Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Baidu new station included a few quick tips analysis

with seo development, many of my friends have joined the national Web site operators to optimize the army, but the early line on the site we have to face a major problem is how to make faster and better search engine on the site be included, only the site is included, then we can consider the contents of the article, can we talk about the weight to improve Web site to further enhance the site's ranking and so on. So, how do we pre-site on-line as soon as possible sites indexed by search engines, how to get the trust of search engines, attract spiders to stay on our site time? These questions are novice friends frequently encountered problems, good Here the author on his new station in operation during the early line on a few key points to note and analyze all eleven.

First, the structure of the site in line with spiders crawling habits. First, we look at the site noted that several key structural elements of the logical structure of the best sites to flat, or F-type structure and layout, reflected in the flat from top to bottom, the top is the main part, the following is the site of the news module breadth-first crawling spider in accordance with the principle of top-down, expand, will greatly increase our visibility of site content to attract spiders crawl frequency, this structure is generally used dedecms of children's shoes are very familiar, which is Many people choose this program for the site the reason. F-type structure, the performance of the most obvious is the business site, many companies are standing on top of the website section, the following section is divided into two parts on the left is the news about the list, the right upper part of the Company, the lower half of the product images and information and so on. This structure is also very good site structure is to facilitate the spider latest news on our website the first time by the spider to crawl. Choose which structure is mainly based on their preferences, but note that the principle can be great, and site physical structure, mainly tree-based, web directory for the folder name and path of this, the best folder English, as far as possible the name of simplicity, the path can be short.

Second, site content updates. Update the content on the site operational excellence throughout the entire process, the site content is updated on-line pre-main note in the original article, the number can be a little less every day, but must pay attention to grasp the quality of site content, the best write their own original articles, articles updated daily attention to a fixed time to publish the article in the related articles for the best connection with the anchor text, anchor text link to an appropriate amount of internal links should not blindly ignore user experience of things.

Third, the Web site connection building. Mainly refers to the construction of outreach, outreach construction of the first, may be appropriate in a free platform to do some major high weight blog, many of these blog platforms such as Baidu Space, Sina blog, etc., every day, writing on topics related to web site articles, but also pay attention to the quality of blog posts, have not been included before in the blog is best not to add the relevant connection, pre-culture blog, blog to improve awareness of the weight is critical. Secondly, in a similar Admin5 webmaster platform registered members to contribute. Soft-Man can not only bring high-quality connectivity, the publicity for the site also has a very good effect. Pre-construction site outreach please note, do not use any means of cheating, such as mass forums, blog, mass, etc., are able to post messages in the forum for the promotion, be careful not to heavy use of signature files, or the quality of outreach guidelines. Spiders of the early attention to the training level of trust our site, just started to use some cheating in my opinion is very unwise, please remember.

Fourth, pay attention to user experience and server elements. This is one I would like to remind you first of all the major factor in this server, we must always remain sober-minded, always check the web server, including server security, is often down, so the details of these small spiders also affect our One of the key factors in the trust website, the user experience but also keep in mind as an iron law in the hearts of optimization is to optimize the one hand, but not to please the spiders to the neglect of our users, as long as we in the process of optimizing the user experience to put time In the first, you will find in the site will slowly get a good search engine performance.

fifth, Link. Link our website to do homework on-line early one, before the connection is in exchange for our first intensive site content, structure and layout of the site, the user experience to do their best to adjust that, imagine, your own website not comfortable looking at yourself, what is to get attention. Do not pre-Link add a lot of time, attention and the best Link partner for your site-related Links, not too concerned about pr, pay attention to their website snapshots and user experience can be, after all, we are also the new station, Link may will do well, but as long as the patient with sincerity, still a lot of friends who understand our Web site because of all from scratch.

In summary, I will own a snapshot of the website optimization process correction of the common causes and solutions and we share a little detail, I hope, serve. Well, today I will share with you to the side, seo seo more practical communication strategies Welcome to QQ group: 54641201 discussion, this article from the original first internal network security http://www.xki.com.cn Admin5 welcome reproduced, Please keep the website source, thank you.

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