Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing SEOer soft mentality: easy to win a good ranking

thought of this title, is very natural. I am very pleased to hear Professor Guo Chi forum "to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs Project" sentiment very well. Suddenly I thought of our numerous positions in various industries of webmasters struggling, they are worthy of recognition, and they continue to learn every day SEO optimization efforts, after all, will one day come to the fore.

Why? Then I listen to today's forum in accordance with some writing experience, writing about SEO Writing software problems. My only purpose is to let more people know that fact, website optimization is very simple. Here's a co-production of Shanghai Web site network strategy and we carefully explain something, and I hope you can read this article in accordance with a comprehensive analysis of your experience to finally get your own set of real SEO Optimization . This allows you to smooth the road further and further, the more happy to go on.

presumably, many of our owners who all love SEO, is a very smart man of action. But why are there so many SEOer their hard efforts, but do not see any effect? ??Many times, want to, and in order that the Home is expected to top, but not impossible, to optimize the time spent doing on, far more than the sum of their sleep time and entertainment. Do not doubt. This is no exaggeration. I come to this conclusion is also certified by the careful investigation of the practice. Analysis, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou honest some of the larger soft do SEOer are released, some of the information outside the chain. Of course, machines and other non-formal means not among them. 80% of people are morning through A5, network owners, ClickZ Network, and other well-known Web site submission is the fear of being online copy of some well-prepared people to copy their own articles published. In fact, in my opinion, no need for this. You know, belongs to you, no matter when and where to submission, and then how to copy and tamper with, or you. You know, a decent person, the way to go, God will always cherish you. The future of the road, you will be smooth sailing. Whom the same time you should be happy, your article was such a person for himself, that is your strength to be sure, there are so many people appreciate your masterpiece, which is what depressed and angry for? You Usually you write to yourself countless articles about SEO, tell us how to do it, then why at this time but you can not handle things that happen to them of it?

we do SEO is our job, we love it, so we are working hard to learn, to pay. Because it makes you feel joy and happiness. To enrich your life, your motivation even stronger. So do not let any obstacles you must be feeling things happen. To do, peaceful and calm. Believe, No pain, no gain. Why do I say? We all know that search engine rankings, and not man, he is the program. Original aim. Can not be fair all the time, but in the increasingly powerful technology and innovation over. He will be more perfect. But you have to remember, good luck after all, belongs to the people the right way to go. Because you do not need to complain about any unfair. What you do every day, then according to your requirements, do it. As usual down to earth to learn SEO, analyze it, and does not require a long time, in fact, three hours a day enough friends. Stick with it, you will gradually find that if you have not done that day, will feel very uncomfortable. Why? That is, you get used to its existence and for its day to do.

So, finally, the construction of Shanghai Association policy Web site suggest that you, not to any outside things affect you, a good grasp of their own, pay day, SEO the road is not difficult, is learning to think, we everything, so work hard, that hard work is a contribution to, back to you, your efforts will be in exchange for good rankings. Success never sentimentally attached to hard-working person. Finally, we also wish all the SEOer who continue fighting endless.

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