Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Profound analysis causes of poor ranking sites now and Countermeasures

now many sites are not very good ranking, based on my years of experience give you an analysis. Many sites use a lot of beginners method but still did not break up, there are many reasons, many people do not have that patience is not a long time, which is the largest cause of failure to do web site, in fact, if we continue to do, will have good results, now I tell you about why we do not schedule always up rankings.

first point I said enough, or insist that everyone needs a little stubborn and successful long insisted that this is a lot of seo beginners are easy mistake to make, to do its own new site, regardless of its management, how difficult, must be a correct understanding of He, we have no way to control the search engines, we can not say I have been waiting, waiting for some beginners is old, it is not correct. Should constantly change their tactics, to find the most suitable for them.

The second point is to find their own unique way of seo, web site content is the soul, which accounts for the largest proportion of site optimization, optimization of many beginners often use outside the chain, many people know, others in the same way, but always as good as you, it shows that he focus only on the external website optimization and ignores the most important sites within the optimization, you can not focus only on the external website optimization, see your site, there is no proper title and content, your keyword density is really appropriate, not to mention their website is almost sure to do the best they can do the degree. But a closer look, may be found wanting, although the external optimization is very important, but must be optimized within the norms and correct. We'll have to do simultaneous optimization of internal and external, want quick results, but will make the engine doubt your way.

outside the chain of the third to have good, some people say I do have good internal and external optimization or why not ranked. Baidu know a lot of such kind of have a good effect, if you have a lot of useless links, in fact, a waste of time, good links to the top one hundred useless links.

Fourth, we should learn to correct their situation analysis and comparison of other sites, must admit defeat and trouble of character and attitude, if you were doing well, but the future may not, However, we must adhere to, although not easy to do, but must be done in various ways, we find that the engine needs to be good at what.

fifth is to have good hardware facilities, such as their own server, if you have stolen links, a lot of software is only a secondary analysis tools, a lot of friends with the optimization software, but with these software must be appropriate, or is found it will be very serious consequences.

fact, website optimization involves many levels, that you simply look at the structure and analysis of results, good site is the most fundamental right of way continue to insist that many beginners quit, it allow into the errors of these people are out there, there is an unyielding spirit is what we need, we must be flexible and use their own resources and their own strength. With their own wisdom to his own website to do better, stick to it, everyone can become a master site development is very fast now, I wish everyone to do their desired position. This A5 starting from the physical site in Xiao Wu writing briefs, reproduced reserved Links www.yblyjd.com, thank you for your support and cooperation.

Xiao Wu stood more to say, regardless of a person to do anything to rely insist, will only adhere to the outcome, I do a lot of sites, and whether to persist without success are inseparable, hope you stand to uphold the profound grasp of perseverance.

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