Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interest to do SEO rankings should be concerned about the benefits of SEO

site SEO work to do good or bad, keyword rankings, while attention should be even more concerned about the website through SEO optimized to bring the number of benefits. If you have a ranking, but not much income, then do not do such as SEO, because do not reflect the value of SEO. SEO optimization ranking is not just true, but should focus on SEO to bring value. Optimization has led to no increase in income rankings are usually the main users are willing to experience is not good, Hefei Website Web site user experience worry-free technology that is mainly reflected in the site's interface (UI) design, website content.

A web interface (UI)

Some sites will be in the design process, there are some flaws, do SEO need to adjust the site's structure, but it should be noted that in adjusting the structure of the site The process not only to improve keyword ranking, website UI needs to adjust in line with user needs in a proposal based on. For some art-based owners who can design a beautiful interface, but a large part of the webmaster is not doing UI design, then I suggest that this part of the owners should try to save the UI simple. Everyone's aesthetic is different, but we should not hate a simple and elegant interface.

Second, the site's content

impact site content is an important factor in ranking sites for search engines is more like the original article. In order to increase the site's many SEOER included, use some tools to update some of the original pseudo-statements do not fluent content. For search engines may indeed be considered the original article, but for users, is simply of no value, while the recognition site would be greatly reduced.

more than two Hefei Science and Technology Website worry that a site in the process of doing SEO needs special attention, but also directly affects the revenue it really good site factors. To improve the site's revenue, well above two points, but also carefully analyze the site's data.

do SEO in order to get a better income, SEOER must learn to analyze Web site traffic data. According to statistical analysis of site traffic page, product popularity, timely presentation of the corresponding adjustment, tap the site is not related to the contents of the live product, replenish added. Do to improve your site's ranking SEO ranking, but let the site content in line with the needs of users, so as to achieve the purpose of bringing more benefits.

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