Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the website encounter a problem to buy the link is valid

I encounter a problem some time ago to operate a station, and after several months of optimization, keyword ranking and page rank hovers on the second page, do not know why how are feeble, very puzzled. No recourse but to head up an application to buy some high PR links to add some weight to see if the site can Tuishang Qu, top also readily agreed to buy a 20 pr 4-6 links, some are accompanied by website, but some are not related websites. I know that if one hang certain to be the search engine's attention, perhaps self-defeating on the tragedy, we can only hang one up every day, after a week or so, keywords and page ranking turned on the home page, that I bought of these links is still very worthwhile. But the boss said so up or back a bit slow, anyway, hung up a 7-8, simply hang all the time, see if you can ascend to the top, not link him to buy some, I certainly do not buy Links have always been black hat, put up by search engines once found, it is surely right to drop, Haoshuodaishuo, finally is no longer hang time required to link, but still that hang three to go up every day, no way, on top means we can not do SEO has been resistance, so I compromise every day into three links, ranked first on the rise soon, but did not last long, Baidu major update in 11 when the site was down the right.

site as I have people called to do so, so I resigned, and sometimes still think about doing SEO to maintain certain principles, not because of short-term interests of making the wrong things, I'll come back Analysis buy a link leading to the right down the causes and consequences:

1, site ranking quickly, sometimes the purchase of high-quality link is really good use, on top of the drive is indeed winter ridge effect, very focused search engine or link this, or to judge from the incoming links a site, the higher the link quality, the search engine on the web of trust and pass on the higher weight.

2, the purchase of related and unrelated links, and links to irrelevant sites, almost all on the back before I added the site was down the right and this should be some relationship. Outside the chain link is the Web site as part of the outer chain of quality reflected in the quality, number, WAN and relevance, relevance is to determine the chain of the major component of good and bad, more relevant, transfer the weight higher, like you want to buy a computer, you will find a friend you do not understand the computer what kind of computer to buy or sell the computer to find a special friend you recommend? Obviously we will choose the latter, the search engine is so. So we must find the time to buy the link associated with the site.

3, suddenly turned into too much or Link will be down the right, Link should look to find a progressive, so the pursuit of speed, will fall. And purchase links have always been cheating, although Baidu search engine technology is not a good judge, but suddenly into many high-weight links, search engines would certainly have been aware of, right down the site. If I am not afraid of top angry, resolute attitude, slowly add one to go, maybe I'm still in that company chic way to go. .

4, right down in the back to deal with things, I found some sites are just too many outgoing links, hundreds of fast, but there are a number of spam, I feel like a link farm, not know not affected by this. I think the Export link to buy the site can not be too much, too many links can easily be exported down the right, but too much weight to export less, not worth.

In addition to these also need to pay attention to the website to purchase a snapshot of updates and website included, but most of the high weight of the website, general snapshots are updated daily, also contains considerable amount of general, only probably need to glance at the line.

These are my links to get to buy some lessons, though I do not know if I am a plus into a link, the outcome will, as now, but after all, is to buy the link cheating, we can do as much as possible No, use should be careful, the number should be moderate, at most, while imports, while to find their own links, half-truths, it is estimated search engine is not so easy to judge. I hope I get these lessons to be helpful, this article published by the Road 77 in Fuzhou printing http://www.fzywzx.com, reproduced leave the connection!

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