Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The art of Baike skills outside the chain of seven

is well known, high weight of the external links, the site plays a vital role in the building, but to build a high weight of linked sites or forums threshold and skills is very strong, so that novice owners insurmountable, the reason is that the lack of high-weight web links and links strategies to understand the rules of the rational use!

tight and heavy task, rambling, this article mainly to Baidu Baike outside the chain of construction, to tell the story in Baike entry skills and strategies in lanyards, Baidu launched Baidu's Wikipedia is a product, someone's son I do not Hudu, Baidu is no exception, when we search for keywords Baidu Baike always ranked in the top few, which fully shows Baidu is also a virtuous and not to avoid the pro guy, but also to Baike given high weight!

many owners are aware of this truth, it has numerous times to edit entries, but often as fallen on barren ground, had no audio, can be seen Baike audit of entries is very strict, but is not no way, I teach you edit the entries below the 7 little skill, mastered these seven points, will greatly improve the pass rate!

Tip 1: find typos. Typos in Baidu Baike is very easy to find, and very easy to modify the spelling approved, it is recommended to take this approach more than novice editing entries. However, the spelling edit entries is simple, but how to modify the spelling at the same time, clever with their own websites to promote links and links to website marketing products, you need to respond flexibly to the!

Tip 2: Add related images. In many cases, Wikipedia entry text has been good enough, but the image content is small, so this provides an opportunity to the majority of owners, remember, while the increase related pictures, add links to your site, do not forget your goal.

Tip 3: Increase the entry name of the English translation. Many international generic term, product, Baidu Baike does not own in the English translation or English origin, outside the chain of builders can build your own website on a content page, provided the subject of these entries in English, and then use this page to do Baike entry editing, the success rate is very high!

Tip # 4: Increase the Xinhua dictionary explanation. In Baike editing, a lot of time, explain the increase in the Xinhua Dictionary, you can easily approved, this technique is often used himself, and tested!

Tip 5: delete the ad. Here we may see that there is doubt, and those who edit entries search engine optimization purposes, not just to increase your site's ads and links it, why remove the ads? Is very easy to understand, not to remove their advertising, but others increased advertising! But, never, never pay attention to, delete, delete those ads is too straightforward, exaggerated, false advertising, unfair competition, peer advertising, proposed to retain. Witty saying on the network, then, "a man to remain first-line, better meet the future!" Since we are ready to Baidu Promotion on Wikipedia, it should have done their best, rather than each other to suppress!

Tip 6: remove outdated links. In Baidu Baike editing, there is a very special case, is outside the chain of builders like the situation, that is, the original entry in the external links open, and out of date. Encountered such a link to quickly start it, after this village do not have this shop. Remove these links, the supplement on the links on your site!

Tip 7: layout. Many veterans often edit entries, often have single-handedly meet the Baike typography typography techniques, and this layout technique, it is easy to obtain recognition of auditors to be approved. Baike the layout, not only contains the page layout, including the content of the landscaping, the establishment of classification, adjust the text size and other details.

above is a technique that is an idea, you can also use these systems to the WIKI, and maybe we have better skills and ideas, hope all of us learn from each other and progress together!

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