Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wang Shi Fan: taught you how to do the rational use of classified information ne

seo by this time of the study, Wang Shi fan summed up his feelings and experiences. Talk about the beginning of the article, hope to solve the confusion for the novice! Novice to learn seo, in the end not to participate in training? Online training too much, if you really want to learn seo, then the self-study it (not necessarily point of view, personal opinion)! There are too many seo online learning materials, if you want to start, you can see more of this information. If we improve ourselves to make a proposed station in the real continuous discovery and solve problems, and finally sum up the problem. I do not recommend novice enroll directly seo training, so will only make themselves more confused, I suggest that the model is that, first, self-study, and actual, final gather usually do not understand the problem, and then join the A5 courses directly to the master teacher to ask questions, so progress will be great, but also enhance their thinking in seo is very effective.

novice in front of it or not to participate in training courses, put forward their own point of view. Here is how to talk about the rational use of classified information site to promote their issues. seo industry friends all know that "good classification of promotion, just outside the chain, the more the brand," then we do it good classified information network to promote it?

First, the website collects, accounts, content.

Baidu search on a "classified information network", and found the results too much. Wang Shi spent an afternoon sail dozens of relatively good selection of classified information network, made of a document. Done after collection, originally intended to show off group in, but was in a group of friends to say a word almost gas halo. He said, "just to find a prestige customer network, with lots of classified piece of information network tasks, those tasks are to collect the main good, but all good, you really have nothing good to do ah!" At the time, that pain ah! This method is indeed very good, I spent an afternoon, this method requires only 10 minutes, but much better quality. Wang Shi Fan here to warn novice friends, do not like me to learn, to work all day only to bow, do not know take the time to think more, to improve work efficiency!

site collection number, the next step is to register the . Wang Shi Fan just graduated, and several students to live together. Just yesterday, Saturday, we all rest. I buy a la carte evening, back severely display my cooking, so that they each meal. After dinner, began to turn to the question of. Not let them have quite unlikely that the girl group. 10-20 sites each distribution, so that they go to register a. A child, 57 sites all buttoned up. Strength in numbers!

so I put a good account and collect all the registration site, all rolled into excel form. Next, is ready to release the contents of each day. Released to note, see below. Content selection, is actually very simple. I do like is the "registered company of Ningbo", then the direct pseudo-original content with the industry, change contact information and website links about it. Each girl 2, all get a week of content.

Second, the content and distribution regularity and pay attention.

content Points to note: in the group do in the classification of information and some friends discussed net chain a bit, they usually are the direct use of promotional advertising, product information plus some service providers Company profile and link to as content. I suggest that is the case, release some of the industry is relatively high reprinted articles, plus information on the company's products and services outside the chain. Analogy, I now do is to Ningbo registered company, then I can go directly to the company about the experience of registered articles of Ningbo, modify, and then in the article with Web services and end outside the chain. Rate the article reproduced naturally worry about no one reproduced, so that also gave us virtually outside the chain and promotion.

regularity release: prepare a daily postings, published once per account. Way down, the day should be able to successfully 20-30, 600 a month is outside the chain, but also about 1W of the year outside the chain. Novice friends, not three minutes, to a 80 today, tomorrow, 50 days, day after rest. If so, you not only do well outside the chain, even in the seo industry, you immune, diving to.

that Wang Shih Fan, seo success is the premise of thinking, focusing on the results of execution! Today to talk briefly about how to do a good job in the classified information network to promote and I hope the friends of the novice the help. AC QQ group 84590399! Article from Ningbo registered companies www.wofulefale.net original, A5 first, please indicate the copyright!

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