Tuesday, November 15, 2011

K had not been down the right site and the owners had a real difficult to grow

you read this title may ask me one, do not say that K had not been down right off the website and the webmaster will be able to become very good growth? The answer of course is no, today, in a SEO stands outside perspective to analyze the problem. Then the angle from which to analyze it? If from a philosophical perspective, I remember Ma said, experience is summarized from the failure. Successful lessons learned to listen to on it, do not be believed. For example, if you allow Bill Gates to write a successful record, it is estimated he will not tell you his success to get the first order (first pot of gold) because her mother is an important member of IBM's board of directors. Warren Buffett If you write a successful record, for fear that it will not tell you the first time he entered, he received the Wall Street Goldman Sachs, because his father has a good relationship with Goldman Sachs. As can be seen from the above examples, lessons learned success is worth considering, only the failure of a blood only let us never forget the experience. Now you understand what I said K had not been a good site webmaster is not the meaning of the bar owners. Here to talk about some of my experiences in this regard.

I am "proud" to tell you I was a K through four stations, four stations is four times the growth ah K, the growth of blood on the road of experience, is one of my first SEO blog by K, and this screenshot is not convenient (search Shaoyang SEO, is my number one), you can use webmaster tools to check the history, this day in the July 27 included zero. Is why, this is relatively simple, the problem is because the record was closed two days of the space, which led to all the sites included are Baidu removed. Than the previous two days had previously been there such a big situation, I did have a few days of the site has been closed, no problem ah, why this was so serious Baidu punished, then finally want to see, a blog weight is too low. Believe that even if Baidu Sina off one week will not be deleted. We remember the weight of the new site or sites with low open a phenomenon occurs, then down the right Baidu is very serious.

station there is a joke, it was not hair Baidu K, and thought to want to only think of one reason, that is content, this is an article I read what this is like asking copy with the acquisition has bad days to do to get inspiration. Of course I am not collecting, but no difference with the collection, every day I go to copy the contents of a web site, but the content does not disrupt the order, with the acquisition of the same. I determine the root cause is related with the content, in addition to what I really think the other factors of. There is also a miscarriage of justice is Baidu, and should be so large that in July Baidu K station, that station was unfortunately enterprises K, I puzzled, but also find a lot of friends analysis, they also said that only miscarriage of justice can be said that Baidu, the solution is how to do on how to do, and she did not put out a half a month, confirming our assessment is accurate.

to do is stand up to be encountered down the right, I do a lot of the right to stand down has been an important feature, that is not the first domain home page, I feel too strong for this command. In fact, the beginning of time there is a miscarriage of justice, is the domain before the first home does not drop due to the right, in fact, because the site down the right led to the doamin home is not the first, there was this thing finally figure out the reason, first of all this outside the chain of command is a check, then the site is definitely down right outside the chain with the, with the outer chain is certainly outside the chain is lost, because the long time to do SEO, outside the chain of the two main ways to do the first forum, the second blog , the forum in the forum too active outside the chain because, of course, your hair outside the chain of posts buried deeper and deeper, it is likely to be deleted, even if not removed will sink to the bottom is too deep and does not produce as What weight. The second is the blog, since the beginning do not really understand all aspects of the knowledge, get hold of in the blog on several sites, what phone number, QQ, put all mail contact, advertising nature too, were shut for several Sina blog a, Baidu space more numerous, and a large number of foreign chains is lost, causing the site outside the chain of instability is a serious down the right. After finding the cause of the problem like resolved, after doing very little outside the chain of a similar situation happen again, and must be in pursuit of stability as a prerequisite, of course, there is no absolute stability of the world, can only say try not to let outside the chain is missing.

by the few examples of it we should look out for each station and K are all I grew up down the right, I even joked with my colleagues, the next move you ask him who should first How many stations do SEO K, the number of stations down the right after what method you use to restore, if neither station K had not any right to drop off, are not hired. Here is a simple example for instance, from a medical point of view, if a person does not get sick a few years, an illness that is ill, if a cold a few times a year, this is a rare serious illness in people. Few people who make mistakes may be a fatal error is made, this is my philosophy. A very long time, not to do SEO stand or fall K had the right of people feel is too dangerous, of course, maybe it's technology is really good, but I had been willing to accept a station K had a friend, because it know which things are not dry, it has awe. I may say that the phrase had not been K and down right over the site webmaster is not so difficult to really grow absolutely, but from the failure of the experience is worth bearing in mind the blood. So SEOer friends K station and down the right is not terrible, terrible is you do not drop from the K stations and websites in the process right to learn what ah. Above by the SEO's website Shaoyang Dongguan factory http://www.dghuojia.org/original feed shelf, please indicate the source.

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