Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The core SEO Keywords: levels and from different angles to capture the target us

words is what we do to optimize a concept often mentioned, but also to optimize the core. It can be broadly understood as a marketing approach that we develop a good user favorite search terms, and then organize them on your site, use the search engine users search habits, the use of SEO techniques to your site ranking, to guide the customer to the site of a marketing approach. Thus, different keywords, you can capture different target users. So we need to do a thorough SEO various points of interest to users with various product attributes to tap out, so that a bridge structure, and ultimately bring benefits for the site.

Well, since this, tap the key words is a very important job, but also contains a technical work. In general, choose keywords is equivalent to market research, the need from the user's needs and psychological starting to grasp and interspersed in the keywords, I understand and I have the following summary of the article today in the way and we made a conclusion I hope we can benefit, also welcome to add the exchange.

mass-Keywords: for brand

Keywords for medium-sized or large companies more resources from the hands of the owners to do, these words Although the conversion rate in general, but because of traffic, if you can do home the top few, will certainly have a good income. In addition to effectively enhance the brand awareness is not that also get a lot of sites can help a wide range of traffic flow to do with the extra publicity to increase awareness. You can also do some affiliate ads on inside pages, is not a small income. Such as weight loss, cell phones, movies, etc., are all mass-words.

guided Keywords: increase sales conversion

guided words, including many interjections and qualifiers, the most common is the power of Taobao and B2C business website, there are more compelling sell crazy, rush, spike, Amoy, out of stock, hot, $ 0, genuine, licensed, and so on. The role of these words is the greatest psychological impact on users, creating purchase. Optimization of these words alone, and not so good results, with some of the long tail words need to be most effective. Many website owners a prominent position in their place the content, the effect is very good. We should also learn to use.

brand-Keywords: flow through the external ring

brand-circle key words can be understood as the words flow. Not just our own words, more importantly, someone else's brand terms. This may seem immoral, but not illegal. In place of our own website rival brand terms, you can import for their own good search traffic, as long as doing a good ranking. Mr Wen Wen, when doing SEO, found that many sites have adopted the industry is relatively well-known brand words do SEO, and ranking by comparison, the actual use of the brand which is the biggest advantage of doing SEO. Such words of relatively high conversion rate, as long as its not too bad our website.

psychological type Keywords: access to accurate customer

psychological type key words up, the most extensive, most are not easy to organize. Just imagine, the growth of each person in different environments, different access characteristics, the ability to understand the different products, have expressed very different, it is specifically expressed in the performance of different search. Some of the most long-tail words the user's shopping psychological reactions, such as where to see the power line without the most clear card? Pork how to eat well and not tired? Where good quality and cheap smart phone? These words are the user's search intention . If we grasp these words, then took advantage of these users. Psychological type keywords long tail keywords can also be understood as it is a long tail keyword is very important.

Therefore, optimizing the time to do in peacetime, not all concentrate on the construction of external links, and more users take the time to study, research keywords, the user's search of psychological research, the development of the site is absolutely beneficial and harmless. Today, right here, this article from the 2012 film Network http://www.2012dy.com/feed, reproduced, please keep the link, thank you!

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