Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Site three days a great two days a small K K what reason

recently received a customer's site, people experiencing a particularly depressing thing, A5 provide SEO diagnostic services (http://seo.admin5.com/topic-seo.html) have less time, in During this period it is to do a lot of customers websites diagnosis, but also encountered some more trouble, but after A5 network owners SEO efforts even after the team's final are all well resolved, but this time things encountered a little trouble, especially ridiculous, through communication with customers to optimize detection and diagnosis of group A5 SEO diagnosis found that the site is basically a big three days K, site three days a large K, two days a small K, particularly strange, but fortunately, generally after K can return to normal the next day or third day, but there may be too twenty-one days were all home by K or K, included as O. Do not know webmasters have not encountered such a website? Through A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group because the diagnosis is found in the following areas:

one point outside the chain of the same page

many Home owners in order to improve the weight, tend to do mostly outside the chain when the chain back home, most owners believe it is easy to overlook a problem in doing this work possible in a short time when you can not see anything unusual, perhaps, you did the day after these links, see the search engine did not immediately included, feel the intensity of their own outside the chain may not be the reason that , you have added a few more every day, but everyone knows, these links may be the next major update of the search engine will be released when all of a sudden, when you how? for a small site, if an increase of thousands of overnight outside the chain, but also all the same point home, you think it is happy or worry about it? Obviously the answer is no, no matter what kind of sites can not stand this show is good, although it your intention is a good point, but the search engines do not think so, so your site will make penalties, such as the station is K, included for the O, or home is K, which are down right likely to happen. Therefore, A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team found the site to do a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem, there may be a result of the site three days a large K, two days a small K is an important reason.

Second, the space is not to force

space has been the basis for the development site, or else even better but often your site will not open , spiders crawl every time when they are unable to access your site, then ask, if you, you will not bother you? have a good impression of it? In fact, this coexistence between people and is the same , if you attached to your friend's house to play a few times, but they get in the door, he encountered the phenomenon was not at home, you will be willing to run again next trip to see whether he home? The answer is not words, and CD's.

three implicated with the server

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group to do a comprehensive diagnosis in this Web site found that the server is low, many of the same type of sites, but also are part of the same person, and now has the ability to distinguish the search engine can determine this information, the search engine can easily be mistaken for the station group, first make a site may be punished, but if site also has not transferred, it is likely that all of the site the next K or if there appear to be right down the right kinds of problems. Of course, you may also rent other people's space, only one site is for you, but if your on a server with other sites on the problems, then your site must be involved to give the punishment is normal. A5 SEO optimized diagnostic group to remind owners and friends, be sure to do careful site selection and space to force the first, but we must also note that other sites in this space under the circumstances, there must not put themselves All sites are on the same space under.

four, friendship chain chain involved

called in to do that link before the link is first, friendship, friendship is the word None of us can missing, there is friendship more so in case there are only links exist, and often link to sites where these sites are affected by some search engine penalties, down the right or to be K, and merit, For these sites, we should be removed as soon as possible, to avoid implicated own site, but people there are sentient beings, but also places great importance on feelings, because there is friendship, so knowing that they often or whom, do not will link removed, because if you do nothing more than adding insult to injury, of course, also worried that if one day your site there is a problem, others are on their own so that how should I do? so, many people will choose to keep the link, first look at a period of observation to say.

A5 SEO optimized diagnostic team to the customer site to make a diagnosis when, after a comprehensive diagnosis that there is this site for more than a few factors, so the site three days a large K, two days a small K will not surprising, but no matter what the reasons are good, the key is to find a way we go, the solutions are also in the "Website Optimizer reference proposal" in the hope to help you quickly resolve this trouble.

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