Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The two share the tutorial: how to choose keywords for your confidence

we all know what is the key word, and do not say this directly into the subject;

how to choose keywords? Here the choice of words to share my experience, hoping to help more more new;

one, according to the blog content to determine the "scope of the word"

What is the scope of the word?

word is my own set, means in accordance with relevant content to the excerpt in this range with the most relevant content words; such as: SEO, including the contents of many words if you do not use the word user directly to the things they need, or regional The SEO, etc.;

two, according to the expansion of the scope of the word keywords (long tail that is often said that word)

SEO can extend the term and countless real people according to their blog direction and content to be extended; to this blog selected keywords, for example: Veyron SEO, Shaoguan SEO, SEO learning;

1, Veyron SEO: Choose the word because personal blog, Name at least one blog or blogger name; also facilitate communication between bloggers and learning;

2, Shaoguan SEO: This blog is mainly for users of Shaoguan area, convenient for local customers looking for SEO services set;

3, SEO learning: is to provide new SEO keywords, SEO if you want to learn, do not know how to start, only to rely on search engines to search for keywords.

Through the above analysis I believe we all know how to choose their own words, right? In general, according to the general direction of a small area to determine the choice of words, this will give you more effective user .

Third, how to choose key words to make themselves more confident on the blog optimization

1, starting from simple; a lot of people would say, a simple word can not bring benefits to ; That's true, but even the most simple words you are doing well. How to word it more difficult to do?

2, do the most simple; when a novice to do a simple word, did not consider the difficulty, do not spend so much time, this is the wrong idea, you should really serious, make every effort to make the word, after all, own the first word, page size is not that difficult, the word well, will bring more confidence in their own , and vice versa in the fight against oneself.

3, not too ambitious; novices often hear certain words search volume is high, Baidu index is high, easy money, so blind to select keywords, this is a misunderstanding. Some words need to cook usually a year or so, not so easy; so will you in the SEO this road cause some blow.

summary article: SEO novice do insist on doing the little things in addition to, but also to know how to choose a keyword, so that they more confident, then go step by step online, or you in this Along the way is not long to go!

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