Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interpretation can not be said of the secret: the veil off the real SEO diagnosi

There are no wood

SEO engineer can be employed to optimize the way that Web site to do; there are no wood can cost tens of thousands of optimization methods to enhance the website ranking; have expert-level wooden figures for their own optimize service station do? for above questions in the past few years may not be easy to answer, the owners paid only by hiring people to solve the problem, to soaring own ranking, no way, who told their own technology in place it is not enough ?

the recent sudden popularity of a new response pattern: "SEO diagnosis" on this topic, presumably perennial removed from the Internet is no stranger to the owners, mainly to (http://seo.admin5.com) optimization group to serve as the representative of the team owners circle. The webmaster has done SEO diagnosis, or this is not strange, has its own use experience, but the vast Internet, every day has a new website was born, not technology, how to build the best search engine optimization rules on site? The answer is simple, SEO diagnosis is the existence of these services team owners. If you feel that the content above, there is no real right to speak, if you feel this information is not very understanding, if you want to accomplish a perfect website in search engine optimization beyond the competitors, it may be read as a little bit of content, if you is an experienced SEO webmaster diagnosis, may wish to cast a vote to encourage, because I am a webmaster, SEO diagnostic done last week, is K, is also back home.

straight to the point of said first, SEO does require diagnostic services fee, A5 diagnostic groups also need to pay to support the family. But a few hundred dollars service fee will be value to you!

a: SEO diagnosis can save you more money

first SEO is that the relationship between diagnosis and site optimization, in fact, SEO and website optimization really diagnose or less the same, but the difference is website optimization needs to "SEO diagnosis" on top, doing more "fundamental" activities. Owners hire SEO engineers in optimizing websites, even if the engineer is in fact more often doing "basic" work! The essence of which lay back in the early completion of site optimization, then we can not. " take the essence of "those doing their own after the basic work, thus saving a large amount of spending out of it? answer is yes, SEO is the case in fact the diagnosis!

Another point, the owners want to build a for-profit web site can really scratch it? fact must not, then why not if it can not itself create an environment it can be started? SEO diagnosis although the consumer has a few hundred dollars, but if they have got a set of most search engines rules to optimize system, really is worth it. Owners want to profit, to know how to choose the appropriate time. Believe it or not I am here to say, this article did not force who is going to pay, I just did SEO as a client to do a diagnostic statement of fact.

two: SEO for your site away from the diagnosis of sub-health

"sub" sites throughout the Internet, although most sites have a After SEOer webmaster or part of a comprehensive optimization, but still not in place by its own reasons, resulting in many sites seems to be "normal", but why not go up top is it? search engines such as those in the updated snapshot of the day website, the website included every day, why not drop the right but can not outperform their competitors? in fact the reason is simple, the site is still in the stage of non-health, and the opponent a little gap in the search engine rules will was hack away. Believe this, owners have more personal experience, sometimes a little bit of changes to the site is often the problem, ranking it will have a significantly improved. After all, the more backward-site optimization, in which the problems are more difficult to be found, but this time the diagnosis is a great SEO boost.

Recently, after a friend recommended place to do a second SEO site diagnostics, optimization of this website that is really its own place, it had been twenty points summed up the problem, really ashamed. A5 to optimize the diagnostic team to the site server from the domain name registration to the inside and outside the chain structure and layout, the final analysis did not point to the industry will do the very place, as shown in the figure:

wrote to say that the last of the true veil SEO What is the diagnosis? the final analysis, the foundation for the site to do optimization, web site owners to do according to diagnostic recommendations based on the optimization, coupled with persistent efforts, not afraid of the construction of high-quality website? If the site has always been to serve the search engine of the body sick, fear of spiders is not very like it! last show on the new station (http://i.zhihuiseo.com) If reproduced, please retain the copyright, thank cooperation!

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