Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Website optimization in order to break the link all the way to green light the p

although the link is not a panacea, but no link is absolutely not. Facts have proved that all ranked slightly better than some of the sites, links to hundreds or even thousands is not uncommon to have. Because the link is the path of the search spider, a broad and diverse keyword anchor text links, search engines can effectively help identify key words. The blog has long been deified support stations, not more than the real purpose is to get links? So, steadily building external links, website optimization and Internet marketing is an indispensable work. Of course, the importance of the site content is not in doubt, original content there is a solution, although difficult, perhaps the article conception is not new, not to mention the wonderful style of writing, just write out a core idea, in line with the rules of grammar, a unique Articles can be. I believe that, compared to the original content, link building much more difficult, some have good results link method, and now have become no longer effective.

one, have been repeatedly banned forum blog

few years ago, the forum link blog as a way to build a more effective, time-tested by webmasters, many sites therefore able to quickly improve website ranking. But the situation is undergoing some changes, this change comes from two aspects. One is the search engine, blog and forum link from the weight is dropping lower and lower, in a sense more of a blog forum symbolic links, blog forum to enhance the site rely on the weight, the amount can only win; its Second, forum or blog itself, I know the blog is Netease, Sina blog, newspaper, and Phoenix Bo Baidu space, has a large clear violation of the law blog. Link has been blessed as Donews SEOer writing community, recently issued a statement, is strictly prohibited in order to optimize, for the purpose of advertising, publishing the article. Even more generous is always original A5 Zatan SEO pages, stopped keyword anchor text links.

Second, the insufficient number of friendship exchange

the same circumstances, friendship exchange links considerable weight, the site of the same type, the weight is to enhance the site ideal way . Unfortunately, a site can exchange a limited number of links, more than a given amount (usually 30 or so), the link can easily be seen as workshops, being punished by search engines down the right. And the so-called exchange links, get links and pass on the weight at the same time, their own websites also need to export weights. Link is a limited number of fatal flawed, in front of thousands of links to dozens of links appears to be negligible. Analysis of some of the top front of the site will find more, some sites do not link, it is not because no link to the power of reason?

Third, the risk is too great video site

in website building and network marketing, peer focus Mian Bude website link can be said for many of my friends mustering the effort, via video link is a kind of website construction. The author of several long-term observation sites, the number of links within one month, soaring to more than 7,000 from more than 100,000. Analysis after the discovery, mostly from the cool six, 56, excited and other video sites. Within one month of close to 10 million links building is almost impossible, so it can only do video site, is caused because of a video call with the number of more substantial, building a successful launch of a video link, it means the construction of dozens of or even hundreds of links. In the number of video sites link to such a force, naturally a lot of people salivating, but that video sites link to force it to hide a huge risk. Once the video sites boomed, remove the link from the source, I remember the moment it will bring thousands of link loss. And, just a text site, no content, so the link on the search engines have no value. Rely on the video website link, the website was down the right and even K Station is sooner or later.

increasingly difficult not only these three links, Google also introduced in June this year, a reporting mechanism to link cheating to prove safety paid links. Performance as the main site optimization, link building seems to look into a dilemma. Number of new sites, it is undoubtedly fatal, then good content is not sufficient quantity and quality of links to support, are undoubtedly in the fantasy rankings. In a sense, the website building and website optimization efforts to improve the quality of the content removed, the building became a link to the contest, breaking the link to the plight of website optimization is possible all the way to the green. Breaking up is not no way, just more difficult than ever, need to pay a certain price. For example, owners like A5/CHINAZ this type of information site, to the confusion in front of the plight of the owners to provide solutions.

one original article for building link sharing experience

Although link building difficult, but the door is always open, is the soft link. Almost most of the owners of the site are allowed to publish class experience sharing articles, but also allows the end of the article with Web. In many webmaster type site, when the log-log plot of the A5 network owners and the king's CHINAZ more famous hooligan by the attention the most. A quality article submission to the A5 and CHINAZ, in a short time you can get dozens or even hundreds of articles of the reproduced volume. Although only together with a URL address, but search engines can identify, and so real and natural link building method is unmatched by other means. Just need to understand that truth is the first original writing for the purpose should be to share experiences and build links is a subsidiary of the results of it, to enhance the quality of the article can never be taken lightly.

Second, choose to use paid links, the effect is more ideal

If one is not writing, and no resources to build a sufficient number of links, pay Link is also a good choice. Now connect all forms of payment can be described as confusing, what gold chain, white gold chain, diamond chain, chain, and so dark that the dazzling chain. Note that a few paid links, one link can not touch the cheating, was targeted by Google as a link to workshops but also to arm's length. Second, paid links, but also close to the true nature of the principle, possible links to changes in the natural variation in line. Which, A5 soft link (http://e.admin5.com) as a new link way, the natural distribution of words in the article link among the different types of links and resources in different domains, with the natural variety of popular search engine Link coincide, is a recommended way of paid links.

three, blog or forum link supporting a useful complement to

though have been repeatedly banned, but the blog forum links is not at all not to, but only as a secondary form. We give an example, you open a Sina blog, send articles every day, and the article did not involve any blog banned content. Only occasionally, when the article in the individual links by adding a few key words so that would not suffer blog management of natural resentment. Shanghai Science and Technology Network's pilot (http://www.joyweb.net.cn) that the blog forum is now only as a supplementary form in order to expand links to diversity, and nothing more. Although the major forums have slowly started blocking in the post Replies adding keyword links, but you can use the forum signature or key words, and the same blog, forums, links can only be an auxiliary, not distracting.


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