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Gu Fangyuan: website ranking the causes of and solutions

Gu Fangyuan bring you this website to learn the causes of and solutions ranked course, if you have some experience of SEO, website ranking optimization must know like "sailing against the current, not to retreat into the" famous words, like the SEO industry popular keywords often than not, your site's ranking in the lower number, and j is the competitor's website on the rise, so you produce the illusion, of course, under ideal conditions, if your site contains a substantial reduction in , then the ranking of your website is really on the decline, because the site contains links to optimize the extent and within the indirect impact of ranking, the following is Gufang Yuan more than two SEO services and experience, would really like to help everyone.

website ranking fell 10 reasons

1, by competitors beyond

2, external link instability

3, the server does not stable temporarily down right

4, frequently changing the title being down right

5, big revision down the right web site

6, the search engine algorithms change

7, the website page is K

8, less original content, low quality

9, the contents of web site search engine ban

10, long-term do not update

website by competitors beyond

site rankings in a competitive, the site is beyond our competitors is the most common thing, because the Web site optimization, such as boat, do not enter on the back , forward speed and stability, but also those who rely on bricks to balance control and strengthen their own forces, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: to strengthen the internal optimization and external links to websites optimized to increase the amount included in the article, thereby indirectly increasing the overall weight.

link instability

station to rank the opportunity to rely on external links, links to get rankings in the major stations rely on, the link can be drawn from the importance of the site's ranking on the Gu Fangyuan years optimization of multi-site experience that links to a site's ranking points to at least 90% of the proportion, no matter what kind of website, regardless of the size of the site, just slightly difficult words, there is no link there would be no ranking, so control of the link must be strengthened, for the link is unstable search engine hated things, because the emergence of trading links, search engines tend to believe that this is a cheating, the new sites, you can just use this way to kill each other! This is mainly manifested in the "Baidu search engine", since we can see that Baidu will not have any protection for a small website to make the dream of this domain seo training has also been Baidu down the right! This is the Baidu and different from other search engines, so it is within the link, or external links must be on a stable platform for increased balance, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: use soft software plus links to internal and external links to resources to build their own libraries, so that you - yourself cow B.

server instability temporarily down right

things about the server, the article in the other solutions have been described in detail, we can go to read the article, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: here just want to say, in order to website to rank the long-term opportunity, he will have a good environment, as people sleep, a different environment, quality of sleep is completely different.

frequently modify the title being down right

Detailed Look at the relevant parts of other articles, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: what word do not want to optimize, optimize to the last word has not improved, best to just write a web site title.

site big revision down the right

on Website Other articles have described, you can refer to, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: no non-essential is not revised, changing only minor changes, large change with the new domain.

search engine algorithms change

search engine algorithms can not be predicted, especially for Baidu search engine, do not too much on it, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: Do not put yourself hang in a search engine, without him you can still get traffic, you can get the target customer, this is what you should have the ability.

website page is K

website page to be outside the link K may be out of balance performance, can also be important to content sites and more, collect less and quality articles search engine algorithm, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: If the content quality is not the problem, then the link from outside find the reasons why there are two reasons that the search engine itself is not a problem, then only accept their fate, their own bad luck, continue to do their own thing, every day updates, so do not how how search engines like it! more Baidu too rubbish.

little original content, low quality

content is king, the emperor link to a website without content, it means a baby born with deficiencies, in order to grow into stars, perhaps just a dream, because the probability is really too small, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: increase the quantity and quality of original content sites to improve the site overall weight.

search engines prohibited content sites

search engine does not allow contents are: State regulations prohibit the content, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: when do the site to be like their own The result is, if you want a temporary result of the search engine can do the contents of grazing, if you want to do long-term stations and then away from the national search engine does not allow contents.

long-term sites do not update

in other articles on this subject have said, for the new site is not updated is the site of chronic killer, the contents of the new station is the long-term development of the road , for the old station, the update does not happen a year, such as rock interaction point is a good example, depending on your web site position in search engines, Gu Fangyuan Proposed solution: content is king, at least adhere to a week to write two articles.

This is Gufang Yuan to provide more than 200 SEO services and SEO training and experience in business, basically summed up the reasons for the decline in ranking websites and solutions, 99% of the site problems can be found from the above solution, This is sufficient, there is no need to quibble over the learning process, the Gu Fangyuan to introduce here, what comments and suggestions, please give me that look to solve, thank you!

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