Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Website optimization is only a tool to refrain sword easy road of network market

This may be a lot of people do not believe the fact that many small and medium companies in charge, that it takes only a few thousand dollars to be a website, then every day there will be endless the list. No culture more terrible! Result of this fact, many small companies, small business owners think that Internet companies is a liar, or spend a few thousand dollars to do the website, why not produce sales even if no one visits it? Related website construction and network The blind spot is not the end of marketing, who is often access to the Internet, I am afraid there are a considerable part of that web site optimization or internet marketing is doing the promotion. But in reality, confined to the park thinking the concept of marketing, website optimization is among the people, there are also many. Indeed the facts, as opposed to website optimization, the wider range of network marketing and network marketing is a run through the process of site optimization is only one way and one way. I believe that, in order to optimize the user experience or neglect rankings, even blindly rely on website optimization and give up other more effective methods of marketing, network marketing, but not the cart before the horse.

First, emphasis on website optimization, ignore the user experience

what channels by whatever method, get a good ranking website What is the purpose? Answer may be different, But in the end only one, allowing users to easily find and desire to buy up to promote sales. Therefore, a successful professional website design is important, because only a good first impression produced only after the purchase and ultimately may contribute to sales. All this was so important to many companies in the construction site be ignored, we just under one of the words such as "Shanghai Networks", you will find many sites are optimized in order to optimize, piled full of pseudo-words and even entire from the original article. The end result is that ranking up a short, sharp increase in traffic and sales is not brought up.

how important user experience, think about this as long as you can perceive. A site, the user experience is not ideal, can not effectively contribute to the first sale transactions, followed by the website user-friendly enough, not taking into account the user experience site, the user will leave a very good impression. Many people inside the subconscious that the user experience and website optimization results, not taking into account the two originally contradictory. Indeed, what search engines like text, pictures can not capture, FLASH and JS effects, etc., but these are to enhance the user experience can be very good. Its essence, although the conflict between the two places, but not contradictory, because a good search engine user experience is the unremitting efforts.

Second, rely on website optimization, ignoring the search to promote

though search engine keywords to promote a single click of the rising costs, many companies complained, but to Bidding started search engine keyword ranking, is undoubtedly the most effective and direct current network of network marketing. Search engine keyword advertising has a short, flat, fast characteristics of traditional sales methods in the case of continued weakness, the search engine promotion will undoubtedly become a very timely and effective way to expand. Compared to the promotion, website optimization is more affordable, but also to improve the quality of site content as a way of site optimization, the effect seems stronger than the promotion as well. Website Optimization from the keywords, all-weather online, free to click, but the bid to promote it? Even if you can not off the assembly line 24 hours a day, but also cost a lot of money at the expense of the promotion.

a result, many people myth website optimization, website optimization and even rely on one leg were not uncommon. In my opinion, this is extremely undesirable. First of all, no matter which search engine rankings by optimizing keywords and then from the front, but also to promote the ad after the auction location. The survey found that more than 80% even more users to the top three concerns, and Google or other search engines has long been the top three search advertising to promote occupy and optimize keyword marketing performance naturally declined. Second, the undeniable fact is that, due to the competitive environment in the search engine algorithms constantly adjust itself, the effect of site optimization is not stable. Constantly change the ranking of the floating, natural to a direct marketing network marketing, network marketing, if all the expectations are pinned on top of site optimization, the risk is too great a number.

Third, superstitious website optimization, ignoring the objective laws

few years ago, black chain become the rage of website optimization "success" shortcut. Some government agencies, schools, and the company's website due to lack of the necessary security, maintenance, site optimization it became the hardest hit. Just a little attention to the next will find many sites on the black chain is prohibited words such as "gambling", "satellite TV receivers," and so, with that as long as the chain, can be keyword make up. Unfortunately, the fact that this will not play a significant optimization results. Because search engine magic and then a big, strong-minded and can not get rid of political and legal regulation. That some of the more straightforward, through the proper channels can not be accepted by search engines, words can not be extended, as by optimizing the method is not easy work. (Strictly speaking, this is not the objective law, but in a certain time and place within it is an objective and even insurmountable, although some are very subjective awareness of bias)

just above example, can not optimize or not optimize keywords up too much, so SEO is definitely not a panacea. In general, there are two types of words are more difficult to optimize the intensity of competition is a relatively large words, such as optimization similar to the "SEO" so the key, short-lived countless victims; another state law that touch and search engine interests of the word itself, this self-evident, and can not say too thorough. Should recognize the fact that search engine marketing is more effective network marketing, and website optimization is very economical to achieve a way of search engine marketing. But the Shanghai Science and Technology website development company Pilot (http://www.joyweb.net.cn) re-emphasized that only a way of site optimization, only a means, but not superstitious to believe that, you can choose but must not rely on, or is tantamount to forest for the trees.

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