Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hard to run the site by K Analysis

owners rely on Baidu meal can not afford to be really hurt, Baidu an update webmasters will tremble in fear, will be updated after a few happy tears phenomenon. Baidu's algorithm is uncertainty in the mind of everyone, I recently encountered a strange operation of the station's phenomenon: Baidu K site has been completed, included zero. But the next day will recover, the third day will be K, continuous hair problems, I also really do not know what Baidu premeditated. The writer's own website analysis by K causes.

first: websites original content is not enough. Website reason this happens, the main reason is because the weight of your site is not high enough, the weight is not high enough or because the primary reason the site is not original content. The author's Web site host purchasing is ixwebhosting website, information about the host was not actually a lot of content updates, the update is to use some of the host, but these articles are also a number of pseudo-original methods, which search engines is probably not a high-quality content, even if these articles for the users, is the quality high, but the search engine can not determine this quality. Update website content search engine does not meet the requirements, right down the inevitable result.

Second: Web site outside the chain is not enough to force. The construction site outside the chain, the main job of the outer chain is signed at the forum to do outside the chain, the way that this signature can bring a lot to the site outside the chain, but is not the case, I analyze site problem, outside the chain of signatures found in the forum is almost useless, made thousands of forums posted a month, but did not bring anything to the site outside the chain of high weight. Began to think that this site has become a stable state, and do something outside the chain of almost a forum, but is not the case, although the stabilized steady state, but the high weight of the chain is still very necessary. Now there is a problem site, in order to re-Baidu included, is estimated to be on the site outside the chain of efforts of the.

again: too many outbound links. The weight of the site itself is not very high, the owners think of the way through the Links site to increase the weight, I site the strange phenomenon occurred after the above, many sites have removed the link private low, the author failed to timely Check the link to it, resulting in the site's outbound links too, and a time not too many links removed, it would certainly also affect the weight of the site. Site is K, do you want another site to friends chain is indeed a bit difficult, but we also have time to check that link to this case, reduce the site's outbound links, reducing the weight loss website. Want to remove the link Danlian after the weight of the site can restore points, so as to resolve the problem site is K, which also warned webmasters to check their Link.

finally: Stick to the site back the weight. Now the website operator hard problem, and can not give up on this matter, regardless of whether the site can give their own profit, but will do well, then I will combine the above analysis points to solve the problem, the site content to try original article, also do point outside the chain of high-quality, outside the Forum chain really should not do too much, will only bring bad results, in terms that link or to enhance, the increase the weight of words, to avoid weight loss website. After the site has been Baidu K out, want to restore is not easy, but they still have to adhere to the owners do.

I believe that the site is not K a terrible, terrible is the owners themselves do not find the problem, blindly waiting is not enough. Why go wrong if you do not know, but what kind of waiting for the results? Or go to find and solve problems, Baidu will be more to the force.

original article from ixwebhosting Chinese: http://www.ixwebhosting.bz

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