that relatively high, as long as the article may have made a good ranking . Because you already have the weight of the entire station, the whole station has also been ranked.

another question, if you are more serious homogenization of the title, may not rank well. For example: a lot of SEO people to write positive articles about SEO on the lot, as you write an article entitled "What is anchor text, anchor text of the role", the title belongs to the homogenization of serious, weight is not in the case of higher than others, as your article is also ranked in the very rearward position, and even can not find. So, to all the owners here a little reminder: the naming title of the article is a skill, how to write a unique title is worth considering.

"original article is not ranked" Another factor is the layout of the article writing skills or keywords such as: the article content to remain closely associated with the title, consistency, not wrong of . Another issue is the article keyword density, density must be reasonable and not too thin, nor too much piling up, so to speak, wrote the day before yesterday, "haunted gas station," the article, obviously, "gas station haunted & rdquo ; is the main key words of this article, I looked around, about 1000 word article, words appeared 14 times, 14 times that in writing this article I try a lot of time into the layout, complete with daily writing experience, which does not consider the position in which the word inserted, the phenomenon is absolutely no keyword stuffing, do not believe you can read.

OK, the above description and examples, Qingdao SEO simply summed up as, there is no reason why the original article ranked site as a whole is simply the weight is not high, the article keyword density is not enough, the article title and article content relevant not result, of course, and then elaborate on the factors, there are many small, but these factors is dominant. Shared by the http://www.lady126.com original article, please indicate the source of the author, thank you.

SEO data analysis using the three stages of the project results driven SEO

the basis of successful SEO is one of the project can use the data to control the results. I like the data analysis process is divided into three main stages:

1. Results report

2. Opportunity analysis

3. Priority

This article will elaborate on these three stages, which data is that we should consider? our behavior is what will influence the outcome of?

first stage: results of the report

report on the outcome of the goal is twofold.

seo identification of key performance indicators is mapped to the target. The most basic activities will receive annual interest, brand and non brand traffic is long tail exact match to bring the traffic flow and determined. In addition, the usual practice is to traffic and conversion rates and revenue combined. This will show you a good SEO performance.

if possible, quickly found in the rankings and traffic of the major errors and to take prompt and effective measures. Of course, if these changes are caused by the search engine algorithm changes or competitive reasons for the increase caused by, you should immediately limit its impact on the results. But usually these changes are due to site changes (in many cases, these changes are unintentional). Reporting on results like these reports to monitor the monitor the same.

Phase II: Opportunity Analysis

in an SEO project, we should make full use of data to identify the players head out to those in the optimization process of the potential opportunities. There are seven major categories of opportunity is our most commonly found:

1, the identification of new keywords

new keywords have the ability to bring significant revenue

new long-tail keywords pointing to the current target keyword

2, a key consideration page

which keywords/pages in the top 20 but not in the first three

and brand-related keyword search ranking is not the first 3

3, online opportunity

meta-data page/content does not optimize the target keyword

previous page optimization need to re-processing

duplicate content, page titles and meta data

need to add some additional content to the site

4 , internal links

existing links, anchor text keywords more

potential changes in the global navigation

5, the station range of opportunities ( technical problems)

return code is 404 pages link issues to be considered

cancel 302 redirect

6, performance

high Bounce Rate

geolocation performance

click on the most efficient path

7, external links opportunities

new potential Contact

better link utilization and integration of existing relationships

of course, not all of the above, but these are the most common.

third stage: Priority

in any SEO campaign, there are many things to do, no doubt the time and resources available is not enough. One of the biggest challenges is to those who are most likely the best return on investment optimization points to upgrade their priority. In order to achieve a reasonable priority, we can in turn consider the following factors:

based search for potential additional traffic opportunities

current conversion rate, the potential opportunities

the time required to obtain opportunities

opportunity to achieve practical

As we found in the second paragraph, divided by the standard model to get a chance, you The third stage will be able to make better decisions. If you can we forecast in the third paragraph of the four factors do better, you will be more successful SEO campaign.

article source position for the http://www.leadseo.cn/seogongsi/Haili gull, website optimization experts, reproduced, please keep the source! Greatly appreciated!

Baidu to do to promote the appropriate use of the experience


we all know the weight of their products is very high, many people use Baidu products are mostly concentrated in Baidu, Wikipedia, library, etc., but there is a good platform to try, is Baidu experience. Baidu good experience to do the appropriate use of promotion, there may be a new harvest.

Jiang Min took the following vote of a prior experience to a simple analysis of it, in June, his own blog post & ldquo ; novice blog prone to some of the defects "in Baidu experience submission, it has passed the examination and has been preserved.

released so far this experience has been viewed 151 times, the number is very small, but surely the title search related to only some novice bloggers, users can be read by the target accuracy is very high. Baidu experience in submission of the most important benefit is that you can leave honest outside the chain, optimize and target users of the site is very beneficial to the introduction of this product in the Baidu is very rare.

then, submission to what Baidu should pay attention to the details of the experience it? simple analysis:

1, the title selection, a good title can make more key words point to the article, so the title of the long tail keyword optimization is particularly important, but do not over-optimization Keywords or cut pile, you know, the intention is not too obvious by the title of the audit.

2, steps should be clear, Baidu is a step-based experience in general, this will make the content more clear and understandable, so

5 ways to teach you to do website SEO optimization

Hello, everyone, I was plump net mall editing, the recent adjustment of the search engine rankings have often resulted in many points down, the most famous is Liwei sink is K and the opportunity to host the wolf rain, but ultimately for the SEO different level of understanding. The so-called SEO that is search engine rankings by technology, the site SEO optimized to improve your site ranking in search engines, following small site to share with you how SEO optimization.

one: keyword selection

website operators to promote the image of words is the best endorsement, when you have a few good keywords ranking to the Baidu home page, your name on behalf of more than a few choices for the user, but the choice of keywords, and there are several important key to finalize. 1, keyword finalized, the customer's perspective to select your keywords, be relevant, or refer to similar sites competing small and practical words, do not use popular keywords. 2, keyword density, it is a way to measure the ratio of the sum of the page with other text, use a percentage. The higher the keywords appear on the same page, the greater the density, single-page keyword density of between 2% -8% in the most appropriate. 3, the distribution of words, words are generally in navigation, articles, links, url, tag appears. More than three titles cloth as well.

II: Site original content

Many owners of new station on the line outside the chain of fierce meal mad hair, with the search engine algorithms constantly updated by the chain to improve many previous Almost all sites have ranked the top drop, it really still need the original articles, and other sites through a transitional period, relative to the station for a week, 2-3 original articles on the line, attract spiders often patronize.

three: the anti-chain with the Friends of the chain

Many people confuse anti-chain chain of a talk with friends, such as A link to a site B, and B sites did not point A, which B is the import of backlinks. The Friends of the B chain is the A site with text or image link to each other, each set up a hyperlink to other sites, that is, with the same general nature, such as industry, network with industry networks, with mall mall, portals with Portal, only the content relevant, off than their high PR value, then the value of the site will be integrated into the Google PR update when there is a satisfactory answer, but keep in mind with the medicine or farming, or even link to each other JS liar.

Four: within the chain of fluent

sites within the chain, although confined to the house, it is not true, it can be applied flexibly, the usual approach is to link page A to B page, he only Ne allows the user to want to go into the page, and the weight will have a PV with a corresponding increase.

five: high-quality external links

above said, and now the number of search engines do not like many of the chain, but the preference for high-quality outside the chain, usually a high quality of the chain will also give users a good impression, if a certain blog with the forum plus fine, then a lot of love and will be reproduced. Outside the chain there are three common approach is to blog + forum + soft, and the general election blog Sina, Sohu, Netease, the Forum may refer to SEO, laggards, pushing a soft paper that is the best submission to the current text of the old soft- Big Brother A5 network. Because such sites are occupied in the search engines very authoritative position, we made relatively easy work included.

fact, there are a lot of knowledge of SEO can do, such as Q, encyclopedia, submit directory, etc., due to time a small series in this small example, and finally re-affirm it: the original network by the plump Mall http://www.gggdd.com/edit original submission, reproduced, please describe the source, thank you, trouble understanding the hard work of a webmaster, thank you!

Site three days a great two days a small K K what reason

recently received a customer's site, people experiencing a particularly depressing thing, A5 provide SEO diagnostic services (http://seo.admin5.com/topic-seo.html) have less time, in During this period it is to do a lot of customers websites diagnosis, but also encountered some more trouble, but after A5 network owners SEO efforts even after the team's final are all well resolved, but this time things encountered a little trouble, especially ridiculous, through communication with customers to optimize detection and diagnosis of group A5 SEO diagnosis found that the site is basically a big three days K, site three days a large K, two days a small K, particularly strange, but fortunately, generally after K can return to normal the next day or third day, but there may be too twenty-one days were all home by K or K, included as O. Do not know webmasters have not encountered such a website? Through A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group because the diagnosis is found in the following areas:

one point outside the chain of the same page

many Home owners in order to improve the weight, tend to do mostly outside the chain when the chain back home, most owners believe it is easy to overlook a problem in doing this work possible in a short time when you can not see anything unusual, perhaps, you did the day after these links, see the search engine did not immediately included, feel the intensity of their own outside the chain may not be the reason that , you have added a few more every day, but everyone knows, these links may be the next major update of the search engine will be released when all of a sudden, when you how? for a small site, if an increase of thousands of overnight outside the chain, but also all the same point home, you think it is happy or worry about it? Obviously the answer is no, no matter what kind of sites can not stand this show is good, although it your intention is a good point, but the search engines do not think so, so your site will make penalties, such as the station is K, included for the O, or home is K, which are down right likely to happen. Therefore, A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team found the site to do a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem, there may be a result of the site three days a large K, two days a small K is an important reason.

Second, the space is not to force

space has been the basis for the development site, or else even better but often your site will not open , spiders crawl every time when they are unable to access your site, then ask, if you, you will not bother you? have a good impression of it? In fact, this coexistence between people and is the same , if you attached to your friend's house to play a few times, but they get in the door, he encountered the phenomenon was not at home, you will be willing to run again next trip to see whether he home? The answer is not words, and CD's.

three implicated with the server

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group to do a comprehensive diagnosis in this Web site found that the server is low, many of the same type of sites, but also are part of the same person, and now has the ability to distinguish the search engine can determine this information, the search engine can easily be mistaken for the station group, first make a site may be punished, but if site also has not transferred, it is likely that all of the site the next K or if there appear to be right down the right kinds of problems. Of course, you may also rent other people's space, only one site is for you, but if your on a server with other sites on the problems, then your site must be involved to give the punishment is normal. A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group to remind owners and friends, be sure to do careful site selection and space to force the first, but we must also note that other sites in this space under the circumstances, there must not put themselves All sites are on the same space under.

four, friendship chain chain involved

called in to do that link before the link is first, friendship, friendship is the word None of us can missing, there is friendship more so in case there are only links exist, and often link to sites where these sites are affected by some search engine penalties, down the right or to be K, and merit, For these sites, we should be removed as soon as possible, to avoid implicated own site, but people there are sentient beings, but also places great importance on feelings, because there is friendship, so knowing that they often or whom, do not will link removed, because if you do nothing more than adding insult to injury, of course, also worried that if one day your site there is a problem, others are on their own so that how should I do? so, many people will choose to keep the link, first look at a period of observation to say.

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team to the customer site to make a diagnosis when, after a comprehensive diagnosis that there is this site for more than a few factors, so the site three days a large K, two days a small K will not surprising, but no matter what the reasons are good, the key is to find a way we go, the solutions are also in the "Website Optimizer reference proposal" in the hope to help you quickly resolve this trouble.

On impact the user experience for three reasons

user experience is something every webmaster pursue. Which site would be a good user experience should be ranked, but not bad. Even search engine is deliberately have more attention to user experience, then why do not we do the owners of the pursuit of it? So, a good user experience will be the development trend of websites, who can not break this trend toward! Believe that many The owners are not well understood what the user experience and user experience when some sites are very good, owners also unaware that their own means to optimize the results obtained, in fact, the opposite may be some The owners will not be optimized is the most Niubi, because they do not understand these, so they can stand on the user's point of view to analyze the site, some of this will not be bound by traditional thinking, long and long known to form stand for the users to do, rather than stand for the search engine is deliberately done, so none of this is also a good ranking. So how can we know the user experience be? By what method you can check know about it? User experience with the following analysis of three related factors:

cause an impact on user experience: friendly Interface

Do not underestimate a site's interface, this interface is equivalent to a shop store, if the site's interface messy, chaotic, pop everywhere, when the user wants to point a movie or an article, actually a few pop up here, then a good user experience of this site are limited friends. So, if you want a station user experience, it is not impossible to put pop, but pop it to control the time and frequency of play, not one minute bomb a few times, but also to experience God, Ma! Second color is the site Many of the owners are in accordance with their favorite colors to match the site colors, because each person's sense of different colors, some like red, some like green, then appeared in Bright's network, but when When you do want to note that the web site with color, such as the sad article is best to use the website more deep color, so as to be more prominent site features, one can add the user's emotional vent. Secondly, to better interpret the meaning of the article sad, called internal and external collusion.

affect the user experience reasons: the site's content

content is up to the factor that is also its most influential, all sites are with content, whether it is recommended to add their own or friends or submission of, the content will appear, no content site does not call for the site, is the movie site content is movies, pictures, site content is the picture, the other is also a means , then how do the content to make the user experience increases? This is something that all owners are seeking. Here, the author, for example, two of the same type of sites A and B, then A website's content is written by owners personally or through friends recommend submission of, B is the most content of the site was transferred from other sites a few hundred times and turn the contents. From this point you can see which site users prefer, when the likes of that site and they will stay on its website a long time, longer, visit more pages, then this is sufficient to explain the site a degree of good user experience. So, if not every day that website owners to ensure that sufficient original content added to the site, you can share your submission friends Well, general users like to share, because when a site or proposed adoption of his article, when there is indescribably heart more happy, which also makes certain to meet its vanity will certainly work harder to share. This is not a very good original content to add channels do?

affect the user experience three: site access speed

this site with space-related, not said server or VPS with guaranteed access to a good speed, too many crooks on the network, I have encountered three times, which space does not explain, when he gave me a trial for three days, when I try , access speed that is none, through online access to digital test are very small, the smaller the number the faster the access, like a 1MS and a 29MS speed, to see that which is good, but when I After purchase, I found out that he gave the test which is not rented out to my table which sets, but rented to another, this is necessary every few days I actually find customer service, what happens then? of course, is looking for Customer Service friends asked the reason can not access. Ask more, people will bother the customer is finally not even answer back, angrily, I direct a refund plus a complaint. Therefore, the site access speed and user experience of space there is no necessary link, transposition think, when you open a Web site to a minute, you also willing to wait? Users, this is why you'll often see a lot of owners as the stability is king mantra why.

user experience good and bad, directly affect a site's ranking and other factors, are also affecting the mentality of their own station, so if a site user experience is not so good, then the owners should be timely find out the reasons for the shortest possible time, to restore the biggest user, to minimize the loss, because only one opportunity missed not come again! article by http://www.7254.com Langao exclusive feed Forum, reproduced, please leave the link, thank you!

Talking about how to make Web content also has a page ranking

addition to search engines to bring traffic to give the web site traffic, another way is to bring traffic to fixed users, each new Web site traffic comes from search engines. One search engine traffic in two ways one is to use targeted keywords, and the other is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords can help home page keyword index is not very high to make up words of Web traffic.

it brings the proportion of traffic accounted for the vast majority of the site. A new station to be a long time to get through Baidu's long tail keyword term assessment of traffic, almost three months, can not wait for the owners to shut the site and then re-do another site, do so peter website, for none will succeed. Website after six months will have a target keyword rankings, provided that the search volume keywords. Suppose keyword search volume is not high, the time will be reduced a lot. We have for this long tail keyword ranking approach to talk about.

First: Do not change website, start a new station there are many owners the wrong words, in the process and changed many times, if you change too often search engine will be very identity, once I have a website on a whim a few times, to three months after a long-tail traffic, which accounted for as much as all the traffic Jiucheng target keywords is six months after the flow of things .

second: well within the chain of construction, and construction of the chain. The first thing you do is put the contents of pages long tail long tail records are recorded in a single inside, so when you encounter this issue the article can do his words anchor text, to vote for the other side of the page, so that the formation of a network, the site can be driven up. Outside the chain can not just have quality not quantity, so as not to have much effect.

to choose the right place to go where hair will not be removed outside the chain. Is best to use soft, its effect is best, assuming you do not write, then you can learn more than others can find other people write. Forum signatures with good results, this depends mainly on the number of.

third: how to choose the title, the title it is important, ranking well naturally there will be no traffic, the reason is that the title did not take words Therefore, it is best to choose the tail index of 100 keywords, explain here, the title could write long tail with a space to write with your own title, of course, your page must have content and be association, to prevent to do useful work.

Fourth: The content of the original high-quality pseudo-Not everyone can write, how to find long tail keywords? It's the main keywords for your website, then use these long tail keywords to find the article. Change the title of the article used to head and tail, with the middle of some changes in their own words. This article considered a pseudo-original quality. I believe we will do a long time very good.

fact that so much content you can get bad very quickly, there are enough half an hour a day to spend a few hours, half an hour to write two articles a similar time, and then a hours to do the chain, almost two hours long, long time will see the results persist. A5 paper first, written by the diet pills owners, reproduced reserved site http://www.jxxsjled.cn/, thank you.

Why not discuss the diagnosis site SEO search engine of all ages

every day a lot of owners complaining about their site is not a good search engine ranking, web spiders do not like to crawl content, then you thought, why do not like spiders to your site it? it why people like to patronize the other site? have had no real remorse for their site to be a comprehensive diagnosis? Is what has been done on the search engine unfriendly move it? site design is conducive to spiders crawl and crawl it? unfriendly to search engines, there are many, the following A5 SEO optimization group on the diagnosis of several common aspects, and we talk about.

one, Flash effect is attractive but not multi-purpose

we often see a lot of websites use Flash effects, have to admit that giving the visual effect is very good, if only in the pages use a small part of Flash, such as: small ads made with Flash, icon, etc., which are harmless, but some website has a Flash file on the home page, search engines crawl the HTML code with only a link to the Flash, no other description of any text, the search engines will not be able to identify and what related, which are classified under the other, there are people like the site to put a Flash animated page headers first, then jump to the HTML version of the text page, but search engines are simply unable to read, there is no way to jump to the HTML version of the page.

Second, avoid the use of other than 301 jump

301 jump is change the URL of the shift, the weight can be from the previous page of the old site to the new web site page, Search engines are also acceptable, but the A5 SEO team will then have to optimize the diagnosis and tell you that several jump is very unfriendly to search engines, but also more sensitive to the search engines. Such as: 302 jump, Javascript Jump, Flash Jump, Meta Refresh jump, etc. These search engines do not like, they want the site owners can not try to do.

Third, avoid the use of dynamic URL

general dynamic URL is not conducive to crawling spider crawl, like some with a question mark, equal sign and some parameters of the site are not desirable , the search engines do not like this site. Thus, A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group (http://seo.admin5.com/) suggested webmaster friends, URL must use a static or pseudo-static, so that is more friendly for search engines, which will help capture, in line with search engine's taste.

Fourth, the navigation system to avoid using JS script

some sites in order to have an attractive visual feature on the use of JS script to generate the navigation system, but search engines can not parse JS script, although Search engines are also hard to think about ways to solve these problems, but sometimes powerless, it is a real JS script can not be resolved, if your site content is really good, is a big site, then search engines may also be make more efforts to resolve the JS script, but if your station is only a negligible, and that also do not expect search engines to parse the.

five, Cookies can not be reasonable to use force

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team will always be the customer's site in order to achieve certain functions, will force the use of Cookies, remember user login information, the user is not enabled Cookies, page can not be displayed or not displayed correctly, but in terms of search engine spiders, search engine spiders can not only result in a normal visit, Imagine, spiders can not normally access your Web site, not suffer you ah? So, Cookies must be reasonable to use force must not be used.

want to get a site favored by search engines, then you must first understand what search engines do not like, hate what, so we do not stop when the search engines do not like things, then, your site will be possible to get the search engines love, as we were, like, no one likes singing a different tune with their own, no one can do what other people think of roses, in line with their own mind, the search engine spiders with our people is the same, so, A5 SEO optimization teams diagnose diagnosis to clients website, always in the "Site optimized reference proposal" was underlined in the search engines do not like what actions should be how to avoid, how it should have been used to modify, to get search engines like.

Tian Wei: How to change to a high quality Links

about Link exchange is certainly no stranger to the webmasters, we know a good website with the help of the Link is not inconsiderable, but also help to improve the website's search rankings and keyword weight, high pr Xiaobian found friendship connection of their own station also has some pr driven nature. Link to do so must have a certain standard, the exchange must not be worse than stand on their own, unless you know, you are willing to give a friend of the case. Take my own case for links like this every day: "Every professional updates, conditions very, interested, and I whisper, for home/page within the page or article [text page on the exchange before I write had this article, are interested in reading this: [external links difficult, Links and more? new ways to solve problems] (only for the disturbance of other medical sites) ", so that we can allow Link to play the most useful Good!

following field hospital network marketing small series on the micro-site to talk about what constitutes high-quality links, and how to get them outside the chain, the following abbreviations from the original, I mainly explain I do connect exchange:

about Link I would like to explain Links: Links to each other is put on its Web site links to other sites. Code must be able to find the page URL and site name, and browse the Web site can display the name, so called Links.

First, the change link must be "perfect match", so-called perfect match is the exchange of relevant sites, not related to the role of the website in general do not like when I exchange said: only for medical websites, and other disturbance. The first to sum up the following exchange points to note:

1, sites included

2, website pr value

3, website snapshot date

4, website pr output

5, website keyword ranking

6, site contains history

6, site is cheating

7, Baidu weight

8, Baidu Web site is not in the home

9, web content (whether health reasonable)

more than nine point is when I have to connect each switch to see if these points are done interchangeable connection will be able to do more with less. Then elaborate on what these nine:

sites included: the website contains much less than that included in the website is better, relatively speaking, at least we leave alone the other more Baidu included, will be able to do the spider or more concerned about it, the ranking would certainly account for some of the advantages, of course, bring traffic will not say.

website pr value: PR higher values ??indicate more popular the page (more important). Although now pr not so important, editors like to say here is, pr or have a certain role. For example: if A has a B site on the Web site links, and that for the A site must provide a better website content, which Google will link from B to C website as it cast a vote. A simple example: you pr 6 pr site development connection and connect to a site you will find the pr sent most of the chain will be higher than that of 1 pr.

website snapshot Date: snapshot update rate of reaction of a spider crawling on the site and search engine attention, as long as no exceptions can be said that the snapshot will not have much effect on traffic, snapshot in time, but long-term consequences of not updating the right or the K-Station is down. Of course, a snapshot of the new site is also representative of a webmaster to update and maintain the site daily, so we checked in for a snapshot while the attention snapshot of time, generally speaking, a snapshot of the best is updated within 24 hours, there 1-3 days a snapshot update, these snapshots are relatively normal, so we should find Links to link to such sites, but some sites included more keywords ranking well, but the snapshot is very slow, and some even two weeks has not been updated, like this site I would suggest that it is best not to swap owners.

website pr output: Link may change a lot of people did not notice this when, in fact, this is what we need to pay attention to the Link exchange places. Link the site to bring the so-called PR value, under normal circumstances is to look at each other for connecting the output query pr site, under normal circumstances if the other sites Link added much, pr pr high then the output value will be relatively larger. If the other side of the pr value than us, which we can consider one of the places for the site, other leave alone. Speaking of the pr value by the way how much have the best Link, in fact, many people think better, is not the case, the editors believe that the best control in 30 to 40 the best, here for reference only, there is no absolute the number.

website keyword ranking: is the webmaster of a site whether good or bad intentions in doing so we first want to check the other site's main keyword in the search engine ranking is among the front, if the rankings do not After all how to 100, indicating that this is not very good web site optimization, if the exchange is also a role for our little website. Of course, if we are a new station, we can reduce the requirement, if the other site's main keyword in the search engine which can search out, then on behalf of the site is not a bad record, and some search engines for their punishment, if looking for good quality that site, then like to find out quite early primary site keyword ranking, we recommend the first three pages in Baidu.

site contains history: This is not noted owners do not know, why look at history? Because some sites may collect more, or software with a lot of mass cheating, because collection site search engine will give punishment, to put this station, the station may incriminate you, but also included is a very unstable, today your site may be included with the poor well, maybe not tomorrow off the.

site is cheating: say something simple here, I know these cheating methods are: hidden text in the page's HTML file containing the key words in the text placed, but these words can not be user see, the search engine can only be seen; hidden links, hidden links and hidden text similar to, but the difference is the words on the link inside, and this link is invisible to the user; hidden page, some pages use program or script to detect access to the search engine or a normal user. If the search engines, optimized pages on the web version of the return. If the visit is the ordinary people, the return is another version. These three fields in the micro-cheating is experienced small series, of course, there are many ways of cheating, where I met some of the major said. Xiaobian every day in different pseudo-medical website to find original articles, sometimes responsible for the article came not to bring clearly before the connection, keyword but you have copied all the time, a look at all sites cheating, and our naked is invisible, and now the 360 ??is still a good browser, you use the edit mode to view these cheating methods are basically seen. Describes the methods of cheating, in fact, the ultimate goal of the website wanted to tell us not to cheat the exchange, to avoid our website has also been implicated down the right or to be k.

Baidu weight: Xiaobian field hospital network marketing micro-site inquiries generally like to use love, albeit a valuation, but also learn about a site. Preferred if the other site than their low weight, but Baidu's traffic to the site does have a lot of consideration. If the person's weight is high, but Baidu's little traffic to the site for site specific analysis, there is no exchange value. If the weight is high, a lot of traffic, the property is almost, if the other party is willing, of course, want to change your friends!

Baidu website site is not in the Home: Here is a look at the other main site is down right no.

site content (is healthy and reasonable): Think about it if your site is unhealthy Who would dare you exchange ah, I think to see if a website is the exchange of health is one of the more important conditions, Do you think it?

gave you here today, the above article from the hospital network marketing (http://www.szsem.cn/posts/23.html) Xiao Bian Tian Wei in exchange Links time experience with the personal views of some, if you feel useful to you, then you can read, I found a problem with communication and can exchange, reproduced, please indicate the source!

Restore the SEO process: The Ins and Outs record included a site

A5 recently saw off a lot of projects on Taobao, also saw many owners to share, feel it is a very promising, there is competition, but flexibility is also very strong industry, so bought himself purchased the domain name and web hosting, Taobao started off my path. Several sites have been half a month now, and now has been ranked the best to the home, from the collection to the top, let me once again witnessed Baidu SEO techniques and characteristics of novice webmasters today and share the most recent record, want to see a site which would have included and what to rank.

to keep all aspects of sustainable and stable

the first site to ensure that all aspects of sustainable and stable, note that is sustained. This time I do Taobao customers, choose the key words are not difficult, the main purpose is to do small-scale test, see if it can get included and ranking, and get included and ranking will have after the transaction, in the end what factors can affect the turnover rate. Therefore, the stability is my prime consideration, I chose the Beijing room multi-line room, the domain name is foreign, but DNS is domestic, said China Unicom and Telecom easy to shield part of the DNS, on my website before eating because of this reason loss. So this must be sustained stability. If unstable, and contains about ranking does not make sense.

updated several original articles

update our website does not mean that we must rigidly stick to a grid, mainly to see you do as well as ease of keywords External links to resources you do. My words are not difficult to do, Baidu index of more than 100, more than half of the main domain name page, so no need to update much of the content. The first week of a total of seven days to update an article. Then the second week of a total update 2, and that two articles are the pictures, plus inside the ALT tag. However, when the first week submitted a search engine, Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou four, not one less.

fat spider as bait

third, many owners feel the most important step, that is to attract spiders to crawl our site. It can be said, the owners are more comfortable in the hands of the resources, I will not say any more, and we only talk about my own special skill, that is, write an article on soft paper, and then submission. By this way, after the matter, and the other projects go busy busy, forget about this thing. Then after two weeks, soft paper to write a submission. So the way to do external links. In addition, on the way to the Forum made a spider advertising area link, but also to lead the spider, a total of five less than it, then, is to forget this thing. Purpose is to be natural, can not show deliberate optimization.

view the log to make adjustments

final step is to see the data. The most important thing is web log. Through the web site logs can clearly see the spider to the total number of visits our web site, the total residence time, the average time to crawl the total time. So for us, I know that release did not play a role in the chain. Although some external links are also included, but if the link has not been calculated as if the spider will not climb up the site. This time we need to make adjustments, change of approach to continue. Until one day, you see through the webmaster tools you want results. This shows that we do play the effect.

experienced more than one step, probably more than 20 days you can see the effects. Effect is relatively new snapshot, a collection of relatively good rankings, and sometimes even into the home position. The domain names are all two of my domain names do, and these are the main domain name to the customer before the test URL, often changing content, it can be said is extremely unfriendly to search engines, also confirmed the beginning of this situation. Baidu is now very friendly to the new station, usually 2-3 days to see included, but my first time in almost 10 days before collection, the performance is very slow, the domain name if you have a very good weight, then I think the collection and will rank faster effective.

this article to summarize it here, hoping for help for novice owners, the above steps did not say that for sure, or have certain standards, which require specific according to their website situation, but also depend on your time is sufficient enough. http://himusic.5d6d.com feed, the future will continue to work with owners to share some of their own experience, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!

Web space is a solid base to base site was able to fly higher

With the rapid development of Internet, a growing number of Internet users, their knowledge and understanding of the network more widely, the accumulation of more and more owners of the occupational groups increasing the size of a large number of professional webmaster Forum's broad impact makes the establishment of a website is no longer difficult, many people are beginning to build their own websites, we call for the novice webmaster, but the process will appear in the Jianzhan a lot of disturbing things, so this is necessary for everyone to remind one thing, that is, the choice of site space, should not ignore this problem, because the site will cause improper site space is K have consequences. Today we have to explore, it is hoped the number would be helpful to everyone.

before that let us look at the choice of site space, how important the development of the site, you can say your site is not something a small space can be developed to solve all problems, but when you Website developed after a little bit of growing space problem will naturally stand out, and I would like to have had such a lesson to many people, now that you will seriously make your site a good environment. So we look at how to solve the following problem space:

one choice to be careful, not to say that picking will be able to pick up cheap.

face the problems some people can not stand the space free of the temptation to bargain on the pick, then some people think that as long as the money to buy the more space must be very Well, in fact, that these are errors, many companies introduced these unconditional free space, often have additional conditions or services can not keep up the phenomenon occurs, the primary owners can just treat this place as a place to practice. But space does have a low standard, select the time to look at the configuration of the server and the local business market estimated to have broadband space standards, which can be found online. Thus we can not equal the standards of the host is good or bad, but also note that if you want high-speed stability must consider the space above.

Second, space, line, speed selection is critical, careful than careless important.

a lot of people think that the space the bigger the better, it also gives space to provide a loophole, they spotted this opportunity and had a big space under the banner of low-cost, so that in fact there are drawbacks The first one is so large that you do not need to use less space than if you just started doing stand 300 is enough, and if more than 1G so too wasted, but can not take lying, so do not too much space, big and cheap can you think of a good thing? Also talk about space line, which is a lot of people are concerned about the issue, most of the space that determines the speed of the line and this will inevitably choose the line much good. In fact, this depends on your situation, the choice can not be blind, for example, said North-South user, if the user the best selection of Southern Telecom, the North is selected Netcom, telecommunications can, no need to choose both. Owners have time to go home to see, many of them reflect that better telecommunication lines. Finally, look at speed issues, just a search online, you will see a lot of speed skills, if you are a novice choose more than three days to see room for trial and then decide whether the next choice where space needs a lot of money, So be careful in all aspects.

three follow-up site development phase space, the change will change.

addition to these there is no matter what things are slowly developed, at different stages of what they need is different, the site's growth is the same, to learn choose different types at different stages of the type of space, when the time scale of the capacity to look at space, bandwidth, IIS is enough, in the choice of a good website is best to consider the future development, the need for additional capacity, or after site development server will be up to withstand the phenomenon, so the data will pose a threat, easily lost, so there must be plans to do long-term plan, not to cause damage and then find ways to make up. Is not able to remedy the situation is not too late.

above is my little space of a few ideas, maybe you owners have a better understanding of space, but I want to say is applicable is the best, do not give up for little money a lot of money, starting A5 paper, reproduced by the station owners to retain the link http://www.500zuan.com/brush drill writing, thank you. If you have a better proposal can give the article the message, we discuss.

owners note that the last to remind you: the growth of space on a website as if the human heart, like, do not look down, otherwise the consequences unpredictable.

Shared roots for domain name owners 20 days to reach second collection site

Hello, everyone, I was the snow leopard, had to share before the execution of several articles on this article to share with you what to name the site notes for it. Said before the thing is to introduce our forum, business forums that I put sixty crossing a friends and Guangzhou on May 1 this year with the establishment, because when we are as a local seoer, deeply troubled by the chain, weight slightly forums do a little more limited, so we want a seo forum, on the one hand it to the novice to do Q & A, because we are over there from the novice, the novice is not easy to know, many problems No one to help answer the other hand, do we also want to own their own resources to develop a stand, after all, been doing seo, without their own resources if it is tangled station thing. He just has a lack of use of unused space, so we decided to went ahead, because the time had not thought of this forum to develop to what extent, so, we used a two domain names directly to do station.

decision, we started selection process, given the proliferation of dz are now, so, we use the pw is a good forum for this domestic program, establishment stage, we have their own work, so the only amateur to do some simple maintenance period, because no how to do it outside the chain of resources, when my friend's grandfather just sick, more than a month has been on my own in the maintenance of the day, from time to time to update some of the posts, of course, are doing a pseudo-original handle. Because the weight of my main domain is relatively high, so the two domains have also been some impact, establishment and received home the next day, I was about 30 daily update posts, of course, quality is guaranteed, 7 days, Baidu to force good results, begin collection of articles, we began to consider doing the chain, because at that time, no time to dumplings, I am also busy working, so that is simple to do some outside the chain, it has been such a sustained with, and thus, has been extended to late June, although we did not how to do it outside the chain, but then the article has been included to achieve an effect the next day, and can say Baidu is still very blessing we can be when the end of June, server intrusion, data loss, lost data directly Forum week of data, which I really was not a small fight, I began to update the less, dumplings come back later, he began to update my site suddenly one day our domain name and found some articles turned out to be a second closing, I want to stand there seems to be our resource play, insisted that the success of late we have made a few soft, made some outside chain. Forum weights continued to increase. Made up of the article are five minutes included.

With the development of our website, we attracted a lot of novice friends, and certainly not lack of some master friends, seowhy the fourth eldest one of them, he told us, if you want to do it, change the main domain name on it, so with the second-level domain What kind of look, listen to him that we felt that time, and now for the future will certainly not difficult to change, but we also know that, for the domain name is very tragic, But sooner or later have this day, evening pain as early as pain, that once the switch, according to our forum's name, I chose this domain name www .***. com, relatively speaking, is more appropriate, because we are using is a win host, can not do 301, the problem is difficult to live our twists and turns, we found a solution pw official, modify global.php, I have made the relevant article in the forum, and this I will not detail, and 8 January 31 for the domain name, do 301.2 hours of time, Baidu included a new domain name. 3 hours included Sogou, Google included in the next day to see this effect is good, we continue to do the update, start a lot of work to do outside the chain of five days, Baidu's 301 force, and began to include inside pages. Google to delete the original domain name included, began to include a large number of new domain names, September 12, included on the Baidu 300 +, Google has thousands. Our content and also continued to work outside the chain, as of this afternoon's forum included collection of 3000 + Baidu, Google included 10,000 +, but also gave a bad position, and since yesterday, Baidu began to 301 came into full force, and the article is almost can be included in the minutes, fast requires only five minutes, we can say we have achieved good results 301. Directly on the map

Baidu included

Baidu snapshot

website contains status

below to share with you for my domain name after the Operation:

1. to the old domain name to do the station 301, this is necessary, we need to do the old domain name resolution, can not be stopped, you need to transfer weight

(2) dealing with dead links within the site, remove all the dead links, dead links do not exist, Baidu for dead links, but very annoying.

3. Do 404 error page to the site, a good 404 to the site can bring a good weight results.

4. Insist on continuously updated content, do not break the update, we must ensure that the quality of the article, do not go directly to the copy.

5. A new domain name have to do more outside the chain, and to high-quality external links, the chain did not focus on quantity, but the emphasis on quality, a quality brought about by the chain is far greater than the weight 5 outside the chain of low quality.

6. Is to insist, Baidu 301 for the reaction time is generally about a week, Baidu will begin a week later included a new domain name, all do not hurry, do seo is to calm.

as long as you have patience, to persevere, weight restoration is not an issue. Original articles, business placed sixty crossing http://www.360dseo.com reproduced, please indicate the source, thank you reproduced.

How do the sites within the search engine optimization articles

a site's SEO Forum is mainly divided into two - the external and internal optimization optimization. Generally speaking, these two parts we had to grasp with both hands, both hands had to hard. Optimization usually refers to external links outside the building, for high-quality external links. However, the subject of this article is how to do internal optimization, the following share some of my views.

I put the internal website optimization is divided into two parts: 1 for search engine optimization, search engine is made to see, this is the content of this talk; 2 optimized for users mainly refers to the focus on user experience. These two actually some common place in the middle of the boundaries are not clear, you may do an internal search engine optimization for the time, and reached for the user to optimize results. For example, you in optimizing your internal link, naturally it will allow users to use your site more convenient. For search engine optimization, I summarized the following points:

site directory structure optimization

site directory hierarchy should not be too deep, flat single hierarchy is a more satisfactory state. But this is unrealistic for some sites, but the directory hierarchy is also best not to exceed three. If a Web site, it's directory structure is like this, XXX/sports/football/china/CSL/club/hengda, if I reptile, crawling when this site will certainly be thinking, "pits father does, it is a bottomless pit , does not climb the climb. " Therefore, the site must be as flat directory hierarchy. So how to solve this problem, there is a way to use two or even three domain names, such as in front of that directory structure can be simplified as hengda.XXX.xxx, but only if this directory you must first have enough rich content, If not, best to use the directory structure, but to be streamlined.

website code optimization

First, the site's code to be as brief as possible to weed out useless code, the code can be combined as combined. Meanwhile, CSS files, js files and Web documents stored separately, in the page code to call.

code optimization has several advantages: First, to reduce the file size, faster access speed; the second is more search engine friendly, it reptiles to avoid useless code; Third, it could make the code maintenance more convenient.

keyword optimization

keyword optimization involves the selection of keywords and keyword density and keyword distribution.

do not select keywords for each page too much, two or three on the right of; to determine the key words should fit your theme page, or else point the reader into not find what they want, will be very quick exit, but refuse to bring traffic; should focus on the use of long tail keywords, long tail and pointed emphasis on the use of; keyword density is not too big, about 6% generally considered more appropriate, avoid keyword stuffing; words distributed in the page title to be reasonable, meta tags, and page content.

website link optimization

Links to optimize the following main points: good internal links, appropriate export link, use good anchor text.

check internal links, remove broken links, dead links; make links between pages, the site links to related content reasonably up; the best site for search engines produce a map, there beneficial spiders crawling the site; use good anchor text, use the link to the page topic highly relevant text, avoid using images or js; good use "nofollow" attribute to prevent spiders climbing you do not want to scrambling of page; appropriate export link, a link to the station not to export is not subject to search engines.

page tag optimization

where the main attention to the following important labels.

title tags, page title should highlight the theme of the page, try not to use too much text.

meta meta-tags, where the main keyword and description, keyword page using keywords; description, the good description of the content on the page, try to be concise, highlighting the theme, which is not necessary use a lot of keywords.

Although the search engine now has less value these labels, but your title, description, attractive enough, it will also attract users to your site, so these labels still hard to write.

strong, h1, h2 ... these labels are used to highlight key words, to let search engines know what your priorities are.

noframes tag, the frame structure is not subject to search engines, this label may be addressed to some extent reptiles crawling framework page, but does not necessarily guarantee the normal crawling reptiles. So, try to avoid using in Web framework.

website image, flash optimization

search engines can only read text, does not recognize the pictures and flash. For pictures, you can add pictures using the alt attribute to describe the information, so that search engines can read, you can page the appropriate key words containing the same time, when the picture can not be accessed, alt description of content can be displayed on the page, visitors can easily understand the content.

flash page to display a very beautiful effect, but the search engines to ignore it, so do SEO for the site, try to avoid using the station flash, if you have to use, it's best to add and the matching text web site for search engines to read.

here to summarize the main points above website optimization for search engines should pay attention to the place inside, the public will continue to be published on blog SEO website optimization for users to do the internal contents of the article should contain . Since this is just a summary of the article, the article mentioned in the program there is no concrete information on the implementation of the method, we will continue to publish articles to detail. This can be SEO by the original congregation http://www.zhongkeseo.com, reproduced, please keep the link.

Talking about how to handle the relationship between the site and spiders

believe that many people have studied the spiders, because the content of our site is to rely on spiders to crawl to take, available to search engines, if the spiders come crawling back when the finished site is full of grievances of our site, then I believe search engine on the site would not be a good impression, so generally we do a good research site will be spiders likes and dislikes, the right medicine to meet the spider. Let diligent spider crawling on our website, more than a few times, and more included in web pages to enhance rankings. So what likes and dislikes spiders do?

first is that spider preferences:

1, spiders like new things, soft paper and original articles are particularly desirable time every day, regular updates, or to several original A5, SEOWHY text on the hair weak, absolutely appetite for spiders.

2, although the spider is not on the work, but it will usually update the website according to your time, to determine what time you have new content site crawling away, so the site updates daily at the same time period as possible.

3, spiders like to crowded places, and to the very diligent, we all know, the weight of the high number of portals and forums are the second received a lot of content. Therefore, more in some high weight forum, blog, send multiple outer chain can increase the number of spiders to the site.

say that spiders hate what?

1, server instability hate spiders, spiders are generally crawl along the depth of the site structure, if the open a card a card web page, or suddenly can not access, and certainly not normal spiders crawling, direct out is normal. Dead links as well.

2, hate spiders too many levels of site structure, it will not come around, too long not respond directly when the search engine will move back, they can not crawling our site.

3, spiders do not like dynamic URL, the spider into an infinite loop may result.

4, do not like FLASH, JS code, because it basically does not recognize, can not crawl.

5, do not like to jump on these very sensitive.

6, hate need to be logged in to view the content of the site, because it does not register, so do not.

about these features of the spider, the spider sometimes feels a bit like illiteracy, it does not, it does not do, bad execution, but it is good we had to wait, in order to obtain good rankings and traffic, must wait on the emperor as the eunuch, as it likes, and sent its mouth, not like anything, just try not to.

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From a problem about doing SEO: Taobao customers can do it now

today when visiting the webmaster forum webmaster questions found a problem that Taobao customers now do it? see this issue, I think a lot about the SEO, but also on other aspects of SEO Therefore, particularly feelings, to sum up today, to express their own ideas out. Excavated from the SEO techniques to promote direction, and the mentality to do stand to share with you several ways. This problem is not just a problem, more of a lack of understanding of the industry, has been put in place for SEO grasp only generated. Development of the Internet so quickly now, we can say a lot of competition in the industry are very large, so if you want to do in this industry, the most important thing is your attitude and your skills, if you have these two, then on the Internet, Many things will become a little easier. Below I summarize their arguments.

SEO difficult and harvest

do SEO, there is certainly difficult, different industries in different natural difficulty of different keywords, but the harvest is different. Some key words so that Home will have a very large harvest, such as Taobao off on, as long as is relevant to some of the words Taobao daily search volume will be very large, with Taobao shielding Baidu out of state, so the opportunity is even greater. The owners of the question because I do not know what fear is, is too much competition? Profit is too small? Or limited their ability to do?

SEO options and technology

second is from the selection and technology to look at these two aspects. Choose the most important is the choice of keywords. Many industries, keyword selection is not good, it can be said even a white busy. The election of the key words, especially some long tail terms, then the profits will flow. Such as Taobao off, there are tens of millions of products, there are countless flagship store, there are many brands, such as long as careful excavation, it must be a gold mine. Of course, if you know it is very promising, just worried about their limited capacity, so that more is not a problem, because we can learn, nothing can hinder the pace of learning.

SEO's overall grasp of

overall grasp is actually very easy to do, and SEO also closely related. Example, want to do SEO Taobao off, but do not know whether there is potential for this industry, the overall profit of how, at this time can be very easy to judge by several aspects to. Products such as Baidu, or related directly to the search words, if the competition is large, then it shows great potential in this industry, if the competition in general, then the market generally; addition to a number of professional forums to see at a glance, such as Ali, mother, every day the amount of post is a macroscopic phenomenon. Because only the profit, there is the market phenomenon of hot industry will appear.

SEO need to adhere to the state of mind

SEO is the mentality of the last issue. SEO requires execution, but more lasting state of mind. After all, a keyword, a URL, an article for search engines is unknown. It needs to include enough time to crawl and eventually give rankings show. So, take time, need to accumulate. Taobao customers do like it, this question, the answer is yes, absolutely you can do, and many owners have done very well. If you have a good attitude, not too impetuous performance, then you will be able to do, so that the height you want.

In fact, sometimes the problem is not just a technical representative, it is implied and the mentality and psychological reactions. It reflects a lot of SEO and SEO other than the topic, if we can assess the situation and understand clearly their own, to understand clearly the industry, a clear understanding of things outside of SEO and SEO, then you even close to a step away from success. Well, this article went to this bar, Dongying Driving http://www.dyxcw.net feed, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!

Liu pigeon: SEO webmasters of several high-voltage injuries can not afford

now have better SEO company owners or workers, the old forum, blog, etc. that the above comments or an article, said his site's ranking remained fixed in the first few pages. Even a lot of effort to make their own site's ranking or no change. Each will be very upset at. I think this may be because you hit the SEO power lines, and with this is that if a high-voltage lines, and that only as the case may be, and I can tell you here a few common:

first title too much junk

Why do I say? because most sites are like this, the whole of a title is to do their own The words died out one by one row became the title of a Web site. I mean that in accordance with this title is the word of the accumulation of rubbish. This certainly does not work, so the title will only give a sense of trouble, not make people feel comfortable. Like our web site title, said it was not particularly appropriate is not so rigid: Chinese decoration home improvement home building materials industry portal - the title of this first net decoration although not very good, but at least people have a word feeling. Allow people to read very fluent. The title of the best is to write a name, so that people remember the site but fluent and able to do keyword included. And the title must not be too many words, twenty seven words on the line to remember about as many good.

second within the chain too much junk

Why do I have to say? Because some of the website editors, the majority simply do not know what within a reasonable chain optimization. Some programs also do not understand or internal link optimization. Or article which is home to add some random website, so feel added within the chain. Or directly in the background doing the program automatically generates a number of key words, as long as is the case with or without words, or whether there are added several times. This is really not much to do basically the role that these really are some of the garbage inside the chain. The really useful is reasonable to add the chain, an article which a maximum of three links and the link must be a chain to the appropriate page. This will have some effect.

third outside the chain too much junk

In fact, for SEO workers or individual owners are the same, every day doing site outside the chain. However, we have optimized over time we do not know may be, or is forced to work, but we know the task will continue to do so. And do not stop to think in the end where there was a mistake. What is the over-optimize? Give a simple example: If you are doing the decoration of this piece, we have been doing external links do is fitting word network, and leave the site also decorated the first page of the site the wind. This has resulted in the search engine rankings that you do it is to do optimization, not to make the customer experience better and to do optimization. This search engine is to power down your web site or direct K out. Therefore, we do an external web site links and anchor text with time, a multi-faceted, multi-select a few key words to do, so that a chain of links to each page. Let these pages and increase the weight. Which will eventually result is relatively good. Your site's ranking will improve steadily, and will not appear stationary is like.

fourth content too much junk

I think this question every webmaster, web series will be such a problem, it will make such a error. Because too little original content are copied copy the past, who do not want to write their own stuff. Cause a lot of duplicate content on the website. Especially for the type of industry Web site or portal, a news sometimes does not change a word on dozens of sites to be used, this can have a good ranking? For Sina, Sohu and other large sites such little better They have their own correspondents team, not the conditions for web sites every day in the copy, paste. So you think about this site to have a good ranking? If this site has good search engine ranking that really went out of business. No user will use this search engine. We need to write original content accumulated. One day write a twenty-three actually not that much, stick with it, if so, then the year is the thousands of articles. And this is for a person, more if the company were larger, then it is not yet!

Finally, I would say, do the same website and a man, to come up with their own humanity, must not What are things to learn from others, we have our own move west to their own, so to other people feel you are a genius. We first net site decoration presumably we all know www.zxdyw.com part of our on renovations, but I am not too fitting knowledge to understand, I am also learning every day to the decoration of knowledge, as quickly as possible can write original articles on the renovations. I am also trying this, I hope we work together to create more original content.

On the site down the right to modify the title 45 days after the recovery proces

lead down the right site for many reasons, but to find sites down and to restore it to the right of reason is a more difficult, than a month before his own Web site also experienced a storm down the right of Baidu, the original Snapshots are promptly updated website, keyword ranking is also good, although the station is about a year, but there is a certain weight, a collection of very fast speed. But not long happy, suddenly found that the site snapshot back a lot, had a snapshot is August 7, and suddenly on July 22, keyword ranking disappeared without a trace.

to see if a website is actually normal, we can not only see a snapshot of the site, included, keyword rankings, etc. can also be used to query domain and site name, website domain ordinary right down their own websites Enter the domain name or site name directly if Baidu does not appear in the first, then you can determine the Web site or the weight is low down the right.

45 days at this time, every day stop at the observation site recovery, and today I finally saw the results, the site was finally restored the weight, and keyword ranking largely restored the previous rankings, a full half of the recovery process, in fact, that it is still very long and difficult, not only in content and outside the chain added a lot to go on, but also the title of the site was a small change.

site down the right to modify the title if things will get worse? This is an issue that many owners have been considered; my site down right depressing at the same time after the key words from the new site simply it changed a bit, because the previous not a good feeling to write the title, descending the right to want to re-included, revised in the major webmaster forums and paste it post, my website http://www .***. com down the right, to modify the title is will be k it? some owners think that as long as good to optimize, about a month or so will be able to recover, and some owners think that it is not desirable, the site is simply worse. The status of recovery from the Web site point of view, I think will help make the site a few aspects of weight recovery.

first is to find the source to the site down the right, in general, Baidu will not be a good site for no reason down the right, down the right for my site, I summed up that is outside the scope of chain release too small to lead to, because I mainly soft paper-based release, outside the chain of this construction is relatively fast growth in the number, the number of year's time outside the chain has reached more than 50,000, perhaps because Baidu algorithm changes, the chain more than halved because of the soft release is reproduced in the text very large number, and what kind of site will be reproduced, analysis of a number of sites found to be outside the chain PW, 00xx website reproduced, reprinted many soft paper, are very high repetition rate Therefore Baidu to remove duplicate article is also normal, with those walking a fine line of site effects, the site is likely to drop right!

outside the chain for this piece so I stepped up the construction of the breadth , forums, blog, quizzes, categories, all live, and only occasionally made soft hair, and for the content of this piece began to take more, and is not casually get away with things that go in the article, the article is now a serious effort to write their own one, did not do a hundred percent original, but it was enough to place at least pseudo-original, the insistence on such a half down, and finally allowed me to see the results you want.

for the site can go down the right to modify the site title, or modify the weight of the title to recover it? Personally think that this is not an absolute problem, modify the title key is to look after their own measures and remedies, If you modify the title, you put that Baidu and other recovery that is unlikely to do, need to look down the right reasons, stick to their plans will make your site back to life. I travel articles by the original network http://www.51t.com/, A5 starter, reproduced the article stated the source, thank you.

SEO learn how to maximize their technology breakthroughs before

self-evident, SEO is a long learning process and step by step. Of course, the beginning we must first understand what is SEO, search engines that understand the basic principles of collection and capture, indexing and ranking algorithms. See more about SEO in the books, some of them clearly understand the truth. After the operation is specific. As the saying goes: Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. At this time you have to learn SEO working. Well, in this process, we should practice if you do, so that their own have a breakthrough? Shanghai production site and we coordination network to exchange policy.

first: learning the basics of SEO is the key

the name suggests the first step to learn SEO, of course, is to first understand the basic fundamentals. Buy some of the more useful books. At the same time, you can go to the site to find some well-known SEO forums to see some of the old owners to share experiences. SEO is now hot. A search on the Internet are just some of the materials on SEO, video systems, as well as voice download system. Etc. so we can not decide how to choose. This time, the Shanghai Web Design by years of experience in this industry, to tell you, first of all, or more than the first reading, a good basic grasp of those who look at what the video tutorial too late. Why? Example. Sites such as Google's quality guidelines, there are many basic principles related to the search engine, after reading the content, let us know the reason, but not the answer. We went to the website to learn SEO knowledge, is the spread of others, we ourselves see these seo fundamentals, is to understand their way of thinking, this is our own things, the role is huge. This sake has been said, I believe we all understand very well the.

second, to have clear and comprehensive understanding of the site

first step, we have the system learn the basics of SEO. Then the second step, we have to be clear on their website a comprehensive understanding of the. So what specifically needs to learn it? Oh, the things to learn is very much, js, html, css, cms, asp or php, SEO is sometimes necessary because of batch operations, especially for large sites, as long as you know the strategy can be made later the phenomenon. In addition, site optimization must start from within, only the content met the SEO, the site on a large scale before it can save a lot of effort, they are not to be detours. Many owners are now using mature open source CMS, and some secondary development will not change, and will not completely optimized within the site, but will simply change the title, so SEO is the most simple, as well as Many areas need improvement. When we know enough about your site, when to use their knowledge to SEO optimization to minimize the external interference, or, after a problem, sometimes not a technical issue, but a point of order.

third, finishing summarize advances

when we know enough about our site, to do well within the SEO and understand the basis of SEO works, you let go of the bold practice, practice, go to sum up the process, and to judge. This can be the most thorough know in the end what factors affect the site included and ranked. After this period of time, we constantly upgrade the level of SEO. For the times, his insight and practical effect of SEO is different this time need to be adjusted, the adjustment process is to deepen the process of judging for themselves, but also to improve the process. SEO in the learning phase, this is the most practical and most rewarding phase. Construction site in Shanghai to do SEO, it will continue to adjust, three-month stage, SEO traffic is on the increase as adjusted, are so many ways from the practice, and practice into learning from continuous review.

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Guarantee top 10 search engine optimization factors

SEO Company How to ensure that even the concept of search engine optimization client, should get in return other than a statement of work and some fancy report, the construction of any link in this month spent a few hours, and other bulk top 10 rankings, submit articles of other seemingly important search engine optimization tasks. The truth is always guaranteed SEO firm or the top 10 rankings or between two different camps. So why do some SEO companies provide a performance guarantee, and other SEO companies do not?

before the start of our investigation, we set some basic rules, of course, here, to make sure we compare at least three years in the business and a the customer's investment portfolio at least 2-3 dozen clients a year reputable SEO company. Oh, of course, we compare the SEO company has achieved decent rankings for their clients and their customers will not hesitate to recommend them to friends, business associates or family members. Now, we get in the way, these important benchmarks, let's look at what is SEO guarantee, sometimes very heated discussion, the heart around it.

this problem is very simple trust. SEO company in the hands of customers, do the best they can employ them to achieve first page ranking results of the trust. So, which company can be attributed to its sound and fancy graphics, customer case studies, identification, and search engine optimization organization's background and the Better Business Bureau badge members to sell their SEO services site more convincing. However, this is really how to do a competent SEO company is the difference then?

If the company can not convey enough trust in their site search engine optimization of a potential client, and they may close the stores, But sadly, even when a potential customer feel in their hearts there are some inherent error forking more money than non-service 'T have a tangible result, they are still signed on the dotted line. What a sad, but it is not the case. You have the right to know your hard-earned money to buy. So, here is to ensure that search engine optimization services can really make or break a deal from a reputable SEO company, but there is a SEO guarantee, not simply write a slogan to use on Web pages, and hope that visitors will listen to a few. These features, you should use the results of hiring SEO companies guarantee in writing.

from many previous search engine optimization clients get the reference, you can SEO company should give you a previous customer contact information, lots of fun and a lot of pride in the list. After all, they will be treated as their last client. The most important questions to ask previous customers is how long it took the SEO company to achieve results, they can hold that position long.

no front money. , You should not pay a dime to any type of installation costs or other stupid management costs. This requires experienced SEO does not exceed 1 hour, take out your site to conduct a thorough analysis, and create one for your suggestions. This cost should not come out of your pocket, so never for any type of on-site review prior to each payment.

to Google. Specific ranking, Google is still accounted for over 60% of the global search market, the king of online search, you should not accept the guarantee, including the reference in a contract any Yahoo or ice (MSN, Live). You should simply say you are only interested in Google's natural results.

independent verification of the rankings, the SEO company can always find what type of ranking will use the report generation tool. Check daily ranking and ranking history, must be ready to provide you.

guarantee the fulfillment of what constitutes an SEO? In other words, how many days in a month to do a ranking of the top 10 or top 5 ranking guarantee performance. For each calendar month a minimum of 15 days on-site requirements of the top 10 or top 5.

do not pay all of the search engine ranking optimization is achieved in the first month cost of the total cost of SEO once you agree, you should ask you to pay more than the minimum six months as long as the site still on the first page Google in the meantime. If the site from the first page of Google, more than 15 days before the month of decline, you should not pay one month forward rolling contract period.

ask them, their maintenance plan will cost you much, once they have achieved the top, the contract expires, be careful, if SEO companies want to charge you the same tax rate, charged in the first place get you on the first page of Google. Link building and optimization need to be substantially more expensive, you should get a decent break, the cost of SEO, if you choose to extend it.

what they plan to do for you on the first page Google. Transparency requires a very direct question, if it is not explained in their statement of work or contract has been, and what methods will be used to make you the top ten on Google. If you see in the contract is to optimize the web page content and some of the directory submission, it is most likely not get what you want. You want to see specific reference in the contract a permanent one-way link building, no rent, only permanent link. Ask them for their acquisition of other search engine optimization link client sample.

search engine optimization information can be very effective in increasing sales, regardless of your goals may be, but many times, in the SEO business decision-makers simply blindly accept the terms of the contract in front of them, because they do not know the questions they should ask. It is your duty to exercise due diligence and research as part of search engine optimization provider of choice when you get in return is to know your money, if not achieve the promised result, what is your choice.

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