Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tian Wei: How to change to a high quality Links

about Link exchange is certainly no stranger to the webmasters, we know a good website with the help of the Link is not inconsiderable, but also help to improve the website's search rankings and keyword weight, high pr Xiaobian found friendship connection of their own station also has some pr driven nature. Link to do so must have a certain standard, the exchange must not be worse than stand on their own, unless you know, you are willing to give a friend of the case. Take my own case for links like this every day: "Every professional updates, conditions very, interested, and I whisper, for home/page within the page or article [text page on the exchange before I write had this article, are interested in reading this: [external links difficult, Links and more? new ways to solve problems] (only for the disturbance of other medical sites) ", so that we can allow Link to play the most useful Good!

following field hospital network marketing small series on the micro-site to talk about what constitutes high-quality links, and how to get them outside the chain, the following abbreviations from the original, I mainly explain I do connect exchange:

about Link I would like to explain Links: Links to each other is put on its Web site links to other sites. Code must be able to find the page URL and site name, and browse the Web site can display the name, so called Links.

First, the change link must be "perfect match", so-called perfect match is the exchange of relevant sites, not related to the role of the website in general do not like when I exchange said: only for medical websites, and other disturbance. The first to sum up the following exchange points to note:

1, sites included

2, website pr value

3, website snapshot date

4, website pr output

5, website keyword ranking

6, site contains history

6, site is cheating

7, Baidu weight

8, Baidu Web site is not in the home

9, web content (whether health reasonable)

more than nine point is when I have to connect each switch to see if these points are done interchangeable connection will be able to do more with less. Then elaborate on what these nine:

sites included: the website contains much less than that included in the website is better, relatively speaking, at least we leave alone the other more Baidu included, will be able to do the spider or more concerned about it, the ranking would certainly account for some of the advantages, of course, bring traffic will not say.

website pr value: PR higher values ??indicate more popular the page (more important). Although now pr not so important, editors like to say here is, pr or have a certain role. For example: if A has a B site on the Web site links, and that for the A site must provide a better website content, which Google will link from B to C website as it cast a vote. A simple example: you pr 6 pr site development connection and connect to a site you will find the pr sent most of the chain will be higher than that of 1 pr.

website snapshot Date: snapshot update rate of reaction of a spider crawling on the site and search engine attention, as long as no exceptions can be said that the snapshot will not have much effect on traffic, snapshot in time, but long-term consequences of not updating the right or the K-Station is down. Of course, a snapshot of the new site is also representative of a webmaster to update and maintain the site daily, so we checked in for a snapshot while the attention snapshot of time, generally speaking, a snapshot of the best is updated within 24 hours, there 1-3 days a snapshot update, these snapshots are relatively normal, so we should find Links to link to such sites, but some sites included more keywords ranking well, but the snapshot is very slow, and some even two weeks has not been updated, like this site I would suggest that it is best not to swap owners.

website pr output: Link may change a lot of people did not notice this when, in fact, this is what we need to pay attention to the Link exchange places. Link the site to bring the so-called PR value, under normal circumstances is to look at each other for connecting the output query pr site, under normal circumstances if the other sites Link added much, pr pr high then the output value will be relatively larger. If the other side of the pr value than us, which we can consider one of the places for the site, other leave alone. Speaking of the pr value by the way how much have the best Link, in fact, many people think better, is not the case, the editors believe that the best control in 30 to 40 the best, here for reference only, there is no absolute the number.

website keyword ranking: is the webmaster of a site whether good or bad intentions in doing so we first want to check the other site's main keyword in the search engine ranking is among the front, if the rankings do not After all how to 100, indicating that this is not very good web site optimization, if the exchange is also a role for our little website. Of course, if we are a new station, we can reduce the requirement, if the other site's main keyword in the search engine which can search out, then on behalf of the site is not a bad record, and some search engines for their punishment, if looking for good quality that site, then like to find out quite early primary site keyword ranking, we recommend the first three pages in Baidu.

site contains history: This is not noted owners do not know, why look at history? Because some sites may collect more, or software with a lot of mass cheating, because collection site search engine will give punishment, to put this station, the station may incriminate you, but also included is a very unstable, today your site may be included with the poor well, maybe not tomorrow off the.

site is cheating: say something simple here, I know these cheating methods are: hidden text in the page's HTML file containing the key words in the text placed, but these words can not be user see, the search engine can only be seen; hidden links, hidden links and hidden text similar to, but the difference is the words on the link inside, and this link is invisible to the user; hidden page, some pages use program or script to detect access to the search engine or a normal user. If the search engines, optimized pages on the web version of the return. If the visit is the ordinary people, the return is another version. These three fields in the micro-cheating is experienced small series, of course, there are many ways of cheating, where I met some of the major said. Xiaobian every day in different pseudo-medical website to find original articles, sometimes responsible for the article came not to bring clearly before the connection, keyword but you have copied all the time, a look at all sites cheating, and our naked is invisible, and now the 360 ??is still a good browser, you use the edit mode to view these cheating methods are basically seen. Describes the methods of cheating, in fact, the ultimate goal of the website wanted to tell us not to cheat the exchange, to avoid our website has also been implicated down the right or to be k.

Baidu weight: Xiaobian field hospital network marketing micro-site inquiries generally like to use love, albeit a valuation, but also learn about a site. Preferred if the other site than their low weight, but Baidu's traffic to the site does have a lot of consideration. If the person's weight is high, but Baidu's little traffic to the site for site specific analysis, there is no exchange value. If the weight is high, a lot of traffic, the property is almost, if the other party is willing, of course, want to change your friends!

Baidu website site is not in the Home: Here is a look at the other main site is down right no.

site content (is healthy and reasonable): Think about it if your site is unhealthy Who would dare you exchange ah, I think to see if a website is the exchange of health is one of the more important conditions, Do you think it?

gave you here today, the above article from the hospital network marketing (http://www.szsem.cn/posts/23.html) Xiao Bian Tian Wei in exchange Links time experience with the personal views of some, if you feel useful to you, then you can read, I found a problem with communication and can exchange, reproduced, please indicate the source!


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