Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shenma about SEO: SEO promotion of the three elements

out site for several years experienced. From orders to station, from Jianzhan to the promotion, involved numerous industries, which is also experienced many hardships, such as by customers Jianzhan difficulties, there is no effect to optimize the customer's site, the site is k, etc., but there are happy time, such as keyword optimization up, the customer received the money, the boss's encouragement, plus wages. In general it is not easy webmaster, seo is a personal feel to do more interesting things, it will leave more than Jianzhan fresh stuff, but we must grasp the details of site optimization, network optimization experience from point of view, site owners must be planned for each process, the following is said to promote their own site optimization in mind three elements.

one site location

she was more suited to what type of site, do not blindly follow others, and today people say Taobao to make money off their own too, huh website Taobao off tomorrow, others say there are future career prospects of local portals, a portal site to another, huh. So do too many things too complicated for owners who benefit but harmful, do a good job to concentrate on anything stronger than a website. For individuals that want to locate the site to ask yourself a few why, what, how to do, such as market positioning is the site, want to do the type of product, user groups involved in the site is what people rely on to site money (by selling advertising, selling products or selling services?), etc., the other is to do with their own advantages, the best the industry to engage in their favorite sites, interested people can have power, do you like the site so they have confidence in this is very important.

Second, the contents of the precision

with site location, for your own website with a clear understanding of what your site is what in the form of websites, can provide users with what products, what kind of service, for the content we have to build around them, although many small businesses stand no content to write, but not too casual to structure content, such as engaging in These are not related with the site, not associated with the content into the business, this will only make your site spread the weight, while the user is not conducive to reading, did not find their favorite content, the user is required out of a site's content for search engines and users are very important, such as a Shanghai website building, website optimization company, first thing to do is up their city-related keywords so users feel safer, the conversion rate is relatively high.

precise is to consider the content of the user experience, from a user perspective to create site content, site optimization for pre-and has played an important role.

Third, the long-term operation

out the website is not three months to complete, is a long-standing thing, a short time did not what a way to get the benefits of a site, a friend engaged in traffic stops are clearly difficult to adhere to a very early stage is a matter, because the content and construction of the chain needs every day, but traffic is very few, hung the Google affiliate ads , Every day, the query is only a few tenths of the revenue, which requires owners to have some patience, no matter what the station is out, as long as the pre-position themselves well, a goal we should stick to it, which site is not to start from 0 , in fact, when the site when the right to re-do everything come easy.

site has the weight of words much easier to do it, traffic is visible leap forward, the site is the weight from long-term maintenance needs, not one or two days can be there, so long-term operation to see the results.

think owners do seo can not do without these three points, no matter which part is very tired, and have to pay a lot, but as long as you do there will be harvested, the article by the gods Ma seo (click game network www.91danji.com) original, please indicate the source of the article, thank you.

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