Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Owners of the grass-roots appeal: Let us deal with the right seo

2010 March, I came into contact with, knowledge and understanding of seo. Seo as a rookie, was not supposed to trespass, disgrace. However, this time with the company of seo, and he is personally feel that some things have never realized before. Also remember the original concept of reciting the seo: search engine optimization, search engine optimization, referred to seo. It is to follow the principles of search engine, the site structure, web sites written language and the interaction between rational planning and other diplomatic strategy deployed to improve the website performance in search engines, thus increasing the customer the possibility to discover and visit the such a process.

seo industry is very low barriers to entry, many seo theoretical knowledge may already overripe in the chest. But in fact, few people were able to ease the use of seo techniques. We often seoer claim, we used consistent with the individual owners for their own name, and dreams of one day becoming a real website ceo. But in this game of cat and mouse, who is the cat, who is the rat, who mind is clear. If we just to seo and seo, then we will always exhausted, always vulnerable to attack.

Therefore, we need to properly deal with seo, rational use of seo. Our aim is to enhance the site's traffic, but does not mean do anything. I see our large numbers seo is impetuous, and often see some webmaster forum where the replies, people feel awkward. Replies are not related with the theme of many, many Replies are "Thank you to share", "learning" and so on, are we really thank you to share and learn in it? Of course I not criticize our seo, I'm just this way to reflect on their own!

the saying goes, people's eyes are sharp, the site visitors are god. But how true retain visitors, is the site long-term survival. If we put forward a site, did not improve the contents of the first seo, even if there is access to, you can retain it? We see that many people engage in a spate of special waste site keyword deceive point traffic. In fact, I have been engaged in before, but after really been engaged in consciousness, traffic is not the yuan, it was just a moment to meet our vanity traffic, and nothing more!

Ma saw last night on the net Chamber of Commerce lecture video, very deep feelings. We seoer been followed Baidu turn, but turn now seoer are more confused. Always hear the voice of one after another: a collection of down, the chain less, ranking lost, the algorithm has changed ... ... To this end, we stood habitually abuse, hate and complain about Baidu. Ma said it is difficult to change the world, we can only change yourself. I said, Baidu is difficult to change, we can only change yourself.

let us sort out, the idea has long been doing seo. Give yourself a position to give their site a position. Site value of existence is to provide value. The face of our website user base, how do we provide good service, to improve the readability of web content and make the real character of their own? This is our seoer should always need to consider. We think the end result should not only landed in the rankings, ranking is that we should go to be considered, but not the priority. We do seo will sell themselves to make sense of the Internet this three-dimensional ball market, as long as the services we provide is intimate, like us, is the center of the sphere, any user to reach the closest distance is of.

Let us abandon the quick success, ranking as the king's mind, be treated in a proper sense of balance seo, survival and development of the site fueling. Our network marketing seo only a means, we just use this tool for marketing. If we take a good, helps a lot; passed, on the opposite, to no avail. Before, a lot of sites after the tragic scene by K, is not confirmed it has been very good?

together calmly think about, and today we seoer go do something about it? Perfect perfect site for further improvement services, to improve the quality of content increased further increase! optimization from the old thinking was to get out of concern for users, user-centric, for customer service! This is seoer make your site stand in numerous sites in the wise!

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