Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Website optimization process should pay attention to the problem

no matter what access there will be a learning process, the site is the same, each novice in this process will always make mistakes, encounter some problems, so today we went on the website for that optimization process should pay attention to the problem? mainly to less so that we can take some detours, we hope to some use.

First, let us talk about the issue right keywords, novice often make mistakes in it, then how to face the problem of key words? My personal view is that the title is best not to appear too more than enough for two, and also in the article do not accumulate excessive keyword density can not be too tight, do not make people feel after reading every word should have a keyword.

Second, the site collection features some very popular people of all ages, why? Because it is convenient, even if the search engine will be included. But have not noticed, many people say he is not good, chasing the reason is simple, the search engine has always been the most innovative things, can not let him search for the same time, if your site is search engine that is collection points, then you need to be aware, as soon as possible if you do not correct, it will slowly be k off, but there are exceptions.

Third, the title is too frequent replacement, which is often done things novice, this is a mistake, every time when the spider to crawl the results are different will think you are cheating, and finally it is difficult not to be K out was fate. Not to say we can not change, but so stable after the appropriate change it, can not get rid of all, a little start.

Fourth, the site code not too long and too messy, because the spiders to read through the code of your site's content, assuming that your website code is too long, then it is difficult to know which is the focus of serious cause the consequences of spider truncated if too messy, will form the same consequences that affect the site contains.

five, how keyword selection, to know a good key words can bring you a lot of traffic, then how to choose good keywords it, there are several standards for the degree of competition must be small, but also a large amount of search and content to be consistent with your site.

six, link problems, exchange links and purchase links are novice to more mistakes. Just up on the rush to exchange links, can not say bad but to calm, to do what matters first is our internal links, the stability of the external links to reconsider the issue, then no matter how much you can add the. There is a link to buy, I personally do not agree, assuming that if the link is gone, it is a fatal blow to you, except the long-term buy, but the novice or first learn more appropriate, but also for their own good.

want to summarize these points can be helpful to you, do something urgent to know nearly everyone eventually will not be successful utilitarian, we can not be impatient to move forward step by step, there is a common heart, do not want to see others succeed can step beyond the bounds. Insist is a very important point, efforts have continued to moderate, especially in the search engines do not be too excessive, this is my proposal to you, if there are any deficiencies in the hope that we can give some advice, we with the progress, together toward goal. Starting from the A5 paper, reproduced, please keep the author link http://www.949d.com thank you.

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