Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Site is not terrible fast recovery K ranking method

I believe for every webmaster

terms, more or less have gone through their website was down the right stage. The author is now updated in the last period, I worked hard to operate the site for six months while looking down the autumn, the mood is very sad, but, after all, happened, or to adjust status to be resolved, because the recovery is also a learning process, following the author to share with you what sites are K from analysis to solve a process, method.

(a) the rapid analysis of why the site was K

1, because the site was ranked before K has been very stable, so I think its the first time what has been done on the site when the first reaction is to modify the site title title, we all know that the title is like the door of the first site, and each time changes need to re-search engines to understand, review. So changing the title is undoubtedly the result site is an important factor of K, so I propose you again, not a last resort owners do not often go to change the title, also called for novice owners do stand before your site must give a title keyword reasonable position.

2, Web site content is original, because the very beginning has always insisted I update the website with original, pseudo-original method, so the content is relatively similar among the superior site, so the rankings all the way to sublimation, and then a later stage, I began to lazy, after all, ranked, and so began to directly copy the contents of most other sites, not to modify, over time, from the content of the collection point of view, the contents of the reasons is undoubtedly the leading website to be K is a potential long-factors.

3, substantially modify the site template. We all know that search engines know a site is the html code from its understanding, but the changes we will make every search engine spider with new understanding, and then to the assessment, modify the template so that the ranking is going to affect the site, in particular, often modify the template of the site, it will make the search engine aversion, a long time, K you sure that is necessary.

4, the site's server is not stable enough, according to the author of many successful sites from summary found that a successful ranking stable owners have a fast server as a stable support. Why do you say, we can imagine that if a person's Web site often open, when spiders crawl your site when get in, then naturally you can not record whether the site update, and then create a snapshot is not normal, the content not included, a long time, often climb into the spider, it will set directly to your web site do not trust the site, resulting in down the right by K, and even plucking, so that if a webmaster wants to be a successful site , then the server must not be above the buttoned soso.

5, check the website regularly for the Friends of the chain, just in case Link implicated by this author is very experience, so I appeal to all owners that the best friends you can check day chain, real-time to find some unusual Friends of the chain, then removed to avoid unnecessary impact on your site.

(b) how to see whether the site is K? Where the performance?

to my website QQ mood Xuan, for example, when the site was found in K, we can start your own site website, see their homepage is in one, keyword ranking is still there, if not that is to be K or down the right. Also included is the case from the site, a snapshot is normal, there can view the log from the server back spider crawling on your site if from these you can accurately determine whether your site was down the right by K or.

(c) of the site is K, how are we going to solve?

1, first of all, the site is K, we want to own a large number of sites to increase the quality original content, and thus better to attract spiders, after all, we all know that spiders are very popular in the original content, but made a few days does not mean that you can restore the original content, was not to hurry, because everything is a process of , so we have to do adhere to the belief in the end.

2, to increase the quality of your site outside the chain, not to use some bulk software. I very much respected in this way is to blog outside the chain, the high weight forum, Q & A platform, as well as soft way, which in several ways relative to other terms of the outer chain is definitely high quality, also favored by the search engines.

3, check the friend chain, the chain of some unusual friends and their web site links to industry related websites is not removed, then you can find some good friends around to bring your own Web site, if The owners of funds may also wish to consider purchasing some of the high weight of the portal links to better and faster to restore the site


4, persistent faith, perseverance to do more than three years, not in the revision of the title, template, publish junk content.

Summary: In fact, sites were K, very common, is not particularly terrible, as long as you have a good attitude, perseverance, I believe you can recover quickly with the author as well weight of the site in order to gain good rankings. Well, today I will share with you here, you want to help owners. This article from the original owners www.qqyjx.com mood Xuan, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and respect the original! Thank you!

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