Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Website Snapshot correction of common causes and solutions analysis

we all know, the site is a snapshot of the way to determine the weight of one web site, Baidu is the analysis of our website is a key factor in the degree of attention one, but I found many friends, including the author's Web site often occur snapshot correction of the problem , a snapshot shows the correction to those issues? we should improve those aspects of the weight to ensure that our web site updated daily snapshot? Here the writer's own Web site operators to optimize the process of correction on a snapshot of a few causes and solutions methods and techniques to share with everyone. Well, we continued into today's gossip short subject. I will be a snapshot summary of reasons why correction the following points, then 11 for analysis.

First, the server element. This is a snapshot of correction of a non-technical factors, but for a snapshot of the impact site is very critical factor, because the server will be a direct result of factors that cause failure of our site visits, thus affecting the user experience, greatly increasing the website bounce rate, if the spider at this time will no doubt come to our website directly on our website's performance on search engines play a very significant negative effect. Therefore, I propose a snapshot of the site when the correction occurs, we first have to observe the Web site logs, view logs to see if the return code 404, and so the relevant code, if the error code, certainly one that we website time there have been unable to access the situation, we do not have to worry for the situation to ensure that the site visit the first normal, then continue to do our thing, waiting for Baidu, and Baidu spider visit again the next update you can pull off the problem.

Second, the site content quality. The quality of site content not only affect the weight of our website and search engines on the performance, but also a snapshot of the factors affecting one of our web site, quality of content for the site under the site will be included on the Baidu first performance of the abnormal Obviously, the specific amount of delay is included or not included increased significantly diminished, performance is the site further down the right, a snapshot of a snapshot does not update and correction, and so a series of questions followed. Encountered such a situation was first attitude and adjust the quality of your site's articles can be appropriate to reduce the number of updates, but the contents of the article should never be shoddy, as far as high-quality original content site updates. Gradually with fresh quality content to attract spiders, and gradually improve our website in Baidu weight, insist on doing repeat, a snapshot of our website and will slowly raise the weight up.

Third, the site links to external influence. First of all, including low-quality sites external links, such as a large number of forum signature, blog comments etc. These low-quality outreach to a certain extent, when it will greatly reduce the search engines on the weight, the most direct impact is the site down right away and keyword ranking, a snapshot of the back is naturally self-evident and, secondly, website Link to the snapshot of the impact is not to be underestimated, and the longest is the Link to see the site was down the right or by Baidu K out, or cause access conditions, which are affecting our website snapshot back the reason why. When your website suddenly appeared one day snapshot of correction, we carefully check the Web site Links to see whether they are due Links implicated. And then reflect on the quality of outreach under the recent circumstances, those platforms are doing their own outreach, and recently have done a lot of low-quality connections, and so on. If these adverse actions, please remove as soon as possible, remove those who are open down the right by K, friendship connections and so on.

Fourth, the site title changes. Web site title is the most important place, most likely caused by the search engine down the right place, where I remind everyone on the site and building as much as possible not to change after the website title, modify the title of the most direct impact is the site disappearing site was ranked down the right, ranging from a snapshot of correction and lead to a site within a period of time would delay his snapshot of how the operation is not updated. So I remind a lot of novice friends, when in the establishment of the station will consider this carefully in order to avoid this problem because the snapshot site correction or even down the right, such a result is no one wants to see, is very worth the candle.

In summary, I will own a snapshot of the website optimization process correction of the common causes and solutions and we share a little detail, I hope, serve. Well, today I will share with you to the side, seo seo more practical communication strategies Welcome to QQ group: 54641201 discussion, this article from the original first internal network security http://www.xki.com.cn Admin5 welcome reproduced, Please keep the website source, thank you.

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