Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lu Guofu: make your site down right into a cloud

Recently, many sites are there home is K, is more serious is the direct pluck, often see the exchange group in SEO have friends talking about their site is K, and think of all came pity, Xin hard to hard to do the site for so long, all of a sudden you start from 0. Say that we were really cheating Baidu K, that is also excusable. But we are sticking to the site by Baidu K, and really makes the egg pain ah. There are also two sites in Wuhan SEO by Baidu to K for a few days, suddenly came back, and found even better position than at the beginning, Baidu will really surprise people ah. As you said, Baidu is the play's heart to do, so do our SEO optimization, mind bad advice Bypass. Having said that, get on with you today to talk about Wuhan SEO site down the right solution to solve the first as the need to know why down the right, is the so-called "kill the mutant," is due What causes it right down our website?

1, spatial instability leading to

most unstable so this space into the first point, we can see how important the stability of the space. Many novice Jianzhan early in order to save costs when using low-cost space, the results of site a little bit improvement on the case of spatial instability, or is slow website access, or is the site directly open, so do the site for who are not like. I helped a friend is to optimize the site www.iphone010.com instability encountered this space, just a few days Web site that the phenomenon of open space often, resulting in sites directly pluck, good thing I pre-work done a good job with web space has been stabilized, the website after 34 days, included all back, we can see the screenshot:

2, leading down the right keyword stuffing

many of my friends know that keyword density is to enhance website keyword ranking (but not to say that Web site keyword density, ranking will certainly be good), so Many of my friends in the establishment of the station, when, in many locations deliberately inserted a lot of words, causing the site keyword density is too high, leading to site is K. We do SEO friends, sometimes found in some areas may be friends of SEO To test directly in the title and description added to a large number of key words, short-term top is great, but often not long, it was K a. May have a friend who would say, why the site a little pile of words, but not K, but ranked well, I can only say "red light the car will not necessarily be arrested, not all people do bad things will be found." , if you want your site to survive long away from cheating it.

3, repeated through the site high

If a duplicate site content is too high, too high here, of course, contains all of the contents comparison and the Internet. Many sites do collect a lot of content sites, short term or the content rankings can be greatly improved, but such a large collection of content is not to provide a good user experience, long-term trend continues, will be a lot of duplicate content Search engine removed. So we have been emphasizing the original, only the original article in order to make search engines love our site, so as to enhance the weight of the site, to obtain a good ranking.

4, using the mass software

is now part of the software to built them by mass, of course, some people or some people have been successful. But the long-term considerations, do not recommend the use of mass software, bulk software has drawbacks because in general it is made outside the chain is regular, so that search engine spiders can be tracked, such a great impact on the site was discovered on the basic Only K the road.

5, outside the chain of unstable

here that the outer chain of instability, that is, outside the chain of sites that we have greatly increased or greatly reduced the change. Short-term increase or decrease the number of external links search engines outside the chain will judge our site suspected of cheating, the basic reason for this is that there link to the operation through the purchase. Often hear a lot of friends that like to eat website link to purchase poison, once to eat, and eat more serious consequences. Therefore, under normal circumstances suggest that you do not buy links, or through their own efforts to obtain it outside the chain of resources, so be rest assured that the outer chain.

6, websites have been linked to horse

sometimes preventive measures because we did not do the site, resulting in hacking our site, and then put up some of the mess on the link, These links are often put up the search engines do not like a long time has led us to the K site by search engines, so when we built them, protect your site account and password can not be underestimated.

7, Links

Sometimes because of our friendship factors, will lead to our website was down the right. When we link to sites or open down the right are influential, so we will do when the link with some of the criteria for their access to quality links.

for this site right down here on the analysis of the reasons, and if we can analyze site down the right reasons, then solve the problem, then down the right to restore the site is not easy. No matter at what time do I remember the article and publish high-quality sites outside the chain, so do not worry, today is the day the update Baidu, Baidu hope after reading my article, my words to raise a few , Gan Minger give you incense, ha ha!

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