Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why not discuss the diagnosis site SEO search engine of all ages

every day a lot of owners complaining about their site is not a good search engine ranking, web spiders do not like to crawl content, then you thought, why do not like spiders to your site it? it why people like to patronize the other site? have had no real remorse for their site to be a comprehensive diagnosis? Is what has been done on the search engine unfriendly move it? site design is conducive to spiders crawl and crawl it? unfriendly to search engines, there are many, the following A5 SEO optimization group on the diagnosis of several common aspects, and we talk about.

one, Flash effect is attractive but not multi-purpose

we often see a lot of websites use Flash effects, have to admit that giving the visual effect is very good, if only in the pages use a small part of Flash, such as: small ads made with Flash, icon, etc., which are harmless, but some website has a Flash file on the home page, search engines crawl the HTML code with only a link to the Flash, no other description of any text, the search engines will not be able to identify and what related, which are classified under the other, there are people like the site to put a Flash animated page headers first, then jump to the HTML version of the text page, but search engines are simply unable to read, there is no way to jump to the HTML version of the page.

Second, avoid the use of other than 301 jump

301 jump is change the URL of the shift, the weight can be from the previous page of the old site to the new web site page, Search engines are also acceptable, but the A5 SEO team will then have to optimize the diagnosis and tell you that several jump is very unfriendly to search engines, but also more sensitive to the search engines. Such as: 302 jump, Javascript Jump, Flash Jump, Meta Refresh jump, etc. These search engines do not like, they want the site owners can not try to do.

Third, avoid the use of dynamic URL

general dynamic URL is not conducive to crawling spider crawl, like some with a question mark, equal sign and some parameters of the site are not desirable , the search engines do not like this site. Thus, A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group (http://seo.admin5.com/) suggested webmaster friends, URL must use a static or pseudo-static, so that is more friendly for search engines, which will help capture, in line with search engine's taste.

Fourth, the navigation system to avoid using JS script

some sites in order to have an attractive visual feature on the use of JS script to generate the navigation system, but search engines can not parse JS script, although Search engines are also hard to think about ways to solve these problems, but sometimes powerless, it is a real JS script can not be resolved, if your site content is really good, is a big site, then search engines may also be make more efforts to resolve the JS script, but if your station is only a negligible, and that also do not expect search engines to parse the.

five, Cookies can not be reasonable to use force

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team will always be the customer's site in order to achieve certain functions, will force the use of Cookies, remember user login information, the user is not enabled Cookies, page can not be displayed or not displayed correctly, but in terms of search engine spiders, search engine spiders can not only result in a normal visit, Imagine, spiders can not normally access your Web site, not suffer you ah? So, Cookies must be reasonable to use force must not be used.

want to get a site favored by search engines, then you must first understand what search engines do not like, hate what, so we do not stop when the search engines do not like things, then, your site will be possible to get the search engines love, as we were, like, no one likes singing a different tune with their own, no one can do what other people think of roses, in line with their own mind, the search engine spiders with our people is the same, so, A5 SEO optimization teams diagnose diagnosis to clients website, always in the "Site optimized reference proposal" was underlined in the search engines do not like what actions should be how to avoid, how it should have been used to modify, to get search engines like.

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