Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Liu pigeon: SEO webmasters of several high-voltage injuries can not afford

now have better SEO company owners or workers, the old forum, blog, etc. that the above comments or an article, said his site's ranking remained fixed in the first few pages. Even a lot of effort to make their own site's ranking or no change. Each will be very upset at. I think this may be because you hit the SEO power lines, and with this is that if a high-voltage lines, and that only as the case may be, and I can tell you here a few common:

first title too much junk

Why do I say? because most sites are like this, the whole of a title is to do their own The words died out one by one row became the title of a Web site. I mean that in accordance with this title is the word of the accumulation of rubbish. This certainly does not work, so the title will only give a sense of trouble, not make people feel comfortable. Like our web site title, said it was not particularly appropriate is not so rigid: Chinese decoration home improvement home building materials industry portal - the title of this first net decoration although not very good, but at least people have a word feeling. Allow people to read very fluent. The title of the best is to write a name, so that people remember the site but fluent and able to do keyword included. And the title must not be too many words, twenty seven words on the line to remember about as many good.

second within the chain too much junk

Why do I have to say? Because some of the website editors, the majority simply do not know what within a reasonable chain optimization. Some programs also do not understand or internal link optimization. Or article which is home to add some random website, so feel added within the chain. Or directly in the background doing the program automatically generates a number of key words, as long as is the case with or without words, or whether there are added several times. This is really not much to do basically the role that these really are some of the garbage inside the chain. The really useful is reasonable to add the chain, an article which a maximum of three links and the link must be a chain to the appropriate page. This will have some effect.

third outside the chain too much junk

In fact, for SEO workers or individual owners are the same, every day doing site outside the chain. However, we have optimized over time we do not know may be, or is forced to work, but we know the task will continue to do so. And do not stop to think in the end where there was a mistake. What is the over-optimize? Give a simple example: If you are doing the decoration of this piece, we have been doing external links do is fitting word network, and leave the site also decorated the first page of the site the wind. This has resulted in the search engine rankings that you do it is to do optimization, not to make the customer experience better and to do optimization. This search engine is to power down your web site or direct K out. Therefore, we do an external web site links and anchor text with time, a multi-faceted, multi-select a few key words to do, so that a chain of links to each page. Let these pages and increase the weight. Which will eventually result is relatively good. Your site's ranking will improve steadily, and will not appear stationary is like.

fourth content too much junk

I think this question every webmaster, web series will be such a problem, it will make such a error. Because too little original content are copied copy the past, who do not want to write their own stuff. Cause a lot of duplicate content on the website. Especially for the type of industry Web site or portal, a news sometimes does not change a word on dozens of sites to be used, this can have a good ranking? For Sina, Sohu and other large sites such little better They have their own correspondents team, not the conditions for web sites every day in the copy, paste. So you think about this site to have a good ranking? If this site has good search engine ranking that really went out of business. No user will use this search engine. We need to write original content accumulated. One day write a twenty-three actually not that much, stick with it, if so, then the year is the thousands of articles. And this is for a person, more if the company were larger, then it is not yet!

Finally, I would say, do the same website and a man, to come up with their own humanity, must not What are things to learn from others, we have our own move west to their own, so to other people feel you are a genius. We first net site decoration presumably we all know www.zxdyw.com part of our on renovations, but I am not too fitting knowledge to understand, I am also learning every day to the decoration of knowledge, as quickly as possible can write original articles on the renovations. I am also trying this, I hope we work together to create more original content.

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